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Chapter 5 – That girl is pretty good

“It’s alright,” I shook my head. Why did I become a monster! “Since you can get into Huaxia University, that proves that your score wasn’t low either!”

As I expected, the girl didn’t deny it, she only smiled and said in self-mockery, “What use is it to be good at studying, my family can’t even pay the money to go to school, the school fees for this term is gathered from the folks, I don’t even know what I’m going to do in the future.”

I know that what this girl said wasn’t a lie, it was clear from her clothing that her family background isn’t very good, it could even be said to be terrible. However, this is my first time meeting her, so it wasn’t right of me to say anything. I did have the thought of helping her, but Huaxia University was so huge, just how many students like her are there in it! Furthermore, there are a lot of opportunities in universities, and having to work hard as they saved up could develop their fighting spirit even more.

I accompanied Zhao Yanyan and the girl to the girl’s dormitory for the new students in first year and said my good byes to them.

“I’m called Xu Xuejun, in the Business Management faculty! Thank you for just now,” The girl said to me before she left. “When I earn enough money, I will definitely treat you to a meal!”

“Hehe! Alright, I’ll be waiting!” I said. “Oh yeah, you already know my name, so I don’t need to introduce myself!”

Xu Xuejun nodded towards me, waved her hand and entered the dormitory.

“Pervert hubby, what are you looking at, she already left!” Zhao Yanyan pinched me and said.

“What pervert hubby?” I came back to my senses, I was just considering about Xu Xuejun’s family issues, so I kind of lose myself.

“You were starting at Xu Xuejun like that, and you still aren’t a pervert hubby!” Zhao Yanyan said.

“I…” I really couldn’t retort, since I did look! It’s just that I blanked out.

“Pervert hubby, did you set your eyes on another one? You got sick of me these two years and want to find another?” Zhao Yanyan said with a smile.

“By the heavens, Yanyan, how could I get sick of you! Don’t you know whether I got sick of you or not!” I smiled evilly. In the last two years, my family moved to someone close to Zhao Yanyan’s family, this little chick would almost be on my bed every night, and my room would also be filled with singing every single night.

“Heng! It’s because I know the person you love most is me, that’s why I will indulge you so much! Otherwise, do you think you can find anyone else!” Zhao Yanyan rolled her eyes at me and said. “However, this girl is pretty good, she definitely won’t compete with me for your attention. Not like the lewd fox Su Yingzi, sounding so coquettish when she speaks!”

Su Yingzi sounds coquettish? She is still one of my wives, and since she is always busy outside, causing us to not even able to meet in six months, isn’t it fine if she calls me rather often to act in a spoiled manner?

“Please, aren’t you her fan, how can you talk about her that!” I smiled wryly. Zhao Yanyan is rather worried about this lover I found in City S, she always treated her as her future enemy. However, this isn’t surprising, any woman would get pressured, since the other one is a superstar.

“Me liking her, and being her fan, that’s another matter! However, I will definitely not agree if she tries to take my hubby,” Zhao Yanyan waved her fists and said angrily.

“Alright, when she has the chance, I’ll get her to come to Yanjing city to see you, the queen of the harem. To be honest, Xiao Zi is pretty nice,” I said.

“We’ll see her performance!” Zhao Yanyan said. “Oh yeah, what am I going to do with so much things? I won’t be able to carry all that!” Zhao Yanyan pointed to the large amounts of luggage Iw as carrying and said to me.

Girls going out were really troublesome, especially young ladies from a rich family like Zhao Yanyan. Not only do they bring a lot of clothes, they even bring a lot of things like perfume and make up.

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I was helpless, so I could only continue carrying a bunch of luggage towards the girl’s dormitory.

“I heard that the girl’s dormitory doesn’t allow boys in?” Zhao Yanyan said.

“What you hear is often different from reality,” I said with a smile.

I arrived at the entrance, there really was an old lady that looked like a guard who stopped me. “Hey, that male-tongxue, this is the girl’s dormitory, boys can’t go in.”

“Lady, look how much stuff my girlfriend is bringing, she can’t carry so much by herself!” I pointed at the large rucksack-like luggage that I was carrying behind me.

“That’s not alright either, you can just carry a few more times, or find other female students to help,” The old lady waved her hand and said.

“Look… Please make an exception!” With that, I casually took out a hundred yuan note and put it into the old lady’s hand.

The old lady rubbed it a bit to ensure that it’s real, then immediately put it away, “Okay, immediately come down after putting the stuff there.”

“Thank you!” With that, I pulled Zhao Yanyan upstairs.

It caused Zhao Yanyan to keep shaking her head as she said to me, “Liu Lei, why do you act more and more like a rich family’s young master? You don’t even care about the money at all.”

“Yeah, ever since my dad became the factory director, I became the young master of a rich family!” I said with a smile

“Go and die, you aren’t serious at all! Just think about who got rich first between you and Uncle Liu!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said.

“Wifey, I’m not scolding you, but your hubby has so much money that we won’t spend it all even in the next life, even our children, grandchildren and descendants won’t be able to spend it all! Look, a hundred kuai is not much for us, but for that old lady, it might be a huge income! She can buy something nice to eat or wear for her grandson…” I said.

“Alright! I just can’t argue with you, you’re always logical no matter what!” Zhao Yanyan interrupted me and said.

The old lady that received a human kuai from me muttered to herself as she gazed at my back, “How did this young fellow get a girlfriend just after getting into university? Ai, whatever, he seems rather rich, giving a hundred kuai from the get-go, I hope he comes a few more times, then I can take my grandson to KFC more often!”

In terms of my faculty was still in Computer Technology and Application like in my previous life, it was just because I am a rather nostalgic person. What’s more, with my intelligence, any faculty was the same. Ever since I was reborn, my brain was far more useful, especially after my mental powers got developed, my memory was surprisingly amazing, I would be able to memorize a book from back to front just after looking at it once. That’s why I didn’t need to intentionally learn anything, getting into Huaxia University is purely to satisfy my parents’ wish.

Huaxia University was a place where I had studied at and lived at for four years, I couldn’t be more familiar with everything in it. That’s why I easily found the dormitory for the first year boys.

I looked at the paper slip in my hand, 301, it was different form the dorm I had in my previous life.

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However, this was normal, the school would often split the new students in the same faculty by academic grades, the students in the same class would be in the same dorm, and with my current grades, I was naturally in the class of the top students


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