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Chapter 54 – Making things worse

“Thank you, there’s no need for now. The reason why borrowed money from you was Young Master’s private decision. Now that our Master knows about it, he will fully support Young Master, so we don’t need a loan right now!” said Secretary Chen.

Mr. Shen thought to himself, this Chen’s Corporation truly doesn’t lack money, otherwise, why would they not take the loan he brought to them! Thus, he felt incredibly good about his earlier decision, and after chitchatting with Secretary Chen a bit more, he left.

Secretary Chen stood in the corridor and let out a long sigh, then wiped away the sweat on his forehead. After that, he turned to walk back to the Corporation’s Chairman’s office.

“Secretary Chen, why did you come back?” Chen Tianlei was very confused seeing Secretary Chen return.

“Mr. Chen, the bank had agreed that this two billion doesn’t need to be returned immediately!” Secretary Chen returned the cheque to Chen Tianlei.

“No need to immediately return it? Why?” Chen Tianlei didn’t believe that the bank would actually not hurry them to return the money.

Thus, Secretary Chen told Chen Tianlei about what had happened earlier in the corridor. After hearing that, Chen Tianlei looked at Secretary Chen in praise, “You did well! It is an important time for us right now, this two billion might have a decisive effect!”

After Secretary Chen left, Chen Tianlei sighed, this Secretary Chen was truly talented, if Chen Zelong was half as intelligent as him, the situation wouldn’t have turned out like this.

Meanwhile, I sat in front of the television in satisfaction, it seems like the first step of my plan was very successful. Although not much has happened, I easily caused Chen Zelong to make a blunder. Now, I should also come out, I don’t feel good about always using ploys with him, I at least had to make Chen Zelong know that he turned like this because of offending me.

Therefore, I smiled evilly as I picked up the phone. Let me make things worse for him!

“Mr. Chen, we bought this piece of land with two billion, you’re going to sell it for fifty million now?!” Secretary Chen quickly asked, thinking that he heard it wrong.

“That’s right, fifty million! Right now, it’s not bad if someone buys it off with fifty million!” Chen Tianlei said. “If we can build skyscrapers, then people would fight over it even if it was two bllion, if you can’t, then they would even find fifty million a lot! Now that this has happened, everyone in the industry already knows that there is no way of getting past it, we might as well sell it quickly instead of keeping it! Although the bank isn’t pressuring us to return the money, once our details are known, they would definitely be the first ones to come!”

“I understand, Mr. Chen, I’ll go and say it to the people at the auction later!” Secretary Chen nodded.

“Alright, go now!” Chen Tianlei waved his hand unenergetically. It wasn’t terrible for this to be a lesson to Chen Zelong, but the price was truly too big. They lost a hundred and ninety fifty million in one go! And this isn’t even including the money used to bribe Huo De!

Chen Tianlei sighed and thought back to when he got to Hong Kong illegal and how he started off with nothing until he owned more than several billions. He started wondering how is his brother back home. Now that he thinks about it, he hasn’t returned for thirty something ears.

Right now, his son was truly a disappointment, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He still doesn’t know that this whole thing was caused by his darling son in the mainland. If he did, then who knows what he would think!

“Boss, Chen’s is preparing to sell that piece of land in Kowloon this Saturday!” Guo Qing said to me.

“Oh? Is that so, how much? I asked.

“The bottom price is fifty million, but I think they’ll find it difficult to sell it with this price!” Guo Qing said honestly.

“Alright, then we’ll just by it!” I said plainly.

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“What? Boss, although this piece of land is cheap, there isn’t any use at all. Although I am very influential in Hong Kong right now, I can’t affect the governmental departments’ decisions!” Guo Qing said in disbelief. “There truly isn’t any use of buying this piece of land!”

“Don’t worry, this piece of land will have value, and it will be used to do what it is for!” I smiled.

Thus, I successfully bought the piece of land with a price of fifty-one million without any other competition on Saturday’s auction. A lot of the real estate developers all laughed at me, the “upstart idiot” from mainland who didn’t understand Hong Kong’s policies, since I actually bought this sort of crappy land!

Hearing that it was me who bought the piece of land, he got happy for quite a while. From his perspective, I will also pay for this!

However, things often developed in a way that people expect it to. Otherwise, just what am I going to do!

Not long after I bought the piece of land, a business representative from Songjiang City’s Shuguang Corporation headquarters arrived in Hong Kong for a friendly visit and business discussion that would last a week!

The reason was simple. Since Hong Kong has returned to the nation’s embrace, as the largest business empire in the world, Shuguang Corporation naturally had to help develop the country’s economy, and thus prepared to invest in Hong Kong to start a branch there.

Since there was all benefits without harm to the nation or Hong Kong, the higher-ups in the mainland and the Hong Kong government paid close attention to it, and reminded all related departments that they had to make it happen.

Although this was definitely a huge news for Hong Kong’s business industry, the businessmen didn’t have too much thoughts. The world’s largest corporation was still something very faraway for them.

Everything went on very smoothly, everyone could tell that Shuguang Corporation’s representative was very willing to make this a success especially since the Hong Kong government had very good conditions for someone that had arrived to build up their economy and deal with the employment issues for a lot of people.

However, Shuguang Corporation’s representative only chose one piece of land for the address of their branch office – the piece of land I bought in Kowloon.

The Hong Kong government was very troubled about this. This piece of land had already been auctioned off to another company, so the government could only express the fact that they could sell other pieces of land at a discounted price.

Yet, the representative of Shuguang Corporation expressed that since the piece of land was in the business district, if they had to have a branch office in Hong Kong, it had to be there!

The Hong Kong government could only get more troubled, since Hong Kong was still a capitalist place, meaning that whatever the government sold no longer belongs to the government. They could only express helplessly that if Shuguang Corporation really wanted to open their branch office their, they could only discuss with the company that bought the piece of land in private. There was nothing that the government could do about it.

Shuguang Corporation’s representative immediately expressed their understanding and said that they would talk about it with the owner of this piece of land.

Of course, this was all part of my plan. It was also me that called the Shuguang Corporation’s representative over.

The owner of this piece of land was me. Shuguang Corporation’s real owner was also me, so there was no need to negotiate at all. However, I still had to put on a show for everyone else. Thus, a supposedly very intense business negotiation turned in chat over tea within one of Three Rock Corporation’s meeting room, since the outside wouldn’t know what we talked about anyways. Finally, we announced to the outside world that I sold the piece of land to Shuguang Corporation with an astronomical price of five billion! I intentionally did this just to piss off Chen Zelong.

There were no other problems for this piece of land either, since the government naturally did the paperwork for Shuguang Corporation, meaning that there would be no limitations for the buildings constructed on this piece of land!

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