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Chapter 7 – Your dream is too amazing

“Who would have thought, the two national matriculation examination first place are both in our room!” Ouyang Tianqi chuckled. “Now our dorm can seriously brag!”

“Leave it, Ouyang, what kind of first place am I, Liu Lei is the real first place!” Huang Wenjing shook his head and said.

“Huang Wenjing, there’s no need to feel bad! It’s such a huge province, it was really difficult to get first in it, I only performed beyond normal, and did several sets of practice questions that were rather similar, that’s why I got a higher mark, in terms of actual ability, you might even be better than me!” I comforted.

“Liu Lei, you don’t need to tell me that, after all a meter of ice wasn’t frozen in a day! Hehe, but I didn’t give up, the high school results have already passed, we are mainly going to learn about computing in university! I’m a master in computing, it’s not determined who will be first out of us, wahahahaha!” Huang Wenjing chuckled.

I smiled, this fellow was rather confidence, but in terms of computers, who could be my opponent? Shuguang Corporation has already become the head of the computing software industry in the entire world.

“I can vouch for this, this brat, Huang Wenjing, has a lot of talent related to computers, he isn’t just a nerd that only knows how to take exams! He represented our Songjiang province in the second year of high school to enter the National Teenage Computing Competition, and got first place!” Ouyang Tianqi said.

National Teenage Computing Competition? Second year of high school? Isn’t that the one after I entered! It seems like this Huang Wenjiang was quite something.

“How is it, you can’t compare up to me in terms of this right!” Huang Wenjing said proudly. “I have three more years of foundation compared to you guys!”

“Hehe, our dorm is truly a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons!” I said sincerely. After all, I am someone who was reborn, so becoming the champion of the National Teenage Computing Competition wasn’t much, but Huang Wenjing was different, he did it completely with his own abilities, so he was definitely good!

“However, I did get a bit lucky, if I entered the first one, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten first! I saw the entry of the champion of the first National Teenage Computing Competition, I wasn’t on the same level as him at all!” Huang Wenjing shook his head and said. “Until now, I still don’t think that I could have coded something that perfect!”

“Hehe! So our Huang Wenjing has times of admitting defeat!” Ouyang Tianqi said. ‘this brat, ever since he came back from the competition, he could take out the coded product of the previous champion, I think that he probably fell in love with the girl in the picture!”

I sweat! Isn’t that Zhao Yanyan. Zhao Yanyan was already very beautiful in my memories of my previous life, but Zhao Yanyan in this life was a slightly softer after gaining the nrouishment of love. This fellow can’t be thinking of becoming my rival in love, right?

“Never mind, I do have a self-conscience, how could such a beautiful girl fall for me? My appearance does kind of wrong society!” Huang Wenjing smiled. “However, the person that wrote this is definitely a fierce dude!”

Fierce dude again? ****, it seem like laozi is going to have to be the fierce dude.

“This brat has a really great dream! He wants to apply to Shuguang Corporation after graduation!” Ouyang Tianqi pointed to Huang Wenjing and said to everyone.

“Shuguang Corporation, who doesn’t want to work there!” Chu Gao said. “All of us who study computing, isn’t it to find a place where we can display out talents in the future! Shugaung Corporation is the big boss in the industry, your future is truly infinite if you get in! However, I think that only Huang Wenjing has a chance!”

In these years, Shuguang Corporation has already become the ideal career for university students, not only is there high salary and great benefits, the main thing was that the people there could all bring their life’s goal to reality. Yet, since we had enough employees, and no one that worked at Shuguang Corporation changed jobs, the people that we employ each year is limited. Thus, those that were allowed to work at Shuguang Corporation is naturally the best of the best.

“Ai, let’s work hard together!” Huang Wenjing said. Even though he said that, he was very proud, because his ability was not fake at all.

“Yeah! Everyone, let’s work hard together, isn’t it just Shuguang Corporation, let us four brothers create the second Shuguang Corporation!” I encouraged.

After quite a while after I finished speaking, I noticed that nobody made a sound, all of them were looking blankly at me. I immediately understood after thinking about it, they think that creating the second Shuguang Corporation was just insane! However, it was something really simple for me, there was still eighty percent of the technology I possess that weren’t in the market yet.

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“Fierce dude! Definitely a fierce dude!” Huang Wenjing said after a while. “Bro, your dream is too amazing!”

“Hah!” I quickly chuckled and said, “There are nothing hard in the world, the only issue is the lack of people with intentions!”

“En! Yep! Liu Lei is right! There actually aren’t anything that we can’t do, it just depends on whether you want to do it or not!” Ouyang Tianqi nodded and said. “Let us four brothers work hard together!”

“Sure!” Chu Gao also said in determination.

Actually, Ouyang Tianqi did have some thoughts, his family was going to fall soon, it really lacked talents, so the people couldn’t actually carry the burden of the family, now it looks like the people in his own room were all talents, especially this Liu Lei, he was very bold! Ouyang Tianqi was a bit happy, as he exclaimed about the care the heavens has shown him, if he could get this person to become part of his family, then his family has a hope! Thinking that, Ouyang Tianqi said excitedly, “The four of us will be like real brothers! We’ll carve out a career for us together!”

There were four of us in the room, and we ordered ourselves in terms of age, Ouyang Tianqi was the eldest, since he entered school a year late, and thus the twenty years old teen became the big bro of our room. Huang Wenjing was nineteen, and thus naturally became laoer. However, this fellow really didn’t like the title of “laoer” since it was a rather special term, and made people subconsciously think of a certain male organ. However, his objection had no effects, Ouyang Tianqi chuckled and said, “You can’t blame anyone for this, who told you to not get born a year earlier or a year later!”

I was a month older than Chu Gao, and became laosan! I was wondering why the brat Chu Gao so hurriedly called me laosi, so he was the youngest in the room before! However, he was still the youngest, this brat could only submit to his misfortune, it was clearly written on his ID, which couldn’t be faked.

“Alright now, Chu Gao, you’re laosi, we’ll all take care of you!” Ouyang Tianqi said. “How about this, I shouldn’t just be the big bro for nothing, let’s not eat in the canteen, it’s big bro’s treat, we’ll celebrate in a nicer restaurant! Celebrate the first meeting of us four bros!”

“Sure!” Hearing that there was something good to eat, Chu Gao immediately cheered up and voiced his agreement.


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