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Chapter 77 – New motor system

Just after we returned the school, I received good news from Dr. Sun Sikong, who had successfully developed the motor system that can use water as its fuel. I was extremely happy upon hearing that, this was an epoch-making step, it signals mankind’s science stepping into a new era.

Thus, I told Sun Sikong to continue researching and that I’ll hurry over as fast as possible.

In the afternoon, I told Zhao Yanyan that I had some urgent matters so I had to leave for a while. Since she just fell into the river of love with me, she was naturally a bit reluctant to part, but she still said, “If you have stuff to do, then go and do it, as long as you don’t just disappear off the grid like last time! I know you like me and spoil me right now, but I also know that girls that are too clingy is annoying, so if there’s any issues, then just call me.”

It seems like Zhao Yanyan and my relationship was finally confirmed after the passionate kiss on the car just now. This also solved an issue I had for so a long time, meaning that I could concentrate on developing my career.

In order to prevent other people from suspecting anything, I intentionally went into a toilet compartment during lesson time, then used my teleportation ability. In the next moment, I appeared on the private island that I bought on the Pacific Ocean.

The security alarm immediately went off the moment I appeared. Following that, a group of people carrying the newest laser guns (this sort of weapon is only found on this island, and have not been officially introduced to the world) from the Shuguang Military Factory in South Africa ran over and said to me, “Who are you. You are already surrounded, please do not try to resist. This is a private island, we have the right to shoot you down. Please raise your hands and cooperate with our check!” With that, he repeated it again in English.

“Put down your weapon, I’m Liu Lei!” I used the mental energy I have and passed my voice clearly into everyone’s ears. Although I wasn’t scared of any weapons, it was rather embarrassing if my clothes got blasted into that of a hobo’s.

“It’s Chief! Everyone, put down your weapons!” The black-shirted person in the lead ordered others. Then, he quickly ran in front of me and said, “Chief, this subordinate did not know that Chief has arrived, there was much offense just now. I ask for punishment!”

“Okay now, you didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, you guys did great! This proves that your defense system is quite good, this is worthy of praise! Alright, I came to find Doctor Sun this time, where is he now?”

“Doctor Sun is in the laboratory. During the past month, Doctor Sun has only been in the laboratory, including when he sleeps and eats,” The leader of the black-shirted people explained.

“Okay, then go and busy yourselves, I’ll be fine by myself! Oh yeah, what’s your name?” I said.

“Chief, please call me the Platoon Leader of Division A’s 3rd Regiment’s 1st Platoon! My code number is 9528,” said the black-shirted leader.

I knew that Du Xiaowei’s mercenary company named the warriors using their ranks and code number, so I merely nodded and asked, “Isn’t the 1st Regiment is strongest, didn’t they come onto the island?”

“Report, Chief, normally the comrades from the 1st Regiment’s 2nd Platoon are training at the underground training fields, they will only come out and assist us when there is an emergency!” said 9538.

“Oh, I see!” I waved my hand. “Alright, go back to work!”

I walked swiftly towards the underground laboratory that was way ahead of the times. I had already got someone to use a fake mountain to cover the entrance, and fingerprint and voice recognition is needed to enter. The people that could enter are limited to Du Xiaowei, the platoon leaders of the ones on guard, Sun Sikong himself and me.

After the verification, the fake mountain moved away slowly and revealed a door. After I entered, I only managed to arrive at Sun Sikong’s laboratory after a few more verification processes.

Seeing that I arrived, Sun Sikong said excitedly, “Liu-laoshi, come and look quickly, I already succeeded in making that motor system that uses water as the fuel based on the information you researched!”

Since some of the key technologies were provided by me for Sun Sikong’s research, he respectfully called me as laoshi. Scientists were like this, no matter how powerful, how rich you are, they don’t care about you, only if you are more amazing than him in their field would they truly admire you full heartedly! Sun Sikong was like this, this was also what caused him to loyally follow me around in the future and make a great contribution to my glorious space plan.

Sun Sikong pointed at the purplish gold colored cubic motor-like objects of different sizes in the middle of the laboratory, “These are the newest motors systems I developed using water as the fuel, it could be described as a motor that burns water!”

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I asked weirdly at the objects shining with purple light in front of me and asked, “What are these motors made from?”

“This is a new sort of metal that we put together using the information you provided. The current existing metals are unable to fulfill the requirements of this motor system, while this new type of metal is able to satisfy the requirements in both durability and strength,” Sun Sikong introduced.

“Did you put together a new metallic element?” I asked in surprise.

“You can say that. This was no difficult thing with your data. Liu-laoshi, did you forget about your own ideas?” Sun Sikong asked in confusion. From his perspective, there has never been anything like the stuff I gave him, it was impossible for me to have copied it from someone else, so it could only have been something I researched.

“Ugh… I did all these before, so I don’t remember some of them!” I replied vaguely.

“Oh, okay!” Sun Sikong said with a bit of disappointment. “There are still some special metals in your data, only their electron configuration, structure and the fusion conditions are listed, but there are some troubles with actually doing it. I wanted to ask you about it…”

“Oh, no worries, take your time in for the research! Even if I know it all, I can’t tell you, because these technologies are not enough, we have to develop even more advance technology from this as a basis, if you come and find me every time you face a problem, then you will lack assertiveness and the passion for research, this is deadly for a scientist!” I said perfunctorily.

“So it’s like this!” Sun Sikong nodded solemnly, “Liu-laoshi, thank you for your teachings and correction of my mistakes in time. I understand now, I will definitely continue to work hard, in order to develop more advance technology and not disappoint laoshi!!”

“That’s right, you have to keep confidence in yourself, you will definitely be able to do it…” It seems like I’m just a conman… However, no matter what, this is finally over.

“Oh yeah, I got into talking too much that I forgot to introduce these motor systems. The smallest one is able to generate enough energy equivalent to a 2.41 motor. The middle-sized one can be used in heavy military vehicles or on airplanes. The large one can be used in rockets and space shuttles.


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