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Chapter 80 – Press Conference

“The production cost of the new motion system is about 5000 RMB,” I intentionally raised the price up by 50 times, otherwise, that’d be too shocking.

“What? Only 5000 RMB!” Su Yuanchao exclaimed. “This is way too cheap, this is the price of a normal engine on the market. What’s more, you don’t need to add fuel to it!”

“How is it, Su-bobo, are you interested in coming over to help me?” I smiled.

“Then what about Su’s?” Su Yuanchao hesitated.

“If you’re willing, then I can completely get Shuguang to purchase it at market price,” I said.

“Okay, since after Xiao Zi marries you, it’s all going to be her dowry. I don’t mind,” Su Yuanchao nodded.

“Since it’s like this, then I’ll transfer ten percent of the new corporation’s shares over to you!” I said after a brief consideration.

“What? Ten percent!” Su Yuanchao was shocked. If you calculated the production cost of the engine as 5000 yuan, this was something that will yield insane profits. Normal calls would need about two hundred thousand yuan of petrol to run a million kilometers, in comparison, the price of 5000 yuan was truly too cheap.

Su Yuanchao was an old fox in business, he thought about it all for a moment, then finally answered, “How about this, I won’t take the ten percent, transfer it to Xiao Zi’s name, since it’s still yours in the end!”

I immediately understood what he meant by this, if Su Yingzi and I don’t get into any trouble, then Su Yuanchao’s properties will definitely become ours in the future. However, if Su Yingzi and I break up or anything, the ten percent of shares under Su Yingzi’s name is still his.

The reason he did this was just to show his whole-heartedness about this, but the effect was the same. I was also very willing to do this easy favor, so why wouldn’t I!

“Okay, if there’s no problems with it, then I’ll call the lawyer to transfer the shares over to Xiao Zi. For the initial phrase, I’m going to invest a billion into the corporation as liquid assets for marketing. Of course, this can also be used for research and development. All of East Asia’s engines will be sent out by me, you only need to take charge of sales. The remaining funds can be used to produce cars, since we have the advantage of the engine!” I said.

“This is natural, otherwise, if it was only for sales, good son wouldn’t come and find me, the old bones!” Seeing that I agreed with his suggestion, he immediately got a lot more intimate.

I think that you can only use his daughter’s relationship to limit him, otherwise, it’s hard to say whether or not her would turn around and set me up.

After finishing the discussion with Su Yuanchao, everything was set, Sun Sikong’s research had already started to get wrapped up, so he would most likely get results very soon.

Due to me developing my relationship with Zhao Yanyan, I couldn’t help but spend less time with Chen Weier, but this girlie didn’t complain at all. Instead, she told me that academics in third year was rather busy, so she couldn’t always come out with me. Hearing that, I was naturally moved, I went to university in my previous life, how could I not know that third year is pretty much the same as the first and second year, there is just a bit more professional lesson, it’s not like every day was busy.

On one day, Zhao Yanyan threw the love letters she received to me like always. In recent times, after this chick got close to me, she would chuck all the stuff like love letters that she receives to me.

I know that she was just having a mindset of a child, and the main point was just so I would care more about her. I didn’t point it out either, and just opened the love letters one by one, then read it to her with interest.

Zhao Yanyan was also happy to listen, because I said these stuff, causing it to feel like me expression my love towards her.

“Xu Qingwei!!” I was extremely surprised when I saw the person that signed it off. ****, it can’t be, isn’t this my assistant and love rival in my previous life?

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“What is it?” Zhao Yanyan said to me as she looked at that love letter. “You know him?”

“Nothing, I just heard of him!” I hurriedly said.

“Oh? He’s that famous? No wonder he was bragging to me, telling me that he’s a talented person in our computing faculty’s second year!” Zhao Yanyan said casually.

Hearing that Zhao Yanyan didn’t have much interest in him, I was able to lay down my worries.

Thinking back, Xu Qingwei did graduate from Huaxia university, and it was a year before me. So that brat was already ******* after Zhao Yanyan in school! Since I wasn’t very familiar with Zhao Yanyan in my previous life, I didn’t know these details, so I only understood that just now.

“Nothing, I just feel that this brat is pretty smart,” I casually stuffed the love letter into my pocket.

“Oh,” Zhao Yanyan didn’t mind it, and continued to read.

However, I was unable to calm down. Although it could be said that I had victory in my grasp, I had lost to him in my previous life, so did reject him subconsciously.

Xu Qingwei was quite capable, and was promoted up by me, it’s just that I was too dense by then, that’s why I didn’t notice that intricate relationship between him and Zhao Yanyan.

October 30th 1998, was a special day, it was a day that shocked the entire world.

Under my direction, Su Yuanchao held East Asia Motion Corporation’s new product’s first conference. Originally, a lot of people did not pay much attention to this newly established energy company, thinking that it’s just another trading company that is selling coal and oil, they never would have imagined that the press conference was going to be about the introduction of a new motion system!

When the news spread out, a lot of journalists came from all over the world to Huaxia’s capital, Yanjing city. Although quite a lot of people thought that this was just a show put on by East Asia Motion in order to increase their reputation, due to Shuguang Corporation existing, it caused a lot of journalists to decide to believe that such a mystical person did exist in the ancient country in the east, which is Huaxia.

The press conference was filled with people, furthermore, I also organized Zhao Junsheng to appear in person as a special guest for the press conference. His appearance also caused those journalists with suspicions to become more confident as they all felt happy that they didn’t come for nothing!

It seemed to them that East Asia Motion Corporation did have the ability, otherwise, they couldn’t possibly have been able to get the CEO of the world’s largest corporation to attend the press conference, since Shuguang Corporation could not afford the shame of a scam.

Additionally, this epoch-making press conference was also streamed live by Huaxia Central Television as well as many other television channels across the world. That was because the brief introduction that East Asia Motion did for its products was truly too shocking! They actually claimed that their engine was a “semi-everlasting engine”. You have to know, an everlasting engine was a difficult problem that even the world’s top scientists could not accomplish, this semi-everlasting engine was rather similar to an everlasting engine, it merely had some problems with its lifespan.

Actually, this engine had nothing to do with everlasting engines, it’s just a creative idea that Su Yuanchao and I thought up at the last minute.

“Greetings directors, journalists and fellow comrades, welcome to East Asia Corporation’s new product’s launch conference!”


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