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Chapter 76 – A kiss that decided the relationship

It can’t be, I find it rather funny that Zhao Yanyan actually revvealed this sort of little girl expression again. IN order to break through this awkward atmosphere, I poured a cup of tea and said with a smile, “You’re thirsty right, have a cup of tea.”

“Oh,” Zhao Yanyan carefully received the cup, then put both of her hands on the table, without drinking at all. She merely dipped her head and avoided looking at me.

“Sir, please enjoy, the dishes you ordered have arrived,” With that, the waiter put the dishes I ordered onto the table. I took a look at the dishes, then said to Zhao Yanyan, “Yanyan, let’s eat. Hehe, this looks pretty good, but this restaurant did learn the pettiness from other restaurants in Yanjing, I wonder if such a small plate is enough to eat!”

“He…” Zhao Yanyan also giggled after hearing that. “Are you a pig, look at those tables, they’re also a couple, but they only ordered one dish. We ordered three and you’re still saying that it’s not enough, this is so embarrassing!”

And thus, the nervous atmosphere between us completely vanished.

“Isn’t it good that I can eat a lot, only if I eat a lot would I have the strength to protect you!” Right at that moment, I felt something was weird about what Zhao Yanyan just said, that’s why, I quickly asked. “You just said that they are also a couple, then do you mean that we…”

Before I finished, Zhao Yanyan interrupted me shyly, “Don’t continue! You are still asking even thought you know, if you ask me then I’ll go back on my words!”

With that, she quickly lowered her head to stop eating. I knew that this chick is shy so I did not continue asking, and merely started eating happily with her. Perhaps, it was due to being in a good mood, I managed to completely finish the three dishes and a big bowl of rice. Seeing that, Zhao Yanyan said, “You truly are a pig!”

“What’s wrong with a pig, if I’m a pig, then you’re a sow!” I wiped my mouth and said without care.

“Hmmph! I’m not coming anymore!” Zhao Yanyan said angrily since she didn’t think that she would have dug a large hole for herself.

“Hehe, what, are you angry at me?” I said with a laugh.

“Hmmph!” Zhao Yanyan turned her face to the side.

“I would misunderstand you like this, and think that you want me to kiss you…” I acted like I was going to kiss Zhao Yanyan’s cheeks.

What I didn’t expect was that Zhao Yanyana actually did not resist, instead, she closed her eyes and froze nervously.

Hehe, if I don’t take this great chance that was just given to me, I would be an idiot!

“Sir, this is the complementary fruits that this shop provides after the meal. Please enjoy!” Just as I was about to kiss Zhao Yanyan’s cheeks, a voice interrupted me. I raised up to look. It was the waiter from the restaurant.

There was no helping it, I could only temporarily stop and say awkwardly, “Oh, okay. Thank you. Please give me the bill.”

Zhao Yanyan was also shocked. She looked nervously at me with a blush.

We ate some fruits quickly, then pulled Zhao Yanyan out of the northeastern restaurant.

“Just now…” After we got on the car, Zhao Yanyan and I spoke pretty much together.

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“You speak first…” said Zhao Yanyan.

“No, you say first,” I said, then started the car.

“Just now… You didn’t do anything right… I mean, that waiter didn’t see anything, right…” Zhao Yanyan said with a blush.

“Nothing, I didn’t do anything. What happened just now?” I asked and pretended that I didn’t know anything, since Zhao Yanyan closed her eyes just now, she didn’t see what I was doing.

“Ah!” Zhao Yanyan bit her lips and looked at me with annoyance. She was extremely angry, she finally made up the decision to close her eyes, yet this guy didn’t understand her intention!

“What were you going to say?” In order to avoid her embarrassment, she asked in annoyance.

“Oh, I just wanted to ask why did you suddenly close your eyes just now in the restaurant?” I asked seriously.

Liu Lei! I’m going to kill you! Zhao Yanyan was truly angry now as she swore fiercely in her heart. However, she still replied, “Nothing, I was just a bit sleepy…”

“Oh, then close your eyes and rest for a moment! I’ll wake you up at school!” I said.

“Okay,” Zhao Yanyan wasn’t sleepy, but since she had already said that, she could only close her eyes and pretend to nap.

However, she immediately realized that something wasn’t right, since she felt the car stop! At the start, she thought that they had reached the traffic lights and were waiting for the signal, but there wasn’t any movement for a while. Thus, she quickly opened her eyes, and saw that the car had already stopped by the road, while a person as lecherously looking at her.

“What are you doing!” Zhao Yanyan said to me nervously.

“I’m not doing anything, I just suddenly understood your meaning just now, so I stopped the car to finish what we didn’t finish just now!” With that, I lowered my head over.

“You’re terrible!” Zhao Yanyan was both angry and shy, but felt a bit of joy as well. So this fellow was just tricking her, it really is too embarrassing.

Zhao Yanyan struggled a little, then closed her eyes again. This time, it was in my car, so I got more daring and directly kissed Zhao Yanyan’s mouth.

At the start, Zhao Yanyan clenched her teeth and didn’t move, but she slowly opened her cherry lips due to my attack and let her tongue move.

We only separated our lips until we nearly suffocated. Zhao Yanyan panted and looked at me with a confused expression. Only after a while, did she react and say, “Did-Didn’t you said you would kiss my cheeks…”

“That was in the restaurant, there’s no one else here. Of course I’ll directly kiss you on your lips!” I smiled.

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“You terrible person, you’re laughing even though you took advantage of me!” Zhao Yanyan said as she pinched me.

“Murder of the husband!” I shouted. “See if I take care of you!” With that, I kissed her once again.

Only after a while did Zhao Yanyan push me away, “Okay, you terrible person, let’s hurry back to school. It’s nearly one, we have practical in the afternoon!”

Only then did I reluctantly let go of my hands that held Zhao Yanyan and started up the car again.

Due to the kiss just now, Zhao Yanyan and I became more familiar as we started chatting.

“You said that you’re from Songjiang as well?” Zhao Yanyan asked.

“Yeah, I said it already, we were deskmates in highschool!” I nodded.

“I faint, you’re still tricking me even though we’ve become like this!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said. “You don’t seem to have a need to make up a story now, right.”

“I’m also going to faint. I really didn’t trick you!” I said. “Do you remember Guo Qing?”

“I remember Guo Qing, you also know him?” Zhao Yanyan asked weirdly.

“…” It seems like there really is nothing I can do, however, I was satisfied with this recent already. Not only once did I want to take out proof so that Zhao Yanyan would believe me, but despite having been together with Zhao Yanyan for three years, we actually never had a photo taken together. There was a few times that Zhao Yanyan insisted to go and take photos in photo booths, but I felt that it was boring back then so I didn’t agree. Now, it’s really too late to regret it.


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