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Chapter 79 – East Asia Motion Company

However, I had nothing to be afraid of, since I didn’t just use the advantage of me being reborn, alien technology was the main thing that I would be relying next.

I chose not to think about all that, now. After I told Sun Sikong about some issues, I left the island.

It was already six something in the evening when I got back to school. I did a rough estimate, and found that Zhao Yanyan’s practical lesson should be over now, thus, I stood at the side of Zhao Yanyan’s practical building, waiting for her to come out.

After a long while, I didn’t see anyone come out from the building. Did it finish earlier and everyone already left? This wasn’t impossible, this actually happened quite a bit if my practical lessons during my previous life, basically, everyone just leaves after finishing their practical.

Just as I was thinking, I felt someone get behind me. That caused me to quickly use my powers to feel who it was, and when I found that it was a familiar aura, I relaxed.

A sweet voice rang out by my ear, “Guess who.”

Ha! This chick is doing this again! This made me feel reminiscent of back then, it was Zhao Yanyan as well, who had done the same action, and asked the same thing. I miss all of this.

Seeing that I didn’t react, Zhao Yanyan said once again, “Quickly. Guess who!”

Only then, did I come out from my reminiscent feeling, I quickly pretended to be thinking, “Are you Liu Yue?”

“No…!” Zhao Yanyan felt a bit unhappy. She thought to herself, this guy really does have an interest in Liu Yue!

“Then are you Chen Weier?” I continued.

“Who’s Chen Weier!” Hearing that, Zhao Yanyan immediately felt annoyed. She let go of her hands, jumped in front of me and asked interrogatingly.

“Our school’s school beauty in third year!” I explained.

“Ah! Oh wow, I knew that you were a pervert, do you want to get the school beauties of first, second and third year!” Zhao Yanyan asked with a raised eyebrow.

“First, second and third year? Liu Yue’s the one from second year, who’s the school beauty of first year?” I asked strangely.

“Bullshit, is there a problem with your eyes? I’m standing right in front of you!” Zhao Yanyan said angrily.

“… Haha, you’re so thick-skinned. You actually called yourself the school beauty of first year!” I chuckled upon hearing that.

“I didn’t say it, other people said it…” Hearing my reply, Zhao Yanyan felt a bit embarrassed.

“Then alright, school beauty wifey-tongxue, can I have the honor of having dinner with you?” I reached out my hand in a very gentlemanly fashion.

“Go away! Who’s your wifey!” Zhao Yanyan immediately brushed my hand away and snorted.

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I didn’t mind it, it was enough as long as we knew the truth in our hearts. I took the chance to hold Zhao Yanyan’s hands, and she didn’t resist. However, her hands was soon soaked with sweat.

Ha, this chick really treated me as her first love!

It does seem like I was from the start, though!

I decided to have the new motion system’s company in Yanjing, as a separate corporation from Shuguang, with its own board of shareholders and management team. However, I didn’t have any idea for who would become the CEO. Just who should I get to do it?

The preparation for the corporation has already begun. Once they heard that I wanted to start a new energy company, the officials in Yanjing city, who I was rather familiar with due to Uncle Zhao, immediately gave their approval, so that the subordinates did everything very quickly. As long as it wasn’t against their regulations, they would simply the process as much as possible.

If it succeeds, this was another world-class star corporation in Huaxia after Shuguang Corporation. Of course, Uncle Zhao had a large effect on this all as well. With Uncle Zhao coming out to speak, it was rather easy for people to believe it, since Shuguang was a perfect example. If I went, then they might have treated me as a con man.

Since Uncle Zhao already got used to my surprises, he didn’t say anything this time, and just helped me do the necessary procedures.

The location of the corporation was finally decided on the 26th floor of Yanjing city’s Shuguang Tower. That was originally Shuguang’s storage room that was used to store some useless old newspapers, magazines etc. After cleaning it out, it was a good place for the office for the new corporation. Finally, I decided to name the new corporation East Asia Motion Corporation. The reason I chose this name was because once upon a time, our Huaxia had a period of shameful history, and was called the Sick Man of East Asia. The meaning behind of the name was that once someone mentions East Asia, they wouldn’t think of the Sick Man of East Asia, rather, they would thick of East Asia Motion.

Suddenly, a person appeared in my mind. How did I forget about him? Thus, I quickly opened my telephone book to find the number and dial over.

“Father-in-law-daren, how have you been?” The person I called was Xiao Zi’s father, Su Yuanchao.

“Xiao Liu, why did you think of calling Su-bobo? Did you get into an argument with Xiao Zi?”

“Hehe, how could that be, we’re great. Although we don’t meet often, we pretty much call each other every day. This time, I have something important to discuss with Su-bobo!” I said.

“Oh? What is it, let’s hear it!” Su Yuanchao immediately got interested.

“It’s hard to say over the phone. How about this, if you’re free, then let’s talk in person!” I said.

“I’m participating in a business convention in Yanjing city, where are you?” said Su Yuanchao.

“I’m in Yanjing city as well, that’s great. How about this, let’s have lunch together to talk in person!” I said.

“Okay, where are you? I’ll tell the driver to pick you up. Let’ meet at Yanjing Restaurant!” said Su Yuanchao.

“No need, I have a car. Then it’s settled, we meet at the entrance of Yanjing Restaurant at twelve1’ I said.

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At noon, Su Yuanchao and I met in a grand room within Yanjing Restaurant.

“Su-bobo, it’s like this, I want to establish an energy company and want you to come over to take charge,” I said openly.

“Energy company? What energy?” Su Yuanchao immediately got interested. You have to know, energy is one of the hottest topics in the world.

“Our Shuguang produced a new single-use motor system, it can let a car drive for a million kilometers after installing it, there is no need for maintenance or fuel injection during it,” I pushed the discover to Shuguang, it was impossible for me to tell Su Yuanchao that I had a private experimental base for alien technology.

“Oh? This is a good thing that has never been heard of you know? What does it run on?” Su Yuanchao said in confusion. However, he didn’t doubt this soon-to-be son-in-law’s words. The huge Shuguang Corporation was already a miracle, the person that created that miracle can’t possibly lie to him, right!

“About this… It’s probably some sort of condensed fuel. This is all confidential! That’s why I’m not quite sure,” I answered perfunctorily.

“Alright, this isn’t important, the main thing is just how are the prices?” asked Su Yuanchao.


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