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Chapter 85 – Plying for Pity Ploy

“How can you cause me to die?” I asked curiously.

“I can kill you and no one will pursue me for responsibilities, do you believe me?” Situ Liang threatened.

“Then kill me,” I chuckled. ****, he’s trying to scare me?

Hearing that, Situa Liang nearly vomited blood. Situ Liang only got more pissed at my subtle provocation, causing him to unable to resist swinging his fist at me.

“No!” Yu Ting suddenly exclaimed, then ran and stood in front of me. Then she used a pleasing tone towards Situ Liang and said, “I’m begging you, don’t cause trouble!”

“Xiao Ting, move aside! There is no need for you to get into this!” Situ Liang waved his hand and said.

All of a sudden, I had an impulsion to see Yu Ting’s current attitude towards me.

Sometimes, the first love is always the hardest for people to forget, although I don’t know if her and I count as each other’s first love, it was at least the confusing feeling of love between children.

Thus, I came up with a plan, causing me to say to Yu Ting, “Yu Ting, move aside, I’ll deal with him, I could even beat the instructor during military training!”

“It’s not the same!” Yu Ting stomped her feet anxiously and said, “He-He knows martial arts!”

Hearing Yu Ting say that, Situ Liang glared at Yu Ting fiercely and said, “A woman shouldn’t interrupt a man speaking!”

If Yu Ting had said that to anyone else, they would definitely think that she’s making stuff up. Knows martial arts? Does she think that it’s the past!

However, I was different, I had experienced it first-hand. The martial arts that I had summarized by myself was mainly for cultivation of inner strength, for the children of large renowned family like Situ Liang, knowing martial arts wasn’t too surprising.

Yu Ting looked at me helplessly, then stood to the side and whispered, “Be careful.”

I don’t know if she said that to Situ Liang or to me.

Seeing that Yu Ting was not adding to the trouble, Situ Liang decided to give me a long-lasting lesson. In his heart, he was certain that Yu Ting and I were not simply classmates before, I might have been one of Yu Ting’s pursuers.

Situ Liang also knows my prowess during military training, so he didn’t dare to be careless, and used his family’s techniques passed down from his ancestors.

Yet, I could turn Situ Liang into the older brother of a monkey – a baboon (trash) in 0.01 seconds! However, I didn’t want to do that, so I intentionally showed a weakness for Situ Liang to punch directly onto my face.

I didn’t feel anything from his attack, but I still pretended like I was in pain, then used the mental powers in my body to create the false look of a bruiser on my face.

After that, I also showed a huge number of weaknesses, and thus, I was beaten to a pulp by Situ Liang.

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Acting wasn’t just a little tired, I was truly in even more pain than after getting beaten up. I really don’t know how that chick Su Yingzi deals with acting every day.

Finally, I fell onto the ground due to “the lack of stamina”, causing Situ Liang to point proudly at me and said, “See, this is the difference in strength. If you wobble in front of me anymore, I’ll immediately cause you to disappear off this planet!”

“Situ-ge, let’s quickly send him to the hospital, being like this…” Seeing me covered in wounds, Yu Ting said a bit anxiously.

“Heh! Let him live or die by himself!” Situ Liang snorted coldly, “Let’s go, Xiao Ying, we’ll take a cab and not wait here, I feel much better after beating this brat up!”

“How can you be like that!” Yu Ting finally couldn’t help but say to Situ Liang, “You changed! You are different from the Situ-gege that I knew before!”

“Heh, so what if I’m different? I was too weak before, that’s why my older brother got ahead in the family stuff!” Situ Liang said without care. “Xiao Ting, you can’t have a thing with this brat, right? Don’t treat me like an idiot, don’t think that I don’t know those actions between you two!”

“I…” Yu Ting didn’t think that he would notice it, thus she blushed.

“I’m telling you, don’t have any fantasies, your dad already passed you to me. You are the most clear about this meaning! If it wasn’t for our Situ family protecting him, he would have been chased down by his enemies ages ago!” Situ Liang’s pride was extremely elevated today, so he didn’t care so much and directly said what he felt.

“Don’t-Don’t you have… with the young mistress of the Liu family…” Although Yu Ting know this was a fact, she couldn’t help but have a sliver of hope.

“Heh, that woman! She’s way too prideful, even if I marry her, she wouldn’t look at me properly, my engagement with her is just for family benefits. After I gain the properties of the Liu family, I’ll train her slowly! As for you, I truly treated you as my girlfriend! I have liked you since a young age, don’t you understand my feelings?” Situ Liang decided to say it all out.

“I-I have always treated you as my older brother…” Yu Ting explained quietly.

“Older brother? Haha! It’s only like this now because I cared too much about your thoughts before! Hmmph, my father told me already, people that reach a high spot shouldn’t care about details. I’m telling you clearly right now, I’m going to get you for sure!” Situ Liang roared.

Hearing that, I laughed silently in my heart, this ****** beat me up once and now he thinks he’s invincible, his confidence actually bulged up to this degree.

Hearing that, Yu Ting clenched her teeth, turned around, and picked me up from the ground. Then she ran towards the exit of the parking lot. I momentarily blanked, then immediately understood, she must have cultivated some sort of martial technique, thus, I just leaned in her arms.

It seems like this chick did have some feelings towards me, but aren’t I too terrible for doing this since I laid on the ground and pretended to be a near death in order to get her pity?

“Don’t regret it!” Situ Liang roared behind us. “One day, you will kneel on the ground and beg me!”

Yu Ting’s steps paused for a moment, but she didn’t stop until we arrived at the entrance, where she waited for a taxi.

“Don’t get troubled, hurry back,” Seeing that my purpose was achieved, I didn’t want to trouble her anymore.

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“No!” Yu Ting said forcefully. “Why are you so dumb, he has learnt martial techniques before!”

“Martial techniques? Isn’t that the stuff from TV?” I said delibertately.

“Ai, I didn’t believe it before, but look at it now, can’t I carry you!” Yu Ting said.

Only then did I realize that I was still being carried, so I quickly told her to let me down.

Yu Ting stopped a taxi, said an address to the taxi driver, who drive us towards it really quickly.

The car stopped in front of an apartment building in a compound. When we were going off, Yu Ting wanted to continue carrying me, but I quickly said, “I can still walk!”

Thus, Yu Ting supported me as I walked slowly towards a unit. I had a feeling that it was as if we were back in our middle school days.

I couldn’t help but admit that I was really fickle in love. I had just gotten Zhao Yanyan back, and now I’m thinking about another girl, but Situ Liang is too terrible. How could I push a beauty into a fire pit.

Yu Ting familiarly opened the door to the apartment using a set of keys, then helped me to the sofa before going to pour water for me.


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