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Chapter 58 – The Chen Family’s Old Man

After a while, Chen Tianlei pushed open the door and entered into the meeting room. Seeing that so many people were inside, he was very surprised, so he asked in confusion, “Why is everyone here?”

“Mr. Chen, didn’t you notify us of the board meeting?”

“Yeah, Mr. Chen, since you came now, what exactly is going on!” Everyone asked.

Chen Tianlei was also very confused, so he said, “I didn’t notify anyone!”

“Alright, everybody, stop guessing, I notified you guys to come! Since everyone is here, then let’s begun!” My voice rang out in the meeting room. Although I didn’t use a very loud voice, a put a hint of my mental energy in, so everyone in the meeting room heard it unusually clearly.

Only at that moment did Chen Tianlei realize that a young man, who was also the one that spoke just now, was actually sitting on his seat!

No matter how good Chen Tianlei’s temper is, he got mad immediately! He said to me with red face and ears, “Who are you! What did you come to our Chen’s Corporation for? We don’t welcome you here, please leave immediately, otherwise, I’m going to be merciless! This is messing around!”

“Oh? If taking over Chen’s Corporation is messing around, then please tell me, Mr. Chen, what is important? Is it your darling son getting disadvantaged in the mainland, or is it losing over two billion several days ago?” I mocked.

“You! Who… Who exactly are you? Why do you know all this!” Chen Tianlei pointed at me and asked in shock.

“Who am I? I’m sure you’re definitely not unfamiliar with me,, I’m called Liu Lei,” I said calmly.

“What, you are Liu Lei! Wow, just wow! You’re so amazing at just a young age! However… Heng, I still didn’t go and find you for the last few things, and you actually came to cause trouble at our corporation!” Hearing that the person in front of him was the person that screwed over Chen’s big time, Chen Tianlei couldn’t help but be surprised. He really couldn’t imagine that this person that seemed to be even younger than Chen Zelong actually caused Chen’s to lose more than two billion! He couldn’t help but sigh quietly, he should gave had a son that was like the person in front of him, his own son, A Long, wasn’t even as amazing as ten thousandth of him! However, that was merely a praise, the person in front of him was still his enemy.

“Didn’t I already tell you, I came to take over Chen’s Corporation. If you think that I’m just messing around, then I can’t help it, Chairman Chen, oh, it should be ex-Chairman Chen!” I mocked.

“Take over? What do you mean… I know, so the person that targeted Chen’s stocks was you!” Chen Tianlei pointed at me and yelled.

“That’s right, it is this one. Sorry about that,” I shrugged.

Chen Tianlei immediately let out a sigh of relief and said calmly, “Even if you bought all the shares in the market, it’s only forty percent. Our Chen family has over fifty one percent of the shares and the remaining nine percent is in the hands of all these shareholders. You are only entering Chen’s, and one of our major shareholders! Yet, according to Chen’s regulations, the chairman decides everything that occurs in the corporation, the shareholders have no say, and are only entitled to dividends!”

“Oh, that’s even better, than I’ll be the only one in charge, so other people don’t need to cause trouble!” I smiled.

“Young man, didn’t you hear it clearly, our Chen family owns fifty one percent of the shares, no matter what, you can’t possibly be the majority shareholder!” Chen Tianlei said to me. However, as he said it, he felt an indescribable nervousness in his heart.

“Perhaps before, but I wonder if you are now?” I casually took out a file from my briefcase and said.

“What do you mean by this!” Chen Tianlei said with a sullen voice.

“Wouldn’t you know if you asked your darling son?” I laughed coldly and said.

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Chen Tianlei’s expression darkened, but he still took out his phone and dialed Chen Zelong’s number. However, before he even said too much, his expression worsened. When he hung up his phone, Chen Tianlei pressed down on his chest and fell limply onto the sofa as he took deep breaths.

“Mr. Chen, what happened?” The shareholders quickly stood up and surrounded Chen Tianlei.

The one I targeted was Chen Zelong, although Chen Tianlei is his father, there wasn’t any major grudges between us. No matter what, he’s an old man that’s nearly sixty, I didn’t want anything to happen to him! Thus, I stood up and walked towards Chen Tianlei.

“What do you want to do!” Seeing that I went over, the shareholders all stood in front of me.

“If you don’t want anything to happen to him, then move away!” I completely ignored them, and pushed away the crowd to arrive by Chen Tianlei’s side.

I knew that Chen Tianlei didn’t have any major diseases, his heart just wasn’t in too good of a shape due to the stress, if it wasn’t dealt with in a timely manner, it might threaten his life.

I raised my hand and placed it on Chen Tianlei’s chest and silently used my powers to slowly relax his muscles.

That caused Chen Tianlei’s expression to slowly improve. Then, he let out a long sigh and said to me, “Thank you, young man! I didn’t think that you would know qigong as well!”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He actually thought my superpower was qigong! However, this is fine, it prevents people from getting suspicious.

After a long while, Chen Tianlei said slowly, “I lost! Chen’s is yours from now on! Come with me to my office, young man, I’ll hand the things over to you! Ai, I’m old and my son isn’t managing it. This business is going to be someone else’s sooner or later. Now I can finally put down the burden! The old man, I, will just peacefully be a shareholder!” Chen Tianlei seemed to age a lot in an instant, since nobody would stay calm after feeling the difference between heaven and earth.

I sighed, but didn’t say anything. Since ancient times, plenty of rich people’s properties were lost in the hands of the next generation! They say that you can’t stay rich for more than the third generations, now, it’s often the second.

Technically speaking, changing chairman of the corporation can only occur after the previous chairman hands everything over properly to the current one, and there is a handover phase, which lasts between a few days to a month. However, Chen Tianlei was too ashamed to face the people that has worked with him from the start, he only wanted to speed up the handover, then leave.

Chen Tianlei looked at the desk and chair that he has used for several tens of years and felt emotions rush up. He slowly walked in front of the safe, and opened it with trembling hands, then took out a few folders and a laptop. He turned to me and said, “These are a few important documents, it’s done if you just sign it, just leave the rest for the corporation’s lawyers. Within this laptop is the accounts of Chen’s all these years as well as the important customers’ details. I’m handing it to you know, I hope Chen’s Corporation will shine in your hands…”

Looking at the scene in front of me. I felt rather reluctant. My intention was to take apart the assets that can be sold like that, or just sell them directly if I can’t in order to at least get back my thirty billion. The purpose was just to screw over Chen Zelong. I didn’t think that much at all!

Yet, looking at the expression of the old man in front of me, I started hesitating again.


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