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Chapter 57 – Taking over Chen’s

“Pull up the price of the stock? What, seriously?” Recently, Chen Zelong hasn’t been to the company and drowned himself in alcohol, so he didn’t pay attention. That’s why, hearing Lil Gang say that, he immediately cleared up quite a bit.

“That’s right, currently, the price of Chen’s has already returned back to its original position, I heard that it’s going to increase even more!” said Lil Gang.

“What? That’s happening?” Chen Zelong immediately thought that it was a chance, not only would it allow him to recover, he might be able to earn a large amount of money from this!

“What, Young Master Chen, don’t you know about this?” Lil Gang asked in confusion.

“No, no, fluctuation of the stock is natural, how can there be any mastermind behind it!” Chen Zelong immediately denied it. Right now, the only thing he wanted to do was to hurry home and make use of this chance!

After Chen Zelong left, Lil Gang revealed a sinister smile! Of course, Lil Gang is just a nickname, his real name is Ma Qiang. He is one of Ding Baosan’s subordinates, and is called Xiaoma-ge by the people in the underworld. He has once gotten into a conflict with me, but since he is rather smart, he quickly got recognized by Guo Qing and got sent to Hong Kong to take control of a few clubs.

The club that Chen Zelong came to this time, was coincidentally one of the Three Rock Gang’s clubs.

The first thing Chen Zelong did after returning home was turning on the computer to see the price of Chen’s stocks in recent days. He was really surprised after seeing it, the stock price truly increased like it was flying!

Although Chen Zelong didn’t quite understand how the stock market worked, he still understood what something so obvious meant. Right now, a mastermind behind the scene was stabilizing the stock price as the number of transactions of Chen’s stocks decreased.

Chen Zelong thought about it for a while, then made a daring decision! He decided to chuck out all of the Chen’s Corporation’s shares he has on hand, then buy it all back when the mastermind starts selling again. As long as he succeeds, the income it will bring is not just that two billion that was lost, it might even be more!

Of course, it can’t let his father, Chen Tianlei, know about this. He has 25% of Chen’s Corporation’s shares on hand, while Chen Tianlei had 26%. It was only so that the Chen family was able to firmly control Chen’s Corporation. Once one of them sells it and someone takes the chance to take over Chen’s, it may cause Chen’s to be completely destroyed.

If Chen Tianlei finds out about this, he definitely wouldn’t agree to Chen Zelong doing that. However, how could Chen Zelong go and screw himself over.

The Hong Kong stock market was different from the mainland’s. The shares of the shareholders of a listed company didn’t have anything attached to them and can be directly sold on the market.

Hearing Ma Qiang’s report, Guo Qing and I looked at each other and smile. This Chen Zelong fell for it as expected!

The money that entered the market the other day was from Chen Zelong selling all of his other stuff, but he wasn’t able to get too much, since I pretty much swept up all the shares in the market.

I didn’t want to wait anymore, and thus, immediately ordered the subordinates to finish their adjusting phase, causing Chen’s stocks to rise up quickly. Three days later, Chen’s Corporation’s stock price increased by thirty percent! The price was already about right, I didn’t want to pull it any higher, since it was enough for that greedy *******, Chen Zelong, to sell all of his stocks, since it was a profit of more than two billion!

That’s why I started to get the subordinates to start swapping shares in order to create the false image of the mastermind starting to sell his stocks, resulting in the stock price lowering as well.

As I expected, Chen Zelong couldn’t wait anymore, he was greedy for more profit initially, but the mastermind had already started selling! However, he would still profit with this, thus, Chen Zelong made the immediately decision to sell all of his shares quickly! Chen Zelong also got a bit of profit, since at the very least, he earned quite a bit from the shares that he got from building a storage house a while back!

I also understood this, and this was also the profits I deliberately left for him. However, that was it.

Just as he sold it all out, Chen Zelong fantasized about how Chen’s stock price would fall tremendously after he sold his shares, since it was half of the tradeable shares on the market!

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However, to his surprise, just after his shares were sold, a huge amount of money rushed into the market and swept up Chen Zelong’s shares as if this had never occurred.

After my goal was achieved, Guo Qing and I received a call from his subordinates to report the situation. Hearing that, the two of us happily raised our glasses to toast. Although buying taking over Chen’s spent nearly thirty billion, it was just a number to me. It was barely anything from my bank account.

At the start, Chen Zelong had a sliver of hope that it was just an action of greed done bby the mastermind, but when he saw Chen’s stock price fly up and increasing several times over, he went completely dumb!

Without any other choice, he could only throw the money he got from selling the stock a few days ago back into the market in order to rebuy Chen’s stocks. However, the stock price of Chen’s was too high and the number of shares in the market wasn’t much, so after spending the majority of it using three days, Chen Zelong was only able to buy back two percent. What’s more, this two percent was something that I specifically left for him.

There was no helping it, Chen Zelong could only pray to everything he can think of for Chen’s stock price to drop as he furiously bought off all the shares he could find! Chen Zelong’s actions could definitely be said as shocking since he actually wished for his company’s stock price to fall.

“Boss, we have 63.2% of the total shares of Chen’s Corporation, what should we do next?” Guo Qing asked dumbly.

“Enter the board meeting, then take over Chen’s!” I said.

“Boss, didn’t you say that you didn’t want Chen’s Corporation?” Guo Qing asked in confusion.

“Eh… I do think that thirty billion is a large sum of money, do you think I’m really rich enough to just have it disappear!” I said. “I at least have to wait until I earn it back from Chen’s!”

Within Chen’s Corporation’s meeting room the next day, every people were in an intense discussion.

“Say, Old Zhao, what’s going on. They called very early in the morning that there was going to be an impromptu board meeting today. Before I was able to ask who it was and what happened, they hung up!” said a shareholder.

“Old Zhang, I don’t know either. I’m in the same position as you. A servant received the call this morning and they said the same thing!” said Old Zhao.

Just as everyone was discussing intensely, the door to the meeting room was pushed open and a young man entered. After surveying the surroundings, he went directly to the position of the chairman of the board, and sat down. That person was naturally me!

“Who is that person? Why is he sitting on Mr. Chen’s seat?”

“Judging from his age, he should be Mr. Chen’s secretary, right? He really don’t know the rules!”

“Yeah, he’s probably new, right?”

The Old Zhang from before couldn’t stand it anymore, and thus stood up to scold me, “Brat, what are you doing! Don’t you know that the seat you’re sitting on belongs to Mr. Chen!”

I smiled softly and said, “Don’t get so worked up, everything will become clear in a moment!”

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My words confused the shareholders! However, since they weren’t sure of what I was going to do, they didn’t say anything else.


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