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Chapter 72 – Planning a Media Company

“I would like to find your Vice President Ding Baosan, is he here?” I directly spoke out Sanhouzi’s name, otherwise, these reception ladies would not know who I was looking for.

“Oh, you came to find Vice President Ding. Do you have an appointment?” asked the front desk lady.

“No, I just got something to talk to him about,” I said.

“Then I can only help you notify him. I don’t know if Vice President Ding has the time right now. Sir, how should I address you?” said the front desk lady.

“I’m called Liu Lei,” When I said it, the front desk lady looked at me for a while with a weird expression, then hurriedly picked up the phone.

“Is there an issue?” I asked weirdly.

“Oh, nothing. Hehe, it’s just that your name is the same with our corporation’s chairman…” With that, she pointed towards the list of names for the company’s management team. “Sorry, I’ll ask for you right now!”

Chairman? I looked over and nearly fainted. My name was actually written on the chairman section!

What’s this Guo Qing doing, is it afraid that others wouldn’t know that I’m the owner behind the scenes for the Three Rock Gang? It was fortunate that it was just a name without a photo, otherwise, I’ll be famous!

Not long after she made the call, I saw Sanhouzi walk out from the elevator in a suit. When he saw me, he immediately walked over with a smile.

That caused the reception lady to be very confused, she has been working here for more than a year, yet, she has never seen Vice President Ding come down in person to welcome anyone! Just who is this man that doesn’t look that old?

“Chief… Ah, no, Chairman Liu, you came!” The moment Sanhouzi said “Chief”, he felt that it wasn’t right. We were at the company right now, all of the employees here were normal workers that had nothing to do with the underworld, so he immediately corrected himself.

“Sanhouzi, you look rather proper. After you dyed your hair back to black, you do seem to be able to put off a proper atmosphere!” I laughed and punched him lightly.

“Chairman Liu, we’re at the company, just leave some face for me!” Sanhouzi said wryly with a smile.

“Hehe! Let’s go and talk in your office!” I smiled.

After we left, that reception lady said to the guard beside her in surprise, “Wow! So he’s the mysterious Chairman Liu of our company! So handsome! He’s so young as well, if I can marry him… No, I would be satisfied as a mistress!”

“Are you an anthromaniac, how could Chairman Liu set his eyes on you! When I helped him park just now, I felt like his identity wasn’t normal. Look, the Mercedes he’s driving was originally driven by President Guo!” said the guard. “Aside from people that are more awesome than him, who else would dare to drive President Guo’s car!”

“From what you say, President Guo seems to be really scary!” The front desk lady pouted and said, “Every time President Guo sees me, he would nod with a smile, he seems rather easy going!”

“You wouldn’t know, but do you know what President Guo was before? He was this in our Songjiang province!” With that, he stuck up his thumb.

“What does that mean?” asked the front desk lady.

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“Big boss!” said the guard. “I graduated from Fourth High, the same school as President Guo, but was a year after him. Apparently, he already swept through the entire city of Songjiang during high school, and now, he is an international amusement millionaire!”

“Ah! So amazing!” The front desk lady said with sparkling eyes.

“Alright now, just look at your identity, you should consider when you would agree to go on a date with me!” The guard mocked.

“You? Hmmph, let’s wait till after you become the captain of the guards!” The front desk lady snorted.

“Chief, what did you come to find this subordinate for?” When you arrived at the small meeting room upstairs, Sanhouzi got me to sit at the head of the table respectfully, then he stood on the side.

Due to the extraordinary strength I displayed back in the days, all of these subordinates were completely convinced, adding onto Guo Qing teaching them the martial arts I summarized, they were extremely respectful towards me, since I was essentially their martial grandfather.

“Have you heard of Yan Yitong?” I said openly.

“Yan Yitong? I know this person, he’s rather huge in Songjiang city recently, but he won’t be able to do anything in the end, he’s just a slightly black hearted company owner,” Sanhouzi thought about it and said. “This person sent over an one million kuai cheque a few days ago in hopes of roping us, the Three Rock Gang, in to support him from behind. I directly got a subordinate to send him away without meeting him!”

“I don’t want to see him again!” I said plainly.

“Understood,” Sanhouzi directly answered without asking why.

“Aren’t you going to ask why?” I asked weirdly.

“Chief naturally has his reasons, we just have to execute the orders!” said Sanhouzi. “What’s more, this Yan Yitong should have been taken care of ages ago. Right now, all of us have followed Chief’s orders in defending the peace of the underworld forces, people like Yan Yitong that harms the civilians should have disappeared ages ago!”

“How about this, I heard Director Jiang say the police are rather strict recently, it’s fine if you get someone to teach Yan Yitong a lesson, don’t kill him, but cause him to unable to take care of himself. Then, get enough evidence to throw him into jail for ten years or so, and sent it to the police department and the procuratorate!” I thought about it and said. “If you can’t find the evidence, then make him say it himself, you guys should be more adept than me at the methods to use!”

“Hehe, no problem! I promise to accomplish the mission!” with that, Sanhouzi started to call his subordinate to do it.

“Oh yeah, how’s the Three Rock Corporation’s situation recently?” Seeing such a grand corporation building and office decorations, I think that the Three Rock Corporation definitely isn’t doing badly.

“Right now, most of the provincial capitals have our branch office, and opened some large-scale entertainment facilities such as night clubs, hotels, public baths etc., there are also real estates, which President Guo handed to Vice President Chen to do. Vice President Chen is in the South right now, and not at the headquarters!” said Sanhouzi.

“Vice President Chen? Chen Yong, right. I didn’t think that this young man actually has the talent to become a Vice President!” I smiled. At the start, I just got Chen Weier’s older brother, Chen Yong, to learn with Guo Qing, I didn’t think that he has also become someone important!

“Yeah, the total profits that the corporation made last year was about 1.2 billion, 350 million of it was from real estates, while the rest is from the amusement industry,” said Sanhouzi.

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I nodded, “Not bad, I didn’t think that the amusement industry can make so much money!”

“It’s all thanks to Chief’s good guidance that all of us subordinates managed to profit from it. If we are still going around the streets like before, we might be in jail already!” Sanhouzi remarked heartfeltly.

“Alright now, don’t’ just limit yourselves to the current industries, when you have the spare fund, use it to invest further!” I said.

“I understand, oh yeah, Chief, recently, I have been planning to establish a media company, but I heard that the entertainment industry has a lot of unspoken rules, so it’s hard to control!” said Sanhouzi.

“Oh? Is there things that you guys can’t do?” I chuckled.


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