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Chapter 6 – My roommates

Although my grades were also stellar in my previous life, it wasn’t as good as it is now, so I was put into the second class, which was slightly behind.

I barely had any image of my roommates back then, since at the time, I was someone that didn’t fit in from the other people’s perspectives, I was just a true maniac in academics, sports etc.

While everyone was busy getting a date, I was still alone, a lot of people even discussed about me behind my back, and thought that I some psychological issues or had special interests. I only smiled in response, since only I understood the thoughts in my mind at the time, I was just perfecting myself continuously in order to reduce the distance behind Zhao Yanyan and I.

Thinking back, I was truly dumb at the time, if I was half as smooth-talking as I am now, I would have gotten Zhao Yanyan already. However, there really wasn’t anything to regret about, what’s mine was still mine in the end.

I quickly ran up the stair and found room 301 with my memories of my previous life. Looking at the messy luggage-filled corridor, I shook my head, these people are too exaggerated, it’s just four years of studying, they didn’t migrate here, yet they made it seem like they were moving houses. In contrast, I was much more casual, and didn’t bring anything at all.

I pushed open the door, causing a pungent smell of smoke to flow out. Although I already got rid of my smoking habit in this life, I was often surrounded in clouds of smoke, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I looked inside, there were already three people there in the four-people room, they were sitting by the beds smoking. It looks like all three of them were addicts. In university, two classes would often have a lesson together in the same class, there would even be situations were four or five classes or even classes of different faculties getting lectured in a lecture theater. In my previous life, the Class A and Class B of Computing would often have their lessons together, so I did have a tiny bit of memories about the three people inside the room.

“Ha! The last brother has come!” said a tall young man with a crew cut.

I remember that the person was called Ouyang Tianqi, I was very curious at the time, so I paid special attention to him, since there are very few people with a two character surname in Huaxia, I heard those would all be some sort of ancient renowned families. However, I didn’t have much contact with him in my previous life, we just spoke a few words to each other, so I remember he is the class rep of Class A.

“Wow! I never would have thought that the laosi in our dorm is a handomse guy!” said another boy that looked as thin as a bamboo stick.

Laosi? I momentarily blanked, why did I turn into laosi? Yet, who knows how they ordered it, they might have saw that I came last, so set me as the lowest one.

“Hello everyone, I’m called Liu Lei, we’re all brothers of the same room from now on, let’s take care of each other!” I smiled. “Oh yeah, I wanted to ask, why did I turn into laosi?”

“Hahahaha!” Ouyang Tianqi said with a smile. “Don’t listen to him, the brat Chu Gao is kidding! Oh yeah, I’ll introduce myself as well, I’m called Ouyang Tianqi, from Jiangnan!”

Jiangnan? Isn’t that around City S? It seems like he is half a fellow-townsman of Su Yingzi!

“Hey, I’m Chu Gao!’ The bamboo stick boy said. “Hehe, that was just a joke just now, we had nothing to do, and was preparing to choose the boss of this dorm!”

“Also, the brat whose appearance kind of wronged society is called Huang Wenjing! He was in the same high school with me!” Ouyang Tianqi pointed to a boy, whose face was full of pimples and said.

“****, Ouyang, you don’t need to pick on me like that, right? I am a top student in our course, it’s just that my endocrine system’s a bit off!” The boy called Huang Wenjing immediately said unwillingly.

“What? Huang… Wen… Jing?” Hearing that, I looked at the pimples boy with my eyes wide open, I couldn’t tell how quiet this fellow would be?

“Haha, yeah, he looks quite manly, but has a girl’s name, you know just by looking at him, this fellow is not quiet at all!” Ouyang Tianqi said with a smile.

“****, my parents gave me the name, what can I do about it! I do want to change it, but the police station isn’t willing, they said I can’t change it since I’m too old! Yet, when I was younger, I didn’t feel anything wrong with the name!” Huang Wenjing said with a sigh and a sad expression.

“Hahahahaha!” I couldn’t hold it in anymore, and laughed loudly, this is too ******* hilarious.

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“Laugh, laugh, the two of us also laughed a long time when he said his name just now!” Chu Gao said.

I’ve definitely never seen this Huang Wenjing in my previous life, because it was impossible for me to have no impression of such a hilarious name. What this showed was that history was being changed slightly due to a butterfly effect that originated with me. However, it wasn’t a big deal, as long as the general direction of history doesn’t change, it’s fine.

“Okay, let’s stop messing around, let’s re-introduce him, this Huang… Wenjing-tongxue, don’t underestimate him, he is the first place of our Jiangnan province’s science national matriculation exams!” Ouyang Tianqi said.

“First place of the high school national matriculation exams!” I momentarily blanked, isn’t that me? However, immediately understood, every province would choose the first place of their own province, since getting first place in the entire country was far too hard, so every province would place the focus on the first place in their province.

“Nice to meet you! Huang Wenjing-tongxue, it’s a pleasure to meet you! If I have any questions that I can’t solve during my studies, I hope you won’t hold back in helping out!” I courteously reached out my right hand and said.

“Sure, sure!” Huang Wenjing also reached out and shook hands with me, then continued, “Let’s help each other and improve together! Actually, I’m nothing, and only got seven hundred and eighteen marks, I heard the national matriculation examination’s first place came to our computing faculty. He got seven hundred and forty five, ****, this guy is definitely a monster!”

Ah? I nearly fainted! It’s another person that called me a monster.

“Oh, I heard he’s from Songjiang, and is called Liu Lei, I definitely have to find a chance to meet him… Ah! Oh yeah, what did you say your name was again?” Huang Wenjing suddenly thought of something and quickly asked.

“I’m called Liu Lei,” I said with a smile.

“****! Bro, that monster can’t be you right?” Huang Wenjiang exclaimed with his eyes wide open.

“Sorry, that seems to be me, but I’m not a monster! Look, do I have three heads, six arms or four eyes?” I smiled wryly.

“Ah! Haha, I was kidding, what I meant was bro, you’re too amazing! I thought that Liu Lei was just a nerd, I didn’t think he would be so fit! What a fierce dude!” Huang Wenjing continued endlessly.

Nerd? Fierce dude? What kind of terms are these! This guy really should change his name to Liar Huang.


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