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Chapter 52 – Is it Over

“Young Master, I don’t know either!’ Secretary Chen was also very confused.

“Heng, only the three of us were three, no one else. So, Secretary Chen?” Chen Zelong asked.

“Young Master, do you mean that I leaked it? How is that possible! What good is it for me, I’ve been with you for five years, aren’t you clear about what I’m like! What’s more, how much can I sell this news to the newspapers for? It’s not even more than the car washing money that Young Master, you, give me every month…” Secretary Chen quickly explained.

Hearing that, Chen Zelong’s expression softened a little. Secretary Chen was right, there was nothing good for him for this to get published. If he (Chen Zelong) fell, then Secretary Chen was going to be facing unemployment as well. He didn’t treat Secretary Chen badly, so he (Secretary Chen) had no reason to do this. Could it be Huo De, the old fellow? That’s even more impossible, could it be that this old guy got used to a peaceful life, and wanted to spend the rest of his days in prison? Only if he had something wrong with his brain!

Now that he eliminated the suspicions from the other people, only he was left. So, unless he sleepwalked, he couldn’t have possibly exposed this, but he never noticed that he had the habit of sleepwalking!

That’s weird, could it be a ghost? Although Chen Zelong acted like a typical Young Master, he wasn’t a ******, and able to handle himself in Chen’s Corporation was a proof of that.

“Young Master, could someone have installed some sort of tapping device in the room?” asked Secretary Chen.

“Impossible, I already used devices to check that the room was safe the day we talked!” Chen Zelong said confidently. However, how was he supposed to know that even the world’s best spy organization won’t be able to detect Shuguang Corporation’s newest product!

“That’s weird, could someone have stood by the door and listened the day when you had the conversation?” Secretary Chen continued.

“That is a possibility, you are someone I trust, but it’s hard to say that about those servants. Although they were investigated when they got employed, it’s hard to guarantee that they won’t sell us out for a profit!” Chen Zelong nodded. “Alright, I’ll get you to investigate this! If it really can’t be helped, then just change all of the servants!”

“Understood, Young Master!” Secretary Chen answered. “However, how do we handle this?”

“Handle what? We don’t need to care about it at all, there is plenty of bullshit news in Hong Kong every year, who would remember this after a few days! The newspaper didn’t show any solid proof, so they probably just made it up. If they had concrete evidence, they can’t wait to publish it, so it’s fine as long as we don’t admit it!” Chen Zelong shook his head.

However, how could I go along with Chen Zelong’s wishes? Just as Chen Zelong heavily scolded the media for making things up, and writing about rumors when Hua De and him don’t even know each other, another secret fax arrived on the desks of the presses.

“Haha, Boss, you’re amazing. You’re pushing Chen Zelong into a more and more reactive position!” Guo Qing praised.

“The current effect is what we want, we want to show everyone a lying Chen’s Corporation!” I smiled sinisterly and said.

On the second day, huge photos of Chen Zelong shaking hands with Huo De appeared on the headlines of every major newspaper and magazine. The clear titles said “Chen Zelong and Huo De don’t know each other? What does Chen’s Corporation want to hide!”

Chen Zelong was beyond furious while he held the newspaper in his office as he shouted to Secretary Chen, “No matter what you do, you have to find this person! This is pissing me off!”

“Young Master, don’t get angry first, right now, we have to discuss about how to deal with this. The journalists downstairs have already surrounded our company’s tower!” Secretary Chen wiped away his sweat and said.

“****, scared my ***, come with I, the Young Master. If that doesn’t work, then get the Azure Gang and chuck them all away!” Chen Zelong slammed onto the table and said.

Secretary Chen didn’t dare to say anything as he followed Chen Zelong onto the elevator. He sighed in his heart, this Chen Zelong is too impulsive. He actually got the crappy idea of using mobs to deal with this. However, this was all a thought, he didn’t dare to raise the issue when Chen Zelong is furious.

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“Director Chen, didn’t you say in person on the news the day before yesterday that you don’t know Huo De. Then please explain what’s going on with this photo?” Seeing that Chen Zelong came out, the journalists all swarmed up to ask.

“There’s nothing to explain. A photo can’t say anything. Must you know him if you took a photo with him?” Chen Zelong explained forcefully.

“Director Chen, I fear your explanation isn’t that reasonable, right?” Another journalist immediately retorted.

“Unreasonable? How is it unreasonable? It might even be computer generated. The computer technology is so advanced right now… For example, that Shuguang Corporation, their newest photo editing software can create this sort of effect!” Chen Zelong argued.

“Then does Director Chen mean that this photo was intentionally created?” A journalist from one of Chen’s Corporation’s subsidiary newspapers helped Chen Zelong out.

“Yes, that’s right!” Hearing that someone helped him out while he was feeling anxious, Chen Zelong immediately continued down the idea. “I suspect there is a mastermind behind this. This person should be Chen’s Corporation’s competitor. Think about it. If this photo is true, then why didn’t he show it alongside the fax from a few days ago? Why did he only send it out after a day? It’s not hard to tell that he had another intention!” With that, Chen Zelong wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

The Chen’s Corporation’s journalist also added, “So it’s like that, it seems like we misunderstood Director Chen, then we’ll stop disturbing you!” With that, he acted like he was going to leave.

When other journalists saw the situation evolve like this, they understood that there was no need to continue to stay and all left one after another.

Thus, the commotion was dealt with fortunately by Chen Zelong’s fortunate speech.

Yet, is it really over?

In the following days, Chen Zelong couldn’t be more relaxed. The negative news were dealt with one after another, and there weren’t any more negative news, causing Chen Zelong to get a bit proud.

“How’s that, Secretary Chen, I was good that day, right? I easily dealt with those journalists!” Chen Zelong laid on his chair in the office and said proudly.

“Yes, Young Master, you really are amazing. Not only did Chen’s Corporation dealt with its danger, their fame improved a lot as well. Right now, a lot of the citizens in Hong Kong know that we’re going to build high class residential areas there and have called to ask about it!” said Secretary Chen.

“Haha, although I don’t know which competitor planned all this, but if he knew that his actions gave us free advertisement, he will definitely die of anger!” Chen Zelong said and casually turned on the television.


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