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Chapter 82 – Previous Life, This Life

Xu Qingwei also seemed to realize his slip of tongue, since he quickly corrected himself, “Hello, I’m Xu Qingwei from the second year of this faculty!”

I silently shook hands with him, then said to Zhao Yanyan, “Yanyan, go to class first, I have some business with Hu Qingwei!”

Zhao Yanyan looked at me confusingly, then said carefully, “What are you guys going to do…”

I smiled, “ Don’t worry, nothing unhappy will happen between us. I’m finding him for some other matters.”

“Oh, then hurry, I’ll grab a seat for you in class!” With that, Zhao Yanyan walked away with her books.

“Assistant Director Xu, long time no see. Hehe!” I said while pretending to be very casual.

“Yeah…” Xu Qingwei’s expression suddenly changed, and quickly said. “Classmate Liu, what did you say?”

“Assistant Director Xu, you don’t need to pretend. I don’t want to mention the stuff from back then. Let’s go, just treat today as us catching up. Find somewhere, it’ll be my treat,” Although I said it very casually, my heart was tum

“Ai!” Xu Qingwei sighed. “I thought only I came back. I didn’t think that Director Liu did to, so I’ll accept the offer.”

Following that, the two of us arrived at a bar not far from school. It was the afternoon, so the bar was very quiet, it was a very suitable place for conversation since there wasn’t a noisy DJ like there would be at night.

“Director Liu, I have wronged you back then!” Xu Qingwei finally said something after a drink.

“Never mind, let bygones be bygones, don’t mention it anymore,” I waved my hand and said.

“No, Director Liu, you don’t understand! Let me finish, otherwise I would feel terrible!” Xu Qingwei slowly said something that completely shocked me. “The person that Zhao Yanyan liked back then is you! She agreed to my proposal… I know the reason was because she wanted to anger you!”

My heart shook, and the glass I just picked up suddenly slid onto the floor and smashed into smithereens. Even after getting covered in the wine that I spilled, I did not notice it at all.

Seeing this, the waiter rushed over to clean up, but Xu Qingwei stopped him. Instead, he took out a few hundred yuan notes, stuffed it into his hand and said, “Go back for now.”

I did not notice this at all as I fell into infinite thoughts.

I always thought that Zhao Yanyan liked Xu Qingwei in my previous life, I didn’t think that there would be more to it. This caused me to suddenly think back to the words Zhao Yanyan said to me when she got into an accident. Was it all true? Did I cause Zhao Yanyan to marry Xu Qingwei because of my denseness?

“Actually, I had a selfish reason back then. I had a crush on Zhao Yanyan ever since university, I thought that if I could make the false thing true, I could… Director Liu, I’m sorry! On the day that happened to you, Yanyan couldn’t take it and committed suicide. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like I wronged you, you had promoted me up, giving me the chance, allowed me to climb up to the position of an assistant director from a normal programmer, yet I treated you like that! But I really love Zhao Yanyan a lot, thus, I…” Xu Qingwei said a bit painfully.

“Never mind, it’s something from a long time ago,” I sighed and calmed myself down. “Then how did you come back?”

“I don’t know, I regretted it a lot, and felt that if I lived, then I couldn’t face you and Zhao Yanyan, thus I got hot headed and ate the rest of the sleeping pills. In the end, when I woke up, I found myself having returned to my university days…” Xu Qingwei shook his head. “I didn’t think that you came back as well… I… I wanted to get Zhao Yanyan before you appear, I didn’t think that you already…”

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I felt like my entire body was covered in cold sweat, this brat is no worse than me, if I didn’t shamelessly pester Zhao Yanyan, it really wouldn’t be good for me if I let him get there first!

“I understand your feeling, but I hope…”

Before I finished, Xu Qingwei interrupted me, “Director Liu, don’t say anything. I understand! I won’t disturb you and Zhao Yanyan anymore. After today, I will bury this feeling in my heart! I am not envious of you being with Zhao Yanyan, because she should have been yours in the first place!”

I looked at Xu Qingwei, who was in front of me, as I thought about a lot of things. I didn’t think that he would have returned as well. Just what is old bro Yama doing, why did so many people get reborn?

“Tell me about you and Zhao Yanyan?” Xu Qingwei took a sip of the alcohol in his glass and said a bit relaxingly. At this moment, he truly let it go.

Thus, I slowly told him about how I met Zhao Yanyan to how we started dating, to how she got into an accident and then how we finally got back together to him. Xu Qingwei was shocked after hearing that, and said, “Director Liu, you truly are my example back then, even this is possible!”

“Okay, stop getting envious. Oh yeah…” I suddenly recalled something that Zhao Junsheng mentioned to me two days ago. Thus, I asked, “How long have you returned for?”

“A bit more than a month. Why?” Xu Qingwei momentarily blanked, then said.

“What did you do with your future knowledge?” I continued to ask.

“Oh? Director Liu, I… I just used the knowledge from back then to develop an operating system… You already know about it?” Xu Qingwei said embarrassedly.

“Great Person Corporation is yours?” It truly was something this brat did!

“Aye, but the future isn’t good. It seems like this world is different from the one from before. A Shuguang Corporation popped up randomly!” Xu Qingwei nodded.

“Shuguang Corporation’s CEO is Yanyan’s father,” I didn’t feel like there was any reason to hide it.

“Yanyan’s father?” Xu Qingwei looked at me meaningfully. He wasn’t dumb, otherwise, I couldn’t have thought so highly of him in my previous life. That’s why, he immediately understood the meaning behind it. Thus, he smiled, “Hehe, understood. Director Liu, give me the position of an assistant director, then just takeover Great Person!”

“The situation is different now, so just leave the assistant director position. If you can truly put down the feelings in your heart, then I have something more important for you to do!” I had complete faith in Xu Qingwei’s ability, he wouldn’t have any issues in

“Actually, I already let it go just now, hehe, even if I hold on, I don’t have much of a chance left!” said Xu Qingwei.

“Okay, since it’s like this, then just let Great Person go for now, I’ll get Uncle Zhao to go and take care of it. To be honest, the technology we had in our previous life isn’t much in my hands. Have you heard of East Asia Motion?” I waved my hand and asked.

“Could it be?” Xu Qingwei could guess what it was.

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“That’s right, it is my company!” I directly said. “The technology I hold is not limit to that!”

It could be said that Xu Qingwei is someone very loyal to me, this could be shown by him committing suicide after I died. As for the feelings towards Zhao Yanyan, young people don’t have a good grasp of their feelings due to their impulsiveness, so this was understandable.


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