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Chapter 53 – To no end

“This is XX TV, it is the midday news right now. This morning, our station’s employee received an anonymous package, within it was a VCD. The contents of it shocked me greatly…”

After that, what the television played was actually a recording of Chen Zelong and Huo De’s illegal transaction in the seaside mansion!

Chen Zelong’s eyes were like they were about to spurt fire, and it was like smoke was coming out of his head. He stood up and kicked the television, turning the huge LED screen immediately into trash, but at the same time, Chen Zelong’s new leather shoes were also turned to trash.

“What the **** happened? Is there no end to this!” Chen Zelong roared furiously.

“Young Master… Don’t get angry for now, I fear this is going to be difficult… We have no way to continue to hide it anymore…” Secretary Chen said in a depressed manner.

Everything had become solid facts under such a clear video, it was unable to be changed!

Chen Zelong also realized that there seems to be no way to improve this, so he acted like he was going crazy, he smashed everything he saw for a long while before finally sitting back onto the sofa.

The phone rang, causing Chen Zelong to pick up the phone in depression.

“A Long, what did you do? How can you let others record this?” A solemn voice carrying a hint of anger sounded out from the other end of the phone.

“Dad, I… I don’t know what happened, I already checked for electronic devices before, there wasn’t any surveillance or tapping equipment!” Chen Zelong said innocently.

“Alright, stop talking. Although I don’t blame you for this, it happened due to your negligence, think back on your actions in this period of time. Just leave the other things to me,” Chen Zelong’s father, Chen Tianlei, sighed.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Tianlei took a deep breath. As he aged, it was getting a bit difficult for him to manage the huge Chen’s Corporation. His eldest son, Chen Zejin, had no interest in business at all, instead, he was determined to be an artist and had went over to other countries to wander around, experiencing life. That really angered Chen Tianlei a lot!

His second son, Chen Zelong, was not as smart as his eldest, but was very interested in the family business. He was able to share some of Chen Tianlei’s burden for the business, so he wasn’t very strict with this second son, and spoiled him a lot.

For example, in terms of the things surrounding this piece of land in Kowloon, Chen Tianlei didn’t agree with him doing this. However, Chen Zelong was determined to do it, since he thought that it would earn a lot of money. That’s why Chen Zelong secretly loaned money from the bank behind Chen Tianlei’s back. When Chen Tianlei found out, he merely told Chen Zelong to be more careful, and didn’t scold him too much.

Actually, Chen Tianlei didn’t support Chen Zelong doing this, since Hong Kong was different from before, the legal system was completely in place, it was not easy to use other methods. This was especially true since Chen Tianlei wanted to enter the mainland market, which makes a good reputation a must.

The reason behind this wasn’t because Chen Tianlei really cared about abiding by the law, after all, just how many people that rose to the top in Hong Kong in the early days are completely innocent? Just how many have never done illegal things? It’s just because the era was different.

“Secretary Chen, come over for a moment!” Chen Tianlei dialed using the internal line and called Secretary Chen.

After two to three minutes, Secretary Chen arrived. There was only a single floor of difference from Chen Zelong’s CEO office to Chen Tianlei’s chairman office, so Secretary Chen arrived very quickly.

“This is a two hundred million cheque, give this to Chen Zelong later and tell him to go to the finance department. After getting it stamped, go and repay the bank’s loans!” Chen Tianlei pointed to a signed cheque on the table and said.

“Mr. Chen, there’s no hurry of returning the bank’s loan, right?” Secretary Chen was confused. Normally speaking, when a business owes the bank money, they would drag it on and repay it when the deadline arrives, there’s no reason to take the initiative in returning it!

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“No hurry? The moment the news at noon comes out, the bank will be the first to come and ask for their loan back. I think that are already on their way!” Chen Tianlei said. “Ai! Although I can help A Long return this two hundred million, the corporation’s projects are going to be forced to pause, since we don’t have much liquid assets left.”

Secretary Chen shook his head and didn’t say anything. He picked up the cheque from the table then walked out silently. Sometimes, Secretary Chen felt rather pitiful for Chen Tianlei’s situation, although Chen Zelong was interested in business, he had a major Young Master’s temper, and was very arrogant, it was hard to do anything huge with this sort of personality.

It truly was as Chen Tianlei expected, before Secretary Chen got to Chen Zelong’s office, he saw a few people walk over. They were the people from the bank!

Secretary Chen quickly went over, he wanted to talk to these people first, so that they won’t get into a fight with Chen Zelong, who was in a bad mood.

“Mr. Shen, what business did you come to our company for?” Secretary Chen asked.

“Secretary Chen, I believe you also saw the news, right. You definitely won’t be able to continue with your Kowloon project, is it possible to return the money to us first, so that we face the higher-ups!” Mr. Shen said.

Secretary Chen swore quietly in his heart, this fellow is a ******* piece of ****. When Chen’s is in success, he tries everything he can to get close to us, and now, Chen’s haven’t gone down yet, but he’s already acting like this! However, as a secretary, he couldn’t say anything, and thus, he just smiled, “Mr. Shen, of course we need to return the money. We don’t care about just this little bit, since your bank lacks money so much, then we’ll just borrow from other banks!”

Hearing Secretary Chen’s words, Mr. Shen momentarily blanked and thought, didn’t Chen Zelong already throw the two hundred million onto the piece of land? From Secretary Chen’s tone, it seems like Chen’s still have a lot of money? Yet, then he thought, no, they must be tricking him! Thus he said, “You can repay the money to me now?”

“Of course, if you need it now, then I can give it to you!” With that, Secretary Chen took out that two hundred million cheque to Mr. Shen, then said. “This amount of money was originally going to be used to purchase construction materials, since you came, then I’ll give it to you first, I’ll go and ask for another cheque from Mr. Chen later!”

Mr. Shen took a look at the cheque, it definitely was real! He has worked for so many years in the bank, of course he can tell whether a cheque was real or not! However, he started to get shocked, this Chen’s Corporation isn’t lacking money, they actually appear very rich. A mere Secretary was able to make the decision to return two hundred million to them, it seems like they don’t lack this two hundred million, this caused Mr. Shen to start reconsidering…

Right now, his action clearly showed that he won’t have any relationships with Chen’s Corporation anymore in the future. No, if Chen’s Corporation is truly so rich, then he cannot just ruin the relationship like that!

Mr. Shen hesitated and said, “Hehe, Secretary Chen, look, I’m just kidding, how could I come and hurry you guys to repay the loan. We are the bank, how could we care about this mere two hundred million. The real purpose we came for today is to ask Director Chen whether you guys need any more loan. Our bank can prioritize it!” With that, he handed the cheque back to Secretary Chen.


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