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Chapter 56 – Plan

“Elder Xing, it’s not just then, the Axe gang, even our Red Sun Gang got bullied by them. A few of my motorbike robbers snatched a few bags from people on the streets, but they were seen by the subordinates from the Three Rock Gang. Those people actually got on a truck to chase my subordinates, even after they got out of their turf, the Three Rock Gang still continued their pursuit and was determined to crash them. Right now, my subordinates are still lying on the hospital, one of them has all his limbs broken!” The boss of the Red Sun Gang, Zhang Hongri, also said furiously.

“Yeah! **** them, how is the Three Rock Gang a mobster gang, they’re more or less the police now, deliberately going against us!” Boss Li, who spoke first, continued to complain. “A while back, I took a few birds from the mainland and wanted to sell them to the clubs, but we got discovered by the Three Rock Gang. ****, they sent someone to swept my nightclub and even stole the people! Afterwards, I asked around about it, not only did the Three Rock Gang send the women back to their homes, they even gave them a ten thousand kuai each!”

“Alright,” Elder Yan waved his hand. “The annual Underworld Meeting is coming up, how about this, let’s leave everything to say in the Underworld Meeting!”

Thus, an invitation was sent onto Guo Qing’s desk in his office.

“Boss, the Underworld Alliance sent an invitation over, the Underworld Meeting is going to happen next week, and they’re telling me to participate. Do you think I should go?” Guo Qing asked me with the invitation in hand.

“What does this Underworld Alliance do?” I took a glance at the invitation and asked.

“Oh, it’s like this! This Underworld Alliance is an alliance of the small gangs in Hong Kong. The original purpose of it is to prevent the Azure Gang from being too dominating, it doesn’t have much to do with us, the Three Rock Gang!” said Guo Qing.

“Oh, then is the Azure Gang going?” I asked.

“They probably will, since they still had to give them face!” Guo Qing said. “Boss, what do you think?”

“Of course, why shouldn’t we! I was just getting bored of having nothing to do, let’s go together!” I said excitedly, I haven’t met something as interesting as this in so long! Since I have decided to walk onto the stage, I had to start showing myself in public.

“Boss, this type of gathering is very dangerous, you…” Guo Qing said hesitantly.

“Haha, what is there to be afraid of. Just what haven’t we experienced, we even managed to escape from Liu Zhenhai’s, should we still be scared of this type of small fry!” I laughed.

Guo Qing thought about it, then agreed. Just who was his boss, there might not even be anyone in the world that could beat him!

In the following days, I got a few bankers to start to take in Chen’s Corporation’s shares at a low price. Due to the continuous bad news about Chen’s Corporation, a lot of people sold the stock out, so, me buying it in large quantities didn’t push the price up, especially since the price I told them to offer to buy it at was very low. When the price of Chen’s Corporation’s shares stopped dropping, I had already bought out eighty percent of the shares that was in the stock market.

The remaining twenty percent belonged to shareholders that still had fantasies about Chen’s Corporation. They would only sell it if they got something nice out of it.

Holding eighty percent of the shares in the market was already allowed me to easily control the stock market, thus I immediately got the subordinates to signal that they will buy the shares with a high price in order to cause the stock to rise again.

Since there was no limit to a stock’s rise or fall in Hong Kong’s stock market, so the price of Chen’s Corporation’s shares was instantly pulled back to the level it was at before the enormous fall. Then, I ensured that the price was limited at this level. I naturally wouldn’t let Chen’s stock price to increase infinitely, causing it to rise was only a method to make those people with fantasies about Chen’s Corporation think that the stock will just remain at this level, without decreasing or increasing!

If I merely wanted to earn money, I could completely sell off all the stocks I had. However, I didn’t do that, because I had a subsequent plan…

As I expected, after a day of the price remaining at the same level, the shareholders started to chuck out the stock they had on hand. However, at the same time, aside from my money, another large sum of money came in and started sucking up Chen’s stocks! This caused its price to be pushed high once again, and even break through the highest price it has ever been as…

In Chen’s Corporation’s Chairman’s office an hour earlier.

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“Mr. Chen, the price fluctuating of Chen’s Corporation’s stock is very abnormal!” Secretary Chen reported.

“En, I noticed as well. It seems like someone started buying Chen’s stocks in masses when we fell a lot. I wonder what this person wants to do, do they want to get into the board or do they want to earn a large sum of money. If it’s the second situation, that’s whatever, it’s not like we haven’t done that before. However, if it’s the first, then that’s bad!” Chen Tianlei frowned and said while starting at the computer screen.

“Mr. Chen, I fear that it might be the first… Allow me to say something bad, this person has already taken in approximately sixty-seven percent of the stock. If they merely wanted to raise the price to earn money, then his purpose has been achieved, it could be said that he already achieved the stock manipulative quotations, why is he still continuously buying more stock after making the price level?” Secretary Chen analyzed.

“This is what I’m most worried about. However, it’s good that we own fifty-one percent of Chen’s shares. Even if he buys all of the shares in the market, he can’t become the chairman!” Chen Tianlei nodded.

Meanwhile, Chen Zelong was drinking away his annoyance within a grand nightclub. Due to his mistake, his father started to have doubts about his ability, and had temporarily taken away his power so he would self-reflect at home.

The more Chen Zelong thought, the more annoyed he got. If his father wasn’t so determined to sell that piece of land cheaply, he might have been the one to earn several billion! He still didn’t believe his father’s judgement, and didn’t believe that Liu Lei was capable enough to be related to Shuguang Corporation. Until now, he still thought that the reason Shuguang Corporation as willing to spend five billion to buy that piece of land was only because of the position of that piece of land! This also made Chen Zelong all the more determined about his judgement, it’s just that his father made a wrong judgement!

“Aiya! Isn’t this Young Master Chen? What happened, did you get rich and came to celebrate alone?” A voice rang out behind Chen Zelong.

“Who… Who are you?” Chen Zelong asked the person in front of him in a drunk manner.

“Aiya, I’m Lil Gang! We went to get chicks together, did you forget, you ****** three birds by yourself. So amazing!” The person said.

“Oh? Is that so?” Chen Zelong often went to nightclubs and played with a lot of friends. Although he didn’t have any impression of the person in front of him, hearing the praise, he also said happily, “Haha, what’s that. I did seven girls in a night for my fiercest time!”

“Yeah, we all know that Young Master Chen is a fierce person!” Lil Gang patted Chen Zelong’s shoulder and said. “Oh yeah, Young Master Chen, I want to ask you something, I heard your Chen’s stocks fluctuated a lot recently, apparently, there’s someone behind it trying to pull up the price of the stock. Do you know about this?”


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