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Chapter 84 – How do you want to die?

Manager Li was originally the manager of a shop in Europe, he only applied to be transferred back to the country due to his mother getting old and no one could take care of her.

While he was in Europe, he often came into contact with some members of royalty, and thus he naturally did some research into their clothing. Now that he carefully examined the young man in front of him, the cloths used to make the clothing that he was wearing, especially the symbol on the button was definitely only for the use of royalty in Europe, it was something that could definitely not be found in the market.

After knowing all this, Manager Li ignored that saleslady, then turned around and bowed towards me as he said respectfully, “I am very sorry, esteemed customer. My employee has neglected you just now, I would like to offer you my sincerest apologizes, please follow me to the VIP longue.”

That saleslady looked at Manager Li in shock. Manager Li came into contact with the rich and powerful rather often, there were not many that would cause him to be so respectful. That’s why, she couldn’t help but get confused, just who is the man in front of her? He doesn’t look like any kind of rich person? Could the manager have made a mistake? This guy might be a conman. No, she had to go and remind Manager Li, by doing that, she might even prevent a lot of losses for the company, and she would even get promoted!

Within the VIP longue, Manager Li poured a cup of tea for me, then said, “Excuse me, sire, what can this one do for you?”

“Don’t be like that, that makes me really uncomfortable, it’s alright if you act a bit more natural, I’m satisfied as long as you aren’t like that saleslady who looks down on people!” I chuckled.

“Okay, sire, then I’ll do as you wish. What would be your surname?” Manager Li said to me as he handed me a card.

“My surname is Liu. I apologize, my business is too small-scaled, so I don’t have a card,” I shrugged and apologized.

“Ha… Mr. Liu is funny!” Manager Li didn’t mind, and thought that I was joking.

At that moment, the saleslady from earlier suddenly rushed in, and said to Manager Li while pointing at me, “Manager, don’t get tricked by this person. You just came back, so you’re unfamiliar with the situation in the country, there are a lot of conman in the country!”

Manager Li’s face immediately turned sullen after hearing that. Since his subordinate actually shouted so loudly and insulted his important client to his face, it caused him to be a bit ashamed.

“Get out, you don’t need to come to work tomorrow!” Manager Li said with an angry expression.

“Why! You have to give me a reason even if you want to fire me. This brat clearly is a conman, what’s wrong with Laoniang pointing it out in front of everyone?” The saleslady also had enough as she slammed the table.

“Alright, then I’ll tell you, this Mr. Liu is a member of royalty in Europe…” Before Manager Li was able to finish, the saleslady interrupted him.

“Haha! A member of a royal family in Europe? This is the funniest joke I’ve heard! Is there a member of a royal family in Europe that has the surname Liu?” The saleslady laughed.

“Oh? Manager Li, I think you misunderstood, I’m not any royal family member from Europe!” I waved my hand and said.

“Look, even he admitted it himself!” The saleslady said proudly.

“About this… Mr. Liu, the clothes you’re wearing…” Manager Li did not think that he was actually mistaken, but the clothes that the person is wearing…

“Oh, this. This is gifted to me by a business partner,” I said plainly.

“Gifted? These clothes cannot be bought even if you have money…” Manager Li was suspicious, these clothes are normally not gifted?

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“Is that so? So these things are valuable? I’ll should ask that old brat Prince Rex for a few more another day!” I said casually.

“What? Prince Rex?” Manager Li muttered, then gulped. Prince Rex was actually his business partner! It was fortunate that he (Manager Li) did not offend him just now, otherwise, his job might actually be lost.

You have to know, Prince Rex was also one of the shareholders of this world-class jewelry shop! Although he didn’t hold a lot of shares, rumors says that his relationship with the corporation’s higher-ups is very good, so he did have the right to lay off an employee.

Manager Li quickly chased the saleslady away, then used an even more respectful tone to say to me, “Mr. Liu, you’re arrival is truly bringing light to this store!”

I smiled without replying. Yet, when I casually flipped over the card that Manager Li handed me, my eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets. At the very top of the name card, “Shuguang Corporation – Shuguang International Jewelers” was written.

****, if I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have mentioned that whatever Prince Rex, bringing Uncle Zhao out is better than anyone!

I was buying here and there, and now I actually arrived in my own territory!

The two Heart of Crystal necklaces that I wanted to buy were the flagship products of the corporation, there were only two for the Huaxia region. Although Manager Li knew that my identity was not simple, if he said these two necklaces together, they wouldn’t have a flagship product for a while, so he was a bit hesitant.

However, I was fully intent on buying them. I couldn’t be biased, and be unfair, and only buy it for Chen Weier, and not for Zhao Yanyan. This wasn’t my style, I had to be fair.

Due to this, I convinced him for a long time, but it was to no avail. There was no helping it, I could only call Uncle Zhao and tell him that I was preparing to buy a necklace for his darling daughter, but they went sell it to me.

Hearing me say that, Zhao Junsheng immediately understood that he was in our property, thus he told me to hand the phone over to Manager Li. After hearing a few words, Manager Li’s expression changed immensely, then kept on nodding his head.

After he hung up, he said very regretfully, “Mr. Liu, I didn’t know that you’re Director Zhao’s son-in-law, I have made much offense just now! If you said it earlier, then there was no need of disturbing Director Zhao, since it’s a present for Miss Zhao, then it should definitely be gifted to Mr. Liu!”

“Never mind, you are just on a salary as well, how can I make you pay. What’s more, isn’t it the same when we move the money around!” With that, I took out a gold card and handed it to Manger Li.

Manager Li hesitated for a moment, then received the gold card. However, he still have me a twenty percent discount.

Then, I picked a diamond ring. Hehe, there is another use for this!

When I came out of the department store, it was already two hours later. Situ Liang was already completely pissed. Seeing that, I bought an ice-cream from a street side store, and only wobbled in front of Situ Liang after I finished, then pretended like it was a coincidence, “Ya, isn’t this Situ, why are you standing here? There are so many cars in the car park, be careful of getting hit. However, then again, it’s no issue even if they hit you, just don’t hit the beauty beside you! She was my crush back in the days!”

Hearing my words, Yu Ting blushed. On the other hand, Situ Liang reacted completely differently, he was already pissed after standing there and waiting for two hours, hearing me say that, he only got more angry.

“How do you want to die?” Situ Liang asked with a cold expression.

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