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Chapter 50 – Illegal Deal

“Heng, you said it yourself, no matter how influential he is, that’s just in the mainland! In Hong Kong, what do we, the Chen family, fear!” Chen Zelong raised up his sign and shouted. “1.8 billion!”

“Young Master, adding two hundred million in one go isn’t that good, right…” Secretary Chen said with a bit of heartache.

“What are you scared of, if you don’t make a sacrifice, you won’t get anything. If we don’t scare this brat and make him think that we have plenty of money, then would we even be able to get this piece of land?” Chen Zelong said. “Don’t worry, the value that this land can bring us is about three billion, even if we buy it with two billion, we won’t be making a loss!”

“1.95 billion!” I continued to call. Guo Qing had already investigated clearly that Chen Zelong only brought two billion, which was why I couldn’t make it so that they would be unable to raise the price anymore.

“Hahaha!” Chen Zelong couldn’t help but laugh maniacally after hearing that. Then he said to Secretary Chen, “1.95 billion, I think he’s out of money. Haha, I’m smart, I brought exactly five million more than him. Even the heavens are helping me!”

“Wait… Young Master, I feel like something’s not right! Why do I feel like he’s raising the price maliciously!” Secretary Chen said.

“Wait what, if we wait any longer, then that’s the end of the deal. What raising the price, 1.95 billion is his limit, he’s out of money, can’t you tell! Or else, why wouldn’t he directly call for two billion!” Chen Zelong said anxiously, then he hurriedly raised up his sign and shouted. “Two billion! I call two billion!”

“Two billion once… Two billion twice… Two billion thrice… Sold! Congratulations to Chen’s Corporation for getting this piece of land!”

“Haha, see, I told you, 1.95 billion was his limit, he’s out of money!” Chen Zelong said proudly.

“Yes, yes, Young Master was brilliant!” Secretary Chen said. Since they had obtained the land, Secretary Chen stopped thinking about anything else.

To be honest, I was rather nervous just now, since I was scared of there being something wrong with Guo Qing’s information. I didn’t care about buying a crap piece of land with two billion, I was just afraid that I couldn’t destroy the Chen family.

Guo Qing and I looked towards each other with a smile and nodded. Both of us understood that the plan succeeded.

In comparison, the other guests at the auction were not as happy as us. However, they had nothing to complain about. In terms of violence, they knew they were not as powerful as Guo Qing. In terms of money, they also knew that they weren’t as rich as Chen’s Corporation. There was just one exception, and that was Chen Zelong, who deliberately looked down upon me when he went out, with the meaning of “you dare to come to Hong Kong to cause trouble without any money!”

I deliberately pretended to be depressed as I thought, ‘you won’t even know how you died later on, I’ll let you be full of yourself for a few days!’

Guo Qing and I got onto a Hongqi car that was waiting outside the door one after another, but Chen Zelong did not have the chance to see this.

After the car started, I revealed a sinister smile. If it was like I expected, Chen Zelong would start operating on this land when he returned. Technically speaking, he didn’t get that two billion through proper loans, so he probably needed to hurry back to deal with that.

I put a slither of my mental energy on Chen Zelong. This would allow me to easily find him wherever he is. The only disadvantage of it was that it didn’t last that long, because as time passed on, the energy would dissipate by itself.

Ten minutes later, I ordered the driver to start driving along the roads I directed as I used my powers to track Chen Zelong’s location.

After the auction, Chen Zelong didn’t immediately go back to the company, and instead drove to a mansion of his by the sea.

Since we weren’t directly following him, Chen Zelong did not realize that someone had already set their eyes on him.

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I got the driver to stop the car behind a boulder by the sea that was a bit of distance away from Chen Zelong’s mansion, then said to Guo Qing, “Act according to the plan.”

Guo Qing nodded, then opened his laptop.

On the other hand, I swiftly ran off the car, went to somewhere isolated and used an invisibility technique. Truth be honest, this was my first time using this power, since I didn’t have any palce to use it before.

Of course, Guo Qing didn’t know all this, or else it would be too shocking.

I then used teleportation to arrive directly in front of Chen Zelong’s mansion.

The security around the mansion was very tight. There were security cameras working for every angle, and there were a few guards patrolling at the entrance. Yet, this didn’t have anything to do with me. Whether it was in the screen of the security monitor or in the eyes of the guards, I was an existence like air.

I lightly flipped over the mansion’s wall and entered the yard. Compared to the outside, the security wasn’t as tight. This was a common problem of a lot of rich people, they were very confident about their security on the exterior, and so laxed on the interior. This was also why so many people had the chance to do things.

Due to Hong Kong’s weather, it was still very hot, so the main door of the mansion wasn’t closed. This also made it more convenient for me, and saved me the trouble of jumping in through windows. Although I could also phase through walls right now, that would cost me a lot of mental energy.

At this moment, Chen Zelong was in a room facing the ocean on the second floor, he laid comfortably on a rocking chair and spoke into the phone, “De-ge, I already got that piece of land in Kowloon… Mhmm… Yeah… What? Cheap? ****, I don’t know what ****** luck I had, an enemy from the mainland came and fought with me on the auction… Hehe, if it wasn’t because he ran out of money later on, I really didn’t know what to do… Alright, you’re coming over? Then I’ll wait for you at the mansion by the sea… What? Didn’t we make a deal? Why did you change your mind again… Alright, I promise you!”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Zelong’s smile was gone as he smashed the phone against the wall and said hatefully, “That old *******, he dares to take advantage of us and added thirty million!”

The phone flew towards where I was standing, causing me to hurriedly dodge to the side in shock. When the phone collided against the wall, a “peng” sound rang out along with a small spark and black smoke.

“Secretary Chen!” Chen Zelong shouted.

“Young Master, what is it?” Secretary Chen quickly ran in from the outside and asked.

“Go and prepare a thirty million dollar cheque from a Swiss bank!” Chen Zelong said with a sullen expression.

“Thirty million? Young Master, the company’s account doesn’t have much money left!’ Secretary Chen said worriedly.

“Do you think I want to! ****, that old fox, Huo De, he actually changed his mind at the last moment and told me to add thirty million. He said that his daughter-in-law gave birth to a grandson, but they don’t have the money for a feast. **** him, a feast needs thirty million?!” Chen Zelong cursed.

“Ai! People like them are all like this, they naturally want the most profit they can, otherwise, when ICAC goes and find them, even if they don’t die, they would be at a huge loss,” said Secretary Chen.


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