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Chapter 81 – Old Friend

At nine o’clock in the morning, Su Yuanchao punctually stood on the podium and said, “I believe the question everybody is most concern about is regarding our motion system. I will not waste my breath here, and directly show everyone our newest product!”

With that, the East Asia Motion employees flipped over a red cloth that was covering the engine on the podium. This caused the cameramen to immediately take pictures. While the lights were flashing, Su Yuanchao clasped his hands together and said, “This is the Huaxia a01 Motion System that our corporation is introducing. This engine is compatible with most of the engine technology in the market currently. In other words, the car manufacturing companies can easily change the car’s engine to Huaxia a01 without altering the design! This engine can allow a small car to run about a million kilometers!”

The moment Su Yuanchao said this, a commotion spread out through the crowd! Just what exactly did a million kilometers mean, if there really was such a motion system, the petrol industry would be eliminated!

“Of course, but this isn’t the most important part. The most important part is that this engine will not produce any exhaust gas, and will not pollute the environment,” Su Yuanchao continued. “Now, I will get the staff to hand the more detailed information to everyone. The question and answer session can also be gin now.”

“Mr. Su, what is the price of this engine?” A journalist from our country raised a key question. All of the other journalists immediately listened intently, this is something that they wanted to know as well.

“Hehe, that is a good question! That is what I was going to say later. Due to the high production cost of this engine, the price is set at a hundred thousand RMB!” said Su Yuanchao.

“A hundred thousand RMB? According to what I know, the better engines on the market costs several thousand yuan to several tens of thousands. If we calculate it using the petrol usage of a million kilometer, that would require at least two hundred thousand for the petrol, assuming that the price did not raise at all!” The journalist exclaimed. Although the price of a hundred thousand was already expensive when it came to engines, but this is an everlasting one that can run a million kilometers. That’s way too cheap!

“Hehe, this is natural, it is also the advantage we, East Asia Motion, have. That’s why, we have the confidence in taking over the engine market very quickly!” said Su Yuanchao.

“Mr. Su, don’t you think that your corporation is disturbing the world’s economic balance? Once your corporation introduces this sort of motion system, how are other engine factories supposed to survive? What are those countries that relies on the export of oil going to go?” A foreign journalist asked.

Su Yuanchao frowned slightly, but as an old business fox, he immediately replied, “Then do you mean that humans don’t need to improve? What was those people that relied on carriages for business do when Watt improved the steam engine? Did Edison cause the candle-sellers to lose their jobs by inventing the lightbulb?”

After getting retorted, that journalist immediately shut up, but someone still asked unwisely, “Since Mr. Su means that he is doing good for the society, then why not publicly distribute this technology so other companies can also produce it?”

Su Yuanchao looked over at that journalist, although he looked similar to someone from Huaxia, that person definitely did not come from our country, he might be sent over by nearby country to cause trouble. Su Yuanchao exclaimed how stupid he was in his heart, but still said with a smile, “This journalist has never heard something called a patent, right? According to what you say, all of the other countries in the world should also make their technology public. If that’s the case, which company would be willing to freely distribute their research efforts that they spent huge amounts of money into?”

Meanwhile, I also felt that the questions from these journalists were too over the line, they clearly came to cause trouble! Thus, I used my powers to scan the brains of these journalists. As expected, they were bribed by various corporations from other countries and came to cause trouble.

I laughed coldly, heh, you guys are too soft to try and cause trouble for the old fox Su Yuanchao.

It was as I expected, the countless troubling questions were all retorted spectacularly by Su Yuanchao.

At the end, there were still some journalists that were suspicious towards the new product. To this, Su Yuanchao merely said, “Currently, our production abilities are limited, we can only product a hundred thousand engines per year, an must prioritize it for the corporation. We’ll start accepting orders from tomorrow, it will be first come first serve, you won’t get any if you’re late. If you don’t believe ys, then don’t come!”

This was also what I asked him to do. Although the profits for a hundred thousand wasn’t a lot, and it was far from Shuguang’s annual revenue, but ten billion of sales was a lot within the industry. Furthermore, the true cost of these things was only at around a million or so.

Only if we make others think that the supply cannot meet the demand, could the value of it be shown.

As I expected, there were a few daring car manufacturers that made up their mind to put down orders since they did not believe that East Asia Motion was lying with Shuguang’s Director Zhao vouching for them. What’s more, conmen wouldn’t trick them using this way.

Meanwhile, those hesitant ones also missed this momentary chance of going big in the future.

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On the following day, a lot of companies that made orders received the samples of Huaxia a01. After a month, the testing reports had also started to surface through the media. The truth shows that Huaxia a01 can definitely replace motion systems of most of the cars on the market, and it was able to allow a car run for a million kilometer like they said.

This result shocked the car manufacturers looked down upon East Asia motion, and also cause their regret. Just how epoch-making was a car that doesn’t need to refill on petrol! This would be even more popular when used for adventuring or long-distance travels.

At the same time, the car companies that chose to buy Huaxia a01 had their products completely swept up by the local government and large corporations around the world within a week of their new cars being introduced.

Within 2 months, the annual sales number of a hundred thousand engines for Huaxia a01 was reached. This caused Su Yuanchao to call me and ask me about what to do. I smiled, “We said a hundred thousand, so it’s a hundred thousand. Don’t receive any more orders this year. We’ll focus on developing our own cars?”

“But doesn’t it make a lot of money?” Su Yuanchao asked in confusion.

“Hehe, rarity makes things more valuable. What’s more, we can’t pressure those petrol-based engine manufacturing companies too much,” I said.

When I returned to school in the afternoon, I actually saw a very familiar figure standing beside Zhao Yanyan, telling her something. Zhao Yanyan frowned and had an expression of impatience. When she saw me, she immediately called out happily, “Hubby!”

I know that this girlie wasn’t that close with me yet, the only reason she did this was to chase away the fly beside her.

The person beside Zhao Yanyan was my assistance and love rival in my previous life – Xu Qingwei!

Seeing that, I hurried over. When Xu Qingwei saw me, he momentarily blanked, then stuttered, “Di-Director Liu…”

Director Liu!? My heart jumped, why did he call me Director Liu?


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