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Chapter 83 – Following

That’s why I didn’t hide anything from him and told him all of it.

Xu Qingwei was very surprised, “Director Liu, telling me so much…”

“Qingwei, I know what you’re like. Since you put down the thing with Zhao Yanyan, we’re still going to be like in our previous life, not only like superior and subordinate, but friends as well!” I said.

“Thank you, Director Liu!” Xu Qingwei said in a worked up manner. He didn’t think I would be so forgiving. You have to know, with my current influence, I could completely play him to death, he didn’t think that I would give him an important task as well.

“Okay, let’s don’t say too much courteous words. We should go back, otherwise, Yanyan would get angry with me again if she sees that I’m still not back!” I shrugged and said.

“Director Liu, why are you someone that’s controlled by your wife as well?” Xu Qingwei chuckled.

I smiled but didn’t reply. It’s just that I care too much about her, this feeling of regaining her after I lost her made me value her even more.

When I got back to school, the first lesson had not finish yet. I looked at the time, there was still half an hour to go, so I decided not to go in, and just leaned on the corridor, and took out my phone in order to text Zhao Yanyan.

“Oh? You’re here!” A clear a familiar voice rang out beside me.

I put down my phone and looked up at the person in front of me, causing a lot of things that happened in the past to rush into my mind.

The person that came was Yu Ting. Ever since she fainted during military training last time, I never saw her again. I had been occupied with Zhao Yanyan, so I had no time to think about this first love. I didn’t think that I would meet her again here.

“Xiao Ting, who is this. Last time you fainted, he kept on saying stuff on the side!” An untimely voice sounded out.

I was too intent on looking at Yu Ting a moment earlier, so I completely did not notice Situ Liang, who as standing beside her.

I glanced coldly towards Situ Liang, and saw that this guy was actually holding her hands. This caused my heart to instantly feel sour. At the same time, Yu Ting seemed to have noticed my gaze, so she struggled a bit in order to get her hand away from Situ Liang’s grasp, but that only resulted in him holding on even tighter.

“Your boyfriend seems to care a lot about you!” I said plainly, but I felt sour beyond belief in my heart.

“I…” Yu Ting moved her mouth unnaturally, as if she was about to say something, but Situ Liang already got impatient.

“Xiao Ting, let’s go, don’t bother with this kind of skint person. Today is my grandpa’s birthday, we have to hurry and buy gifts!”

“Oh…” Yu Ting nodded emotionlessly, then she looked at me again, before leaving with Situ Liang.

I wasn’t an idiot, I could tell that Yu Ting doesn’t like Situ Liang at all, but why is she together with him?

I quickly texted Zhao Yanyan, telling her that I won’t be going to the classes later, and that I’ll have dinner with her tonight, then stealthily followed.

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I followed the two of them from afar. Due to the change in my power, and the fact that I had superpowers, Situ Liang did not notice that he was being followed at all.

After they arrived at the car park behind school, Situ Liang boarded a Mercedes s600. I felt like laughing after seeing it, how can he use this sort of business car to pick up girls. How can it compare up to my Land Rover.

They drove the Mercedes out of school towards Yanjing Department Store. After Situ Liang and Yu Ting got off, I intentionally parked my car behind Situ Liang’s.

****, let’s see how you get cocky. I do want to see how you’re going to drive your car away later! When I did this, a guard in the car park wanted to come and stop me, but after a few hesitations, he stopped himself. The guard wasn’t stupid, in Yanjing city, someone that could drive a Land Rover was not someone a puny guard like him could offend. Seeing his expression, I casually stuffed a few tips his way, causing him to relax and pretend like he didn’t see anything.

After a while, I saw Situ Liang walk out with Yu Ting, while carrying a bag. Just as he wanted to take out his remote to unlock the car door, he saw his car get blocked off, causing his expression to immediately darkened.

Who doesn’t know the car of the second young master of the Situ family in Yanjing city, someone actually dare to block off his car? Does he not want to live anymore?

Despite how cocky Situ Liang was, he looked at the car that blocked him off, and immediately knew that the person that could afford it definitely wasn’t normal. Since its like that, the other person definitely came to cause trouble.

There were a few people that dared to oppose the Situ family, but these people weren’t people that Situ Liang could deal with. Even Situ Liang’s grandfather and the current family head of the Situ family, Situ Dashan, had to give some respects to them.

Thinking that, Situ Liang couldn’t help it. He could only stand on the side with a green face in order to wait for the car’s owner to return.

On the other hand, I was rather relaxed. When I saw Situ Liang return, I turned around and walked into Yanjing Department Store, and laughed coldly in my heart. Just keep waiting.

I immediately went to the third floor that sold jewelries. Recently, I have not spent enough time with Chen Weier, so I was going to buy a present for her, otherwise, even if this chick doesn’t say it, she definitely wouldn’t feel good.

I went around a few times, but didn’t see anything that caught my attention. Just at that moment, my eyes set open a platinum necklace. The heart-shaped pendant had a hole in the middle, where a diamond was engraved within. The eternity of diamond and the love that the heart represented was just to my liking.

“Miss, please take this necklace out for me to have a look!” I said to the saleslady while pointing at the necklace.

That saleslady raised her head and examined me. Then she said coldly, “This is a valuable object, no touching if you’re not going to buy it!”

I frowned after hearing that. This saleslady must thought that I was a poor person that would just look and not buy since I didn’t have a single piece of clothes from a famous brand.

“How do you know if I’m going to buy it or not if you’re not letting me look?” I asked.

“Eight million eight hundred and eighty thousand, didn’t you look at the price tag?” The saleslady pointed at the price beside the necklace impatiently and said.

“I truly didn’t look just now,” To be honest, I only just took a look at the price. That’s because, money was just a bunch of numbers to me right now.

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“Since you saw it, then looked at your situation and see!” The saleslady said this, then ignored me. Instead, she turned around to start introducing products to a fatty wearing Armani.

I said coldly with a sullen expression, “Where’s your manager? I’m going complain!”

That saleslady didn’t think that I would get serious, and thus instantly got pissed, “Whatever!” From her perspective, I won’t be able to do anything. Therefore, she picked up the walkie talkie and said a few words. Not long after that, a glasses-wearing middle-aged man hurried over.

“What happened?” The middle-aged man asked the saleslady.

“Manager Li, this person is causing trouble, he’s insisting on looking at our shop’s flagship jewelry, the Heart of Crystal!” The saleslady explained.

“Then why does he want to complain?” Manager Li asked.

“Look at his poor ****** look, there’s no branded goods at all. Can he afford this necklace?” That saleslady argued.

“He’s poor?” Manager Li sucked in a breath of cold air and said.


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