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Chapter 51 – Heavy Bomb

“However, don’t worry, there’s still profit made from this piece of land. Once the news of business skyscrapers being built on this land is released, I can use this piece of land to apply for loans from the bank!” Chen Zelong nodded. “Oh yeah, get someone to buy a phone for me!” Chen Zelong said as he pointed at the trash at the corner of the wall.

“Young Master, last time I got someone to buy two, there’s one left, I’ll get someone to send it over now!” said Secretary Chen. He knows about the temper of this Young Master, he smashes his phone every time he’s angry, so he just decided to get someone to buy an extra one.

Hehe, this time, Chen Zelong won’t be able to avoid death even if he wanted to, and there’s also that Huo De, I think he won’t be able to wait till the day his grandson is one month old!

I installed a pinhole voice monitor and camera, that was just produced by Shuguang Corporation’s military factory in South Africa, on a very good angle in the room, allowing Guo Qing to completely record everything that would happen in the room using his laptop.

After a bit more than ten minutes, Secretary Chen called Chen Zelong through the internal line that Huo De had arrived and that the cheque had been prepared.

Chen Zelong signaled Secretary Chen to bring Hua De directly to the room. After a while, a foxlike old man with a face full of wrinkles walked in. Chen Zelong immediately went up to shake his hands with a smile, “De-ge, you came!”

Huo De nodded and said, “Director Chen, is the cheque ready!”

Chen Zelong immediately swore about how this fox is direct enough, asking for money the moment they meet! However, he still controlled the fury in his head and smiled, “Yes, I already got someone to prepare it. As for the ten million USD we talked about last time, I had already got someone to transfer it over to your wife’s account outside the country!”

“Okay, that’s fast enough! Then I won’t waste my breath either, I’ll prepare the papers for you this weekend by the latest!” Hua De nodded.

“Thank you, De-ge! Secretary Chen!” Chen Zelong gave a cue to Secretary Chen, who immediately handed the cheque to Huo De. “Mr. Huo, this is an anonymous cheque from a Swiss bank, you can cash it in any time.”

Huo De received the cheque and examined it carefully before putting it into him pocket with a bright smile. Then he let out a sigh, “Director Chen, don’t blame me for being doing this, this thing isn’t a joke, I have to get enough in one go! What’s more, the paperwork for your land in Kowloon isn’t that easy to do, I have to take a huge risk!”

“I understand, De-ge, I’ll be troubling you!” At the same time, Chen Zelong swore in his heart, you ******* got enough, but I made a huge loss!

“Then alright, Director Chen, there’s stuff to do at the bureau, so I’ll be going back first!” Huo De stood up to say his farewell. “Just wait for the good news!”

Chen Zelong also stood up and nodded, “Then I won’t ask you to stay, after it’s done, I’ll prepare a feast!”

“Hehe, no need for that. My identity makes it inappropriate to attend the feasts held by you real estate developers!” Huo De waved his hand and said.

Chen Zelong was just being courteous, he truly hoped that this old thingy doesn’t go, and it would also help them save a bunch of money. Thus, he said to Secretary Chen, “Secretary Chen, send De-ge out!”

The scene that happened just now was completely recorded down. When I got back to the car, Guo Qing raised his thumb, “Boss, you’re too amazing, the position of this camera is too professional, it looks like a Hollywood movie. The angle was truly too amazing!”

I answered vaguely, “Alright, let’s go back. I want to see a Chen’s Corporation that’s suspected of shady deals!”

“Hehe, Boss, you’re too smart!” Guo Qing praised.

“Brat, you’re the big bro of a gang already, yet you’re still kissing *** so much!” I chuckled.

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“In front of boss, I’m not the big bro!” Guo Qing also smiled.

I sighed. Several years past within the blink of an eye, and now we’re all grown up. The things that happened when I just got reborn is still clear in my mind, dealing with Liu Kesheng, suffering together with Guo Qing… Arguing with Ye Xiaoxiao… Thinking about her, my heart tensed, I didn’t know why, but my thoughts of her increased day by day. And the chick Jia Jing, does she still remember the promise back then… And that chick Xu Ruoyun, did she forget about me, did she find her happiness… And Wu Yingying, I wonder if she already forgot about me, the terrible person that always went against her, and always crashed into her car… Lastly, my Xiao Zi, although her career is blooming, we haven’t met for more than a year, although we keep on calling, it was unable to fill in how much I miss her…

I don’t know if it was due to the passing of time that made me miss and yearn for what had happened before more. Or is it because I had too many regrets in my previous life that I don’t want to leave any regrets behind in this one.

However, my biggest wish right now was for Zhao Yanyan to wake up.

During the night, an anonymous fax was sent to every newspaper and magazine office… This was the first step of my plan.

The news and media in Hong Kong were in the hands of individuals, they didn’t care about the reality of the news, as long as it was a big enough hit, and shocking enough, they would dare to publish it!

“Chief Editor, I received an anonymous fax here!” An editor wearing glasses shouted as he ran over to the chief editor’s office.

“What is it, Xiao Wang, what’s it about?” The Chief Editor asked.

“It’s about Chen’s Corporation bribing the Development Department’s high ranking official!” Xiao Wang said in a worked-up manner.

“Let me see quickly!” Hearing that, the Chief Editor immediately got excited.

“Oh? There’s even the conversation?” The chief editor said in surprise as he held the fax that Xiao Wang handed over. “It’s really detail! Alright, Xiao Wang, immediately go and organize it and change tomorrow’s headline to this!”

“However, Chief Editor, we don’t know if this fax is real, what is…” Xiao Wang hesitated and said.

“What are you scared of, so what if it’s fake, in this era, we’re not the only one that publishes fake news!” The Chief Editor said without caring at all.

“Is this really okay?” It seemed like Xiao Wang had just started working not long ago, so he was still rather worried.

“You idiot, hesitated your ***, if everyone’s like you, then our newspaper just needs to wait for the day it shuts down!” The chief editor said impatiently.

“Understood, I’ll immediately get it done!” Xiao Wang didn’t dare to argue and said quickly.

The other newspapers and magazines also received the same fax at the same time. The remaining actions were pretty much all the same, they all changed the original headline to this fax…

The next morning, this news blew up in Hong Kong’s business industry like a heavy bomb. Everyone in the industry started talking about it…

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“****, Secretary Chen, tell me what this is! Why does this news report have our conversation word for word?” Chen Zelong said with a dark expression as he held a morning post.


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