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Chapter 78 – Shuguang’s Competitor

Sun Sikong continued, “Since the closure of this sort of metal is superb, the energy loss due to that is negligible. The small motor system is able to run for a million kilometers after it is filled with water!”

“A million kilometers? This is almost the maximum distance that current cars can run, no matter how good the car, they pretty much are busted after a million kilometers!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah. What’s more, this motor system can be run alongside most engines in the market, or even directly replace it,” Sun Sikong said proudly.

I know that the data I provided Sun Sikong with was purely theoretical, it was already very impressive for him to able to completely develop it. The fact that he would make it work with the engines in the market proved that Sun Sikong was a rare talent even more. I truly find a treasure mine.

“Not bad. How much did this cost, it isn’t really high, right?” This was what I was most concerned with, if this was very costly, then it was no difference from trash.

“Hehe, of course it isn’t high!” Sun Sikong smiled. “It is rather easy to put together the metal this motor uses, and the materials are also very cheap. The cost of the smallest motor is only 15 RMB.”

“15 RMB!” I exclaimed. ****, is he selling it like scrap metal!

“Liu-laoshi, if you think that this is too expensive, then you can lower it further, but the lifespan of the motor system cannot be guaranteed, “Sun Sikong thought that I found it too expensive, so he hurriedly added.

“Ugh,,,” I didn’t know what to say. If this was introduced to the market, wouldn’t money just come flowing in!

“If we were to lower the cost, we can change the engine so that water cannot be added, thus it become something that is one-use only. It will probably be done for after running a million kilometers,” said Sun Sikong. “This way, the cost can be controlled at less than 10 RMB.”

I was truly speechless. Sun Sikong was truly talented, I was just wondering how to introduce this new motor system, since I was afraid that after this was introduced, it would be a huge blow to the head for those oil countries!

If it really was as Sun Sikong said, I could just sell this sort of single-use engine. However, how am I supposed to protect the technology? This was very important, thus I asked, “Doctor Sun, this sort of motor system can’t be copied by others, right?”

“Currently, only we have the technology to produce this sort of metal, so others cannot copy it. However, if Liu-laoshi wants it to be more mysterious, we can add a self-destruct device that activates once someone tries to take it apart. However, the cost will increase,” Sun Sikong explained.

“En, this idea isn’t bad. Let’s just do this! Currently, just focus on making a sample of a small single-use product!” I ordered.

“Sure, no problem!” Sun Sikong nodded. “This is easy, it’ll be done in about a month!”

“Alright then, since it’s like this, then I don’t need to worry. I’ll go and introduce this to the market,” I said.

Originally, I wanted to get Shuguang Corporation to introduce this technology. However, when I thought more about it, Shuguang Corporation truly developed too quickly, if it introduced this motor system, then it would cause certain organizations to have ill will towards Shuguang. As one of the leading company in electronics, it would be too unbelievable for them to suddenly get involved in a motor system. That’s why, I might as well get a new corporation to do this. Yet, who else can I rely on to do this outside of a business elite like Uncle Zhao? No matter how much I thought, I couldn’t think of anyone. Most of the people around me are doing something and won’t be able to be free, yet I can’t use someone that I can’t trust.

Just as I was getting anxious over the choice for a person, I surprisingly received Uncle Zhao’s call.

“Xiao Liu, some trouble happened with Shuguang!” Zhao Junsheng said solemnly.

“Trouble? What trouble?” I was a bit confused, technically speaking, with Shuguang’s current size and the contribution it has made towards the country, trouble from the officials wasn’t quite possible, since they couldn’t support it enough. It was even more impossible for the underworld since Songjiang city belongs to the Three Rock Gang. Although a Yan Yitong popped out, he was dealt with, and even if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t dare to make a move against Shuguang. Could it be an internal trouble? But that isn’t quite possible! Shuguang’s internal side was rather united, everyone was proud of working at Shuguang.

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“There’s a software company called Great Person Corporation that had a press conference today afternoon. They introduced an operating system called Windows 2000, it works completely fine with our Shuguang Windows 98, and it is very similar to the Shuguang Windows 2000 with developed!” Zhao Junsheng said seriously.

Someone actually developed the year 2000 operating system before me? How is that possible! In my previous life, Microsoft had only released this operating system in 1999, which is the following year. I was going to release Shuguang Windows 2000 the next year as well, how did another company do it first?

“Don’t we have the patent for the graphics OS?” I asked.

“I already got a lawyer to do this, but even if we sue them, the results isn’t good. This sort of case is very difficult, some might drag on for several years!” Zhao Junsheng said hesitantly.

I understood after hearing it, in my previous life, Microsoft had a case drag on for n year just because of this patent.

“Is there a spy among us?” Although I didn’t kquite believe it, I still asked.

“I thought so at the start a well, but all of the programmers that are involved with the core secrets have a sighed a lifetime non-disclosure agreement. Shuguang’s benefits is already really high, they have no reason to sell the company out. What’s more, the computers in the development room doesn’t have any internet, nor does it have any way to output things aside from the intranet. It is impossible for the code to get completely leaked,” said Zhao Junsheng.

“Okay, Uncle Zhao, try and research about the background about this company, then we’ll see! If it doesn’t look good, then we’ll just release 2003 or P earlier, our Shuguang has to stay at the front of the industry!’ I said. Originally, I might have felt a sense of danger, but now, I wasn’t afraid of anything. Who am I scared of now, I have the Animasian’s technology!

However, after hanging up the call, I felt the situation as a bit weird. It doesn’t make sense, if this person wasn’t from Shuguang, how could he have coded the 2000 version? You have to know, the service framework of 2000 is different from 98, just who is this person?

Could it be… I suddenly thought, could this person be a person that was transported here from the future like me?

This seemed very possible, only this illogical explanation could explain it all.


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