Chapter 71 – Sorry

Superintendent Zhang was an understanding person, seeing that Yan Yitong has make the decision, he quickly rounded everything up, “I think Director Yan seems alright, this is just a normal public security case, let’s just end it right here with the suspect paying the fine and some compensation!”

“Superintendent Zhang, this is my little bro, take care of each other for anything in the future! Lil bro Liu, Superintendent Zhang is pretty nice, he is pretty good at his job, take a bit of care of him when you have the chance!” said Jiang Yongfu.

That caused Superintendent Jiang to be really confused, his superior actually told this kid to take care of him? What’s going on?

Seeing Superintendent Zhang’s face of confusion, he walked over to whisper, “This is Secretary Zhao’s grandson-in-law, and Shuguang Corporation’s Director Zhao’s son-in-law! The police cars and computers in our province were all donated to us by Shuguang Corporation!”

Superintendent Zhang immediately understood, and went over to shake hands with me, “Sorry for earlier, hehe, there is no need to trouble Director Jiang in the future, just come directly to find me!”
Yan Yitong instantly went dumb, he didn’t think that I would be so familiar with Jiang Yongfu, and just now he was threatening me by telling me to be careful, and now, he was starting to regret it. No matter how amazing he is, he, Yan Yitong, didn’t dare to oppose the police!

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Not long later, Superintendent Zhang called someone to bring Chen Zelong and Chen Tianyu out, then got another police to help them do the paperwork for the fine.

When I saw that Chen Zelong and Chen Tianyu did not get any unjust treatment, it showed that Superintendent Zhang didn’t trouble them too much, he just merely did not let Chen Zelong post bail due to Yan Yitong’s identity as a representative of the city’s people’s congress.

Seeing me, Chen Zelong lowered his head awkwardly. On the other hand, Chen TIanyu said happily, “Xiao Liu, you came!”

I nodded, “Bofu, you didn’t get troubled too much, right?”

Chen Tianyu shook his head, “No, these police were rather nice to me, they just kept on scolding me.”

I gaze towards Yan Yitong, then suddenly said, “Chen Zelong, this is the provincial police department’s Director Jiang, you can directly tell him if you have any trouble!”

Jiang Yongfu walked over, “Young man, how should I address you? If there’s any issue, just tell me, let’s see if I can help you get justice.”

“Errr, Director Jiang, Superintendent Zhang, I have some stuff to do, so I’ll leave first, there’s still issues at the company!” Seeing that the situation wasn’t right, Yan Yiting immediately wanted to escape.

But how could I let him succeed. I reached out my hand to stop him, “Don’t, Director Yan, look, you were beaten until you’re like a mummy, later on we have to discuss about your medical bill, why are you in such a hurry!”

“About those medical fees, never mind! It wasn’t that much anyways!” Yan Yitong waved his hands and said.

Yan Yitong, stand still! Or else, I’ll be merciless!” Jiang Yongfu said coldly.

Yan Yitong had no other choice, he could only find a chair and sit down.

“About that… Director Jiang, hi, I’m called Chen Zelong, I’m Liu Lei’s…” With that, Chen Zelong paused for a moment.

“Hehe, Director Jiang, this is my older brother-in-law, that chick, Chen Weier’s biaoge!” I explained with a smile.

Seeing that I didn’t mind what happened before, he looked at me thankfully and continued, “Director Jiang, the case is like this…” Thus, he told Jiang Yongfu everything about how Yan Yitong owing them salary to getting subordinates to hit the workers.

“Yan Yitong, is what he is saying true?” Hearing that, Jiang Yongfu stared at Yan Yitong and asked.

“About this… I admit that I didn’t pay them their salary on time, but don’t start on the fighters! Director Jiang, you also know that delinquents will often cause trouble at construction sites, this doesn’t prove that I sent them!” Yan Yitong said.

Jiang Yongfu snorted coldly, but didn’t say anything. After all, there isn’t much proof for this.

“The workers don’t have it easy, hurry up and pay them. As for those fighters, I’ll send someone to investigate!” said Jiang Yongfu.

“Sure, sure! Even if I don’t eat or drink, I’ll pay the workers their salary tomorrow!” said Yan Yitong. “If there’s nothing else, then I’ll leave first, I really have stuff to do at the company!”

“You’re going to leave now? Do reconsider it properly, if you leave now, it’s the same as you giving up your right to pursue Chen Zelong for any legal responsibilities,” Superintendent Zhang took the chance to say to Yan Yitong.

“Aiya, I already said it, the medical fee isn’t much. So, that’s that, I’m going first!” With that, he hurried out of the police station.

“Haha!” Those of us that remained looked at each other and laughed! So this Yan Yitong has times that he would run away.

“But Jiang-dage, is the case of Yan Yitong sending fighters just going to be left like this?” I asked.

“This isn’t going to be easy. First of all, Yan Yitong’s identity is there, if we really are going to set up a case to instigate him, that definitely will be very difficult. The second reason, which is also the most important one, is that there isn’t enough proof. There are a lot of reporting letters, but there barely is any real proof,” Jiang Yongfu frowned.

Superintendent Zhang nodded, “However, Yan Yitong has been acting very cockily in Songjiang. What can be certain is that Yan Yitong’s normal actions has already broken laws related to mobs.”

Hearing that, I could only reply, “Then just leave it at this. Thank you, Jiang-dage, and Superintendent Zhang!” I didn’t want Jiang Yongfu to be troubled, since the position he’s on is very sensitive. Any little mistake might become fatal for his political career.

That Yan Yitong is going to be harmful to leave in Songjiang, since my base was in Songjiang city, and my parents were here, I could not permit the existence of any threat. Since normal law cannot deal with him, then I’ll use my own method. Isn’t he a mob? Then let’s see who’s more mobster-like!

During the entire way, Chen Zelong lowered his head and didn’t look at me straight. I think Chen Tianlei must have told him about our relationship, so Chen Zelong felt very awkward.

When we nearly got to Chen Weier’s home, Chen Zelong worked up his courage to say to me, “Liu Lei, sorry!”

“Hehe, never mind, it’s all good now. Zhao Yanyan has already woken up, and doesn’t have much problems. I see that you’ve changed a lot, you actually went to work at a construction site!” I said with a smile.

“This is nothing. My dad’s old now, I can’t exactly tell him to come out and work, and I don’t know anything else, so…” Saying that, Chen Zelong smiled awkwardly. “After arriving at Songjiang, I thought through a lot of things. Although my dad and I have nothing right now, we’re still very happy.”

“It’s good that you understand this logic! Treasuring what you have at the present is the most important!” I said.

The next morning, I drove to Three Rock Corporation’s headquarters. The place wasn’t like the base of mobsters at all, instead, it was more like a large and honorable company.

The guards at the entrance parked the car for me very respectfully, then took me to the front desk on the first floor.

“Sir, what business do you have here?” asked the front desk lady.


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