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Chapter 75 – First date

Only then did I recall that Zhao Yanyan takes notes every lesson, so I couldn’t help but let go of the beauty’s smooth hands and smiled awkwardly, “Okay…”

During the lesson, the two of us returned to how we were before, Zhao Yanyan studied on one side, while I paid all my attention looking at her on the other. However, due to the scene just now, the atmosphere between us became ambiguous once again.

Of course, I did not forget to harass the beauty when she was free, causing her to turn bright red.

During lunch time, I said to Zhao Yanyan, “Let’s eat out today!”

“Sure!” Zhao Yanyan agreed my request without much thought.

“Oh yeah, let’s call Liu Yue. She has been taking care of me while I was hospitalized!” said Zhao Yanyan.

“Don’t you have a grudge with her?” I didn’t want our first date to be disturbed.

“Hehe, no, that’s all while we were young, I pretty much forgot about it!” said Zhao Yanyan. “How do you know about this?”

I sweat! Don’t remember? If you don’t remember, then why did you have such a big reaction back then, causing you to get hit by a car.

“I… heard it from Liu Yue!” I stuttered.

“Liu Yue… told you all this?” Zhao Yanyan nodded thoughtfully. Then she said, “She seems… to also like you…” While she said that, she looked just like a jealous sulking wife.

Wait, Zhao Yanyan said “also like”? That means Zhao Yanyan likes me? Haha! Even this chick has times when she lets stuff slip!

“Ah, is that so?” Of course I also know about Liu Yue’s feeling towards me, it’s just that I couldn’t help but pretend to be dumb at this moment.

Zhao Yanyan glared at me sideways and said, “Is it possible for you to not know? How is it, do you feel very happy?”

“What am I supposed to be happy for!” Even if I was happy, I can’t say that, I don’t want anything else to happen without getting this chick.

“Hmmph, you’re smart. Hehe, but who knows what you actually think! Okay, I’ll give Liu Yue a call, and tell her to come over!” With that, Zhao Yanyan decided to take out her phone.

“About this… Never mind! She’s at the car shop, so she’s very busy!” I said randomly.

“Oh… So it’s like this!” Zhao Yanyan said with a bit of disappointment.

However… I found out that a person shouldn’t lie. Ai! Just as I raised my head up, I actually saw Liu Yue walking over with a smile.

Zhao Yanyan also saw Liu Yue, so she glared at me fiercely, then went over to pul on Liu Yue’s hand, “Liu Yue, you’re not at the car shop? What a coincidence, Liu Lei and I are going to eat, let’s go together!”

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“Hehe, there are sales managers at the car shop, I don’t need to go every day! What, you and Liu Lei… are together again?” Liu Yue asked as she looked at Zhao Yanyan and I holding hands.

“We…” Zhao Yanyan immediately let go of my hands and said. “We aren’t anything right now…” With that, she glared at me, meaning “didn’t you say that Liu Yue was busy at the car shop”!

I could only reply with a dry smile, “Liu Yue, we’re going to eat. You coming?” With that, I also quickly gave her a cue.

The intelligent Liu Yue naturally understood what I meant, she smiled and said, ‘I’m not going, I still need to get some stuff from the dorms. You guys can go!” However, why do I feel like the smile feels a bit sour?

Zhao Yanyan naturally did not notice, she could only say in disappointment, “Then alright!”

I sighed, then pulled Zhao Yanyan out of the school gate. Just after we went out, we saw Zhang Jiaming and his lackey walk over.

“Aiya, isn’t this Zhao Yanyan…” Zhang Jiaming looked at me on the side and said, “You two didn’t break up yet?

“We haven’t even got together, what do you mean break up!” Zhao Yanyan said in confusion.

I exclaimed that Zhao Yanyan was truly too naïve, so she couldn’t even understand this kind of sarcasm.

“Ha! Brat, didn’t you say that she’s your girlfriend? So you’re just a follower!” Zhang Jiaming laughed relentlessly.

I looked towards Zhao Yanyan and said quietly, “Aren’t you just causing trouble for yourself. Do you like him always pestering you every day!”

“I-I didn’t think so much just now!” Zhao Yanyan looked at me apologetically, then bit her lips, and wrapped her arms around mine. Then she said to Zhang Jiaming, “This lady’s tricking you, you ******!” Then, she said to me softly, “Hubby, let’s go and eat!”

Zhang Jiaming looked at Zhao Yanyan and I with wide eyes, while I was also beyond shocked, and thanked Zhang Jiaming ten thousand times in my heart. I didn’t think that Zhao Yanyan would call me hubby!

Only after we walked far away did Zhao Yanyan retract her arms and said awkwardly. “About that… I was just trying to anger Zhang Jiaming so he would go away…”

“I understand,” I nodded and said. But no matter what, at least this means that I’m not far from success.

Yanyan and I arrived at the parking lot behind the school, and took out the remote from my pocket and pressed, causing my Land Rover to let out a clear unlocking sound.

“This is your car?” Zhao Yanyan looked at me weirdly. Her background was already great, but she was still a bit surprised after seeing my limited-edition Land Rover.

“Yeah, what?” I pulled open the first door, then made a ‘please’ gesture.

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“Nothing,” Zhao Yanyan shook her head. During the time she has been spending with me, she did not feel like I was rich at all. I would go and squeeze in the canteen with her every day. From her perspective, rich young masters like me wouldn’t go and eat at the canteen.

“Are you really rich?” Zhao Yanyan got confused for quite a while, before deciding to ask.

“What, you’re going to marry me after seeing that I’m rich?” I teased.

“Che! This lady doesn’t care!” Zhao Yanyan pouted an said.

“Hehe, that’s right, how could I be as rich as Shuguang Corporation!” I said with two meanings. Since Shuguang Corporation is mine, there wasn’t anything wrong with what I said.

“What are we going to eat?” I drove the car out of Huaxia University’s car park.

“Let’s go and eat northeastern cuisine, okay? I haven’t ate traditional Songjiang cuisine for so long,” Zhao Yanyan suggest.

“Sure,” I was missing the taste of food from home as well, recently, I’ve always been eating at the canteen, it’s only the taste of Yanjing.

I parked the car in front of the entrance to a Northeastern Cuisine Restaurant. Since Zhao Yanyan and I are both from the northeast, we’re not quite used to the food in Yanjing, so obviously we had to choose a restaurant that cooks stuff from home.

I got the waiter to find a rather quite position in the corner, then went over to sit down with Zhao Yanyan.

I ordered Yuxiang Shredded Pork, Double Cooked Pork Slices as well as Fried Potato, Green Pepper and Eggplant. These are all specialties from the northeast, which was rare here.

The dim lights within the restaurant caused Zhao Yanyan’s face to look unusually pretty. Perhaps it was the “first time” that she had a date with me, the index fingers of Zhao Yanyan’s hands kept on moving on the table, as if she was a little girl with her first love.


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