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Chapter 55 – Crappy land becomes treasured land

Within Chen’s Corporation’s Chairman’s office.

Chen Zelong said angrily to Chen Tianlei while clenching his teeth, “Dad! Why did we sell this land, this time, we let the brat get lucky and got five billion out of nowhere!”

Chen Tianlei looked at the news report on the television and thought about it. After a long while, he finally said, “A Long, do you think this is really as simple as you think? Do you think that if we didn’t sell the piece of land to that Liu Lei, Shuguang Corporation would buy that piece of land from us?”

“Is that not the case?” Chen Zelong said after a momentary blank.

Chen Tianlei shook his head, “If we don’t sell it, then the piece is still worth nothing!”

“Why?” Chen Zelong asked in confusion.

“Heng, this Liu Lei is good. If I’m not wrong, he is actually with the Shuguang Corporation’s representative! Even if they aren’t in cohorts, they must have reached some sort of agreement beforehand! Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental that Shuguang Corporation got interested in this piece of land after we just sold it to him?” Chen Tianlei snorted. “A Long, this time, he obviously came targeting us. I suspect that the mastermind behind this is that Liu Lei! Furthermore, you got messed with by him from the start, falling into his trap to spend two billion to buy a piece of useless land!”

“What! How is this possible!” Chen Zelong exclaimed.

“A Long, tell me honestly, did you offend this person!” Chen Tianlei said with a serious expression.

“I…” Chen Zelong hesitated for a moment, then spoke out the truth, including how he hit someone with a car in Yanjing and how the person that sent him to court was this Liu Lei!

Chen Tianlei sighed, “I had thought that you only offended a local power, I didn’t think that this Liu Lei is so influential. It seems like he isn’t simple at all, he even got into contact with Shuguang Corporation!”

“Dad, then what do we do now?” Hearing that even Chen Tianlei said so, Chen Zelong started to feel uneasy.

“What do we do, heng, Hong Kong is still the place of us Chen’s. I don’t believe that he will stop taking actions after this, if he has anymore actions, us Chen’s will never let him off! Apparently, his company is just a newly established small company, even if it is related to Shuguang Corporation, that’s no problem!” Even Chen Tianlei thought that they fell into the trap because they got careless.

The continuous disadvantage news for Chen’s Corporation continuously caused the price of their stock to shake, then fall. First, it was bribing important government officials, then the bad decision of selling the piece of land in Kowloon caused the corporation to lose five billion! All of the normal shareholders begun to lose confidence in Chen’s Corporation, causing a large amount of stocks to be sold.

“Boss, are you going to buy off Chen’s?” Guo Qing asked in confusion after seeing me sit in front of the computer in the past few days just looking at the stock market.

“Hehe, what need do I have of this trash company. I just want to mess with him again when the price of their shares is low, and earn a bit of money while doing it,” I stood up slowly and said. “Oh yeah, did you do what I asked you to do?”

“I already did it, I got all of my subordinates to open an account at the bond companies, they are all waiting for your instructors!” said Guo Qing.

“****, I told you to open a few more accounts, but you didn’t need to open this much, right!” I got Guo Qing to open a few more accounts to operate in order to prevent large transactions to occur on the market so that other people wouldn’t follow us. Yet, there is no need to open this many, right!

“It’s alright! Opening an account doesn’t cost any money!” Guo Qing said after a while.

“Haha! ****, are you trying to kill me with me with a joke!” I laughed loudly after hearing that. What kind of logic is this!

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Guo Qing also laughed. This made me couldn’t help but get reminded of the high school life back in the days, during which we also laughed without worries in our past life… But it was all different now.

“Oh yeah, how is Ye Xiaoxiao?” Guo Qing asked.

“We haven’t gotten into contact for so long…” My expression froze and said a bit unnaturally. Guo Qing already noticed my irregularity the day I left school to go to City S. At the time, he also saw me break the glass of the display board and take out Ye Xiaoxiao’s photo. It’s just that he didn’t mention this for a long time. Suddenly mentioning this made me rather uncomfortable today, because Guo Qing rarely talked about relationships with me.

Guo Qing didn’t think that I would reply like that. In his eyes, there was nothing I couldn’t do. He had wanted to change the topic to something casual, he didn’t think he actually brought up such an awkward topic.

“Alright, don’t talk about my stuff. Let’s talk about you, do you have a girlfriend yet?” I asked.

“How should I say it. I couldn’t find one in school, and it’s hard to choose one now. Boss, you also know that, in my position, I can get a group with a wave of my hands, but… don’t laugh at me when I say it. I actually just want to be like you, and have a real relationship!” said Guo Qing.

I nodded. Guo Qing was right, when people had above a certain level of money and position, love was no longer pure, there were too much interests in it. That’s also the real reason why I didn’t like to show off my prowess.

Seeing that we couldn’t continue down this topic, I hurriedly changed topics, “Is the gang successful recently?”

“It’s alright, I’ve been doing like you asked, not disturbing the people, not endangering the people, and not going against the country…” said Guo Qing.

“Alright, alright, you make yourself sound like an all rounded teen in the new era, why do you make it so weird?” I waved my hand and said.

“I am though!” Guo Qing said as if it was natural.

Just as we were speaking, within a mansion in Hong Kong, several people were having an intense discussion. Although these people didn’t look too cool, their identities weren’t normal, they were all powerful people within Hong Kong.

“Elder Xing, you are the eldest, so say something!” A muscular hulk stood up and said with a dissatisfied expression.

“En, Boss Li, don’t get angry for now. We have to discuss about how to handle it! Since I, the old man, is the chairman of the Underworld Alliance, I can’t watch Hong Kong’s underworld get screwed over like this!” That Elder Xing was a typical old fox. He didn’t say anything specific, and instead just spoke flashy words.

“Yeah, Elder Xing, say, who in the underworld doesn’t get involved in drugs. My subordinates went to sell smack in Three Rock Gang’s club, now only did our stock get taken away, my people got beaten half to death. They even warned me that if we go to their turf to sell drugs, then they’ll eliminate our Axe Gang!” The boss of Axe Gang, Lei Zhong, said.

“Xiao Lei, no matter what, you guys are in the wrong first for this. For us, the thing we hate most is people crossing borders. Don’t you know how to tell your people not to go onto Three Rock Gang’s turf?” Elder Xing raised an eyebrow and said.

“About this…” Lei Zhong also understood that he was in the wrong here, so he didn’t say anything.


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