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Chapter 73 – Annoyed Zhao Yanyan

“That’s not it, we can deal with the things on the surface easily, I’m just afraid of there not being good scripts and actors. Also, directors are very important as well, I don’t understand it very well!” said Sanhouzi.

“Hmm… How about this, just plan for the moment, I do know a rather famous person in the entertainment industry, when you set it up, I’ll get her over to help!” I thought of the Su MM, when that happens, I can call her when Chen Weier can’t stand it. Gaga! Furthermore, Hong Kong’s Chen’s Corporations seems to have a subsidiary media company.

Yan Yitong did keep his word, and handed out the salary he owed. When Chen Zelong got his salary, he was very happy, and insisted on treating Chen Weier and I to a meal.

Thus, Chen Weier’s family and I arrived at the hotel Mother Chen opened, of course, in the end, the bill was waived.

Right after we left, I said to Chen Zelong, “Since you have recognized your mistake from before, then stop doing those kinds of manual labor. How about this, Songjiang city’s Three Rock Corporation is my property, go and work there instead!”

“Three Rock Corporation! Isn’t that the largest gang in the mainland… Meifu, could it be that you…” Hearing that Three Rock Corporation is my company, Chen Zelong was beyond shocked.

“Yeah, go and find Vice President Ding tomorrow! Guo Qing’s in Hong Kong, you also know that, hehe!” I didn’t hide it from him, because once he goes and works there, he would know as well. My name was in the lobby of the company.

“No wonder! I was wondering how I lost so terribly!” Chen Zelong smiled wryly. “However, meifu, you also know that I’m not good with managing corporations, aren’t you afraid of me losing money by telling me to go there?”

“Coincidentally, they’re planning a media company recently. Back in Hong Kong, I heard that you started a media company as well, you should have some experience, right?” I asked.

“Meifu, you’re an understanding person, how could you not know, I started that to get into bed with those small stars, I didn’t think about making it a proper career!” Chen Zelong said awkwardly.

“Hey, don’t say that, the media company you started is earning quite a bit of money!’ I chuckled.

“Is that so?” Hearing me say that, Chen Zelong was very happy. ‘Don’t worry, meifu! I will do my best for it!”

After organizing everything, I went back to spend two days with my parents. My dad has getting happier and happier, under his lead, not only did the electronics factory started profiting instead of losing money, the year-end bonus for all the workers were enough to buy a Xiali, how could he not be happy!

Those workers were also very happy, and all thought that them nominating my dad as the leader back then was very intelligent.

Since all of the electronics factory’s products were for Shuguang Corporation, there was no issue of the products not being sold, so the workers were also very motivated.

In these two days, Chen Weier naturally stayed in my home. Seeing that Zhao Yanyan didn’t come back, she asked in surprised, “Where’s my other daughter-in-law?”

I faint, what was I supposed to say, I could only brush it off, “Mom, school just started, there is a lot of stuff to do at school, she’s very busy, so I didn’t get her to come back!

“Is that true? You little brat didn’t do something that wronged her, right?” My mom asked in suspicion.

“How could I! Mom, if you don’t believe me, then ask Weier, we’re great!” I tried to shut her up.

“Oh, then alright! I’m telling you, if I find out that you did anything that wronged her, see if I beat you to death!” My mom nodded. “Oh yeah, I miss Yanyan quite a bit, you must bring her back during Chinese New Year.”

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“Of course she has to come during Chinese New Year!” Although I answered like that, I started thinking to myself, it seems like I have to hurry, otherwise, I won’t be in time!

Before two days had even passed, Sanhouzi brought me news about how Yan Yitong was already dealt with. Since they found it rather hard to gather evidence, they could only cause Yan Yitong to suffer a little, and turned him completely into a mummy this time. He also said that when the police arrested him, they had to carry him away on a stretche.

Sanhouzi and co.’s efficiency was fast, they actually dealt with Yan Yitong so quickly. It was enough to see just how powerful they are in Songjiang city. Yan Yitong was sort of a powerful figure, he was actually dealt with so easily…

Zhao Yanyan had gradually gotten used to someone bothering her. There were times that if I arrived late to class, she would even use her book to save a seat for me.

However, during these few days, Zhao Yanyan felt a bit troubled.

As the start, Zhao Yanyan told herself happily that, it’s better that this fellow doesn’t come, since she could actually be at peace!

However, the truth wasn’t like that, whenever Zhao Yanyan got tired of reading, she would subconsciously look up to see if I was peaking at her. Whenever it was lunch time, Zhao Yanyan also habitually went to the canteen to grab seats, but after she sat down, she would realize that only herself was left, so she had to go and buy her own meal.

Since I accompanied Zhao Yanyan every day, it had already unknowingly become a habit. Zhao Yanyan was very not used to this sudden change.

Where did this fellow go? Even if he has stuff to do, he can’t possibly leave for so many days! Zhao Yanyan complained in her heart. He had just given her flowers on a day, then left the second, what’s this supposed to mean!

Was it because she didn’t reply for so long that this fellow got sick of it? Or was it because he saw other pretty girls, so he is ignoring her? Hmmph, it must be, this guy seems to lecherous normally, she definitely has to interrogate him when he comes back!

“Zhao Yanyan , come and answer this question… Zhao Yanyan?” Professor Dong looked at the girl that has alw
ays been very focused in class in confusion.

“Ah! Professor Dong, what happened?” Only now did Zhao Yanyan react, thus, she quickly stood up and asked.

“Never mind, sit down, you have to focus!” Professor Dong waved his hand helplessly.

“Oh,” Zhao Yanyan nodded, after she sat down, she kicked at the chair beside her with a lot of strength, then complained quietly, “It’s all your fault, damn person, where did you go off to!”

After she kicked, she pouted in annoyance and thought, something can’t have happened to him, right? Ever since she woke up from the hospital, he has never left her side.

She was able to see him every day in class, he never missed a single lesson… However, it’s already been so many days, why is there no news from her at all?

Thinking that something might happen have happened to Liu Lei, Zhao Yanyan immediately turned her anxiousness to worry, something can’t have actually happened to him, right?

Thinking that, Zhao Yanyan started to get more and more worried, she couldn’t even concentrate on Professor Dong’s lesson anymore. She only wanted to ask Liu Lei’s friends at the dorm about where exactly Liu Lei went.

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