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Chapter 74 – Agree to have a date with you

“Chubby Uncle, give me a bouquet of flowers!” I said as I walked into the flower shop at the school entrance.

“Hey, young man, it’s been a while! How’d you been, did you manage to get the girl?” The chubby old man recognized me with a smile.

“Ai! Don’t mention it, something happened at home, so I had to go back. I just came back today. I didn’t tell her exactly how long I was going to leave, so I fear she’s angry at me!” I said with a wry smile.

“Ha, young man, you don’t get it, do you?” The chubby old man laughed.

“Don’t get it? What do you mean? Do you have some insight?” I asked weirdly.

“Of course, young man, have you not heard of a saying that a loss is no bad thing! Perhaps your leave this time was a very good opportunity, you might have unexpected gains,” With that, the chubby old man started counting flowers from the bucket.

“Opportunity? Chubby Uncle, can you just tell me clearly, what exactly is it?” I was more and more confused.

“You understand hot and cold, right. If you stay by her side every day, perhaps she wouldn’t realize your importance, once she loses you, she would realize your importance. People are like that, they only want to regain something once they have lost it! That’s why, as long as you understand this, you are a step closer to success!” The chubby old man said as he started wrapping up the flowers for me.

“Is that so?” Although I had the experience from my previous life, I only understood a bit about relationships, otherwise, I couldn’t possibly have missed out on both Xu Ruoyun and Ye Xiaoxiao.

The chubby old man nodded, “Of course, I’m someone that’s been through your situation, would I lie to you! What’s more, if you and her don’t get together, who’s going to visit my shop? I do want to sell a few more bouquets of flowers!”

“Haha, then thank you, Chubby Uncle!” With that, I handed a hundred kuai over.

“Mhmm… I don’t have change, can I owe you one kuai for now?” The chubby old man said after searching through his drawer for quite a while.

“No problem, just chuck it into the donation box for me when you get change!” I said.

“Sure, hehe!” The chubby old man smiled.

Along the way, I was still worried, so I gave Uncle Zhao a call as well. In the end, Uncle Zhao’s words were more or less the same as that old man’s, he even exclaimed that I truly left at the right time! Even if this incident didn’t occur, he was going to find an excuse for me to disappear for a while.

Do I just not understand a girl’s heart at all? I shook my head.

Just after I entered the building, I saw Professor Dong, who just finished his lesson walk over. When he saw me, he said, “Liu Lei, hurry up and go have a look at your girlfriend. She seems to be rather restless.”

“Restless? What do you mean?” I asked.

“Hehe, she has been restless for the last few days that you haven’t been here, she can’t even calm down to listen in class. Go and see her quickly!” Professor Dong smiled.

Was it really like Uncle Zhao and the chubby old man said? Did Zhao Yanyan start caring about me?

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Thinking that, I hurried my footsteps towards the classroom.

At that moment, Zhao Yanyan was blanking out with a frown on her seat. When I saw Zhao Yanyan like that, I couldn’t help but feel a bit nostalgic, as if I was back in my high school days again.

Taking the opportunity of chaos of lesson finishing, I sneaked over to Zhao Yanyan’s side and was about to sit down.

However, Zhao Yanyan suddenly said without even raising up her head, “Sorry, someone’s sitting here.”

“Someone? It can’t be? I only left for a few days, and you already got someone?” I asked in fake confusion.

Hearing my voice, Zhao Yanyan’s body shuddered, then raised her head in a worked up manner to look at me. Her eyes were filled with complaint as she said, “Where did you damn person go? I thought…”

“Sorry, Yanyan. I had some urgent things to deal with back home, so I left for a few days, and got you worried!” I presented her the flowers in my hand. “For you.”

“Who’s worried about you! It’s better if you die!” Zhao Yanyan complained, however, she snatched the flowers and put it on the side. “Are you an idiot! Are you just holding the flowers to get people to laugh at you!”

“Yeah, hehe. It isn’t that good for us, a couple, to fight when others are looking, let’s talk in private!” I said with a smiled.

“Who’s a couple with you! I didn’t agree yet!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said.

At this point, I finally felt the unexpected effects that the chubby old man talked about. It truly was unexpected, I didn’t think that Zhao Yanyan would worry about me as well.

After I understood Zhao Yanyan’s thoughts, I got more daring. During the entire lesson, I did some rather ambiguous actions to flirt such a scratch her palm. Of course, since we were in class, I didn’t do things that were too over the line.

Even then, Zhao Yanyan still blushed due to my actions.

“Don’t do that okay, we still haven’t…” Zhao Yanyan said to me with a trembling voice, but her pinky was still wrapped together with mine.

“Yanyan, will you be my girlfriend?” I wrapped Zhao Yanyan’s hand tightly and asked.

“I…” Zhao Yanyan never thought that I would be as daring as to confess to her in class, causing her to be unsure of what to do. When she looked at my passionate gaze, she didn’t quite dare to meet my gaze, so she dipped her head. After a while, she said, “Is… Is this too quick for us…”

Too quick?! ****, if I add onto my previous life, I’ve already knew her for nearly twenty years, is this quick?

However, of course I couldn’t say that. I could only say patiently, “Yanyan, do you just not like me at all?”

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“I… I don’t know what I feel towards you…” Zhao Yanyan stuttered embarrassedly.

“Liking someone is thinking about him, and caring about him when he’s not by your side…” I continued to guide her on.

“I… I… I still think it’s too quick… Sorry, Liu Lei, I can’t agree…” Zhao Yanyan said to me.

I momentarily blanked, how did it become like this! Did I not try hard enough? Everything was going smoothly, why is the result like this, did I go wrong somewhere?

Just as I was getting depressed, I heard Zhao Yanyan giggle, “… But I can agree to date you first!”

****, isn’t she messing with me! I immediately flew back up into heaven from the depths of hell.

I excitedly grabbed hold of Zhao Yanyan’s hands, while she bit her lip and looked shyly at me. Her cheeks were as red and as beautiful as the setting sun.

“We’re in lesson right now… Wait till after class, okay…” Zhao Yanyan whispered quietly to me, wanting to break free of my hand.

Of course I couldn’t let her succeed, I wrapped my hands around hers even tightly and said softly to her, “I will hold you like this forever, and never let go…”

“Aiya… I need to take notes!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said with a smiled.


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