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Chapter 49 – Auction

“Then alright!” Guo Qing knew my personality, so he didn’t fight over it with me, and said. “I’ll get my subordinate to get us a few entrance tickets for the auction!”

During that night, Guo Qing and I carefully decided our plan for the next day… Wakaka, the Chen family can just wait to cry.

Within recent months, Guo Qing has already become a famous person in Hong Kong’s business industry, as long as they were in Hong Kong, there was no one that didn’t know Guo Qing! You can not know the Chief Executive, you can not know the current trending stars, but you can’t not know Guo Qing, or else, that’s using your turning your financial future as a joke, turning your life into a joke!

That’s why, when Guo Qing appeared in the auction place, everyone there started guessing about Guo Qing’s intentions. When they knew that Guo Qing appeared as the chairman of the newly established Three Rock Real Estates, some people that wanted to participate in the auction directly left. The remaining people only hoped that Guo Qing came for the crowd, and because the allure of these two pieces of land is truly too great!

“Secretary Chen, what do you think the Three Rock Gang means by establishing this real estate company?” In a place not far away, a young man who looked more than deserving of a beating asked the person beside him. This person was obviously Chen Zelong!

“Young Master, the real estate industry still has a lot of profit, if it wasn’t for our family, I think the Azure Gang would have set foot in it as well!” said Secretary Chen.

“****, this Azure Gang, laozi gives them so much money every year, yet they can’t even beat a foreign gang!” Chen Zelong swore angrily.

“Be quieter, Young Master, it would be bad for us if someone from the Three Rock Gang heard that!” Secretary Chen reminded him carefully.

“Scared your ***! Laozi has tons of money. Worst comes to worst, we’ll smash them to death with a hundred million!” Chen Zelong said without caring a single bit.

Secretary Chen shook his head and didn’t say anything. He had wanted to advise Chen Zelong a bit more, but then he thought about it and found that Chen Zelong was right. If worst came to worst, they could just buy off the Three Rock Gang like they did the Azure Gang. In their minds, the mobs couldn’t possibly be too rich, how could they compare to the Chen family! However, their thoughts couldn’t be more wrong.

“The first piece of land is in Yau Ma Tei, the precise details are in the auction booklet. The starting price of this is two hundred and thirty million…” said the auctioneer.

Actually, neither this piece of land, nor the one in Kowloon was very good. Its size wasn’t very big, but it was close to the sea, so it was rather ideal to build a mansion.

“Three…” Just as the auctioneer finished speaking, a fatty tried to raise the price up to three hundred million, but before he could finish, Guo Qing stood up and heavily coughed.

“Hai! I call two hundred and forty million!” Guo Qing said slow and calmly.

The fatty quickly retracted his sign in shock, nearly getting a heart attack whilst doing so. He internally screamed about how lucky he was for having good reflexes, otherwise, if they raised the price because of him, he wouldn’t even know how he disappeared from this planet.

All those remaining real estate agents immediately forgot about their wish to make a bid after seeing Guo Qing call out first. They did not want to have enough money to buy the land, but not have the life to build houses on it.

“****, how does he have so much money!” Chen Zelong swore in anger.

“…” Secretary Chen didn’t understand how this Three Rock Gang had so much money. You have to know, the Azure Gang only earned several tens of thousands per year.

“Secretary Chen, do we call out a price?” Although Chen Zelong was spoilt and proud, he was terrified of dying as well. Currently, the Three Rock Gang and their Chen’s Corporation didn’t have many interactions, but who knew what these mobs might do.

“Never mind, give him this land, we’ll spend our efforts on the next one!” said Secretary Chen.

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Thus, Guo Qing successfully acquired the first piece of land. This was exactly the same as the plan we decided on the previous day.

Although the second piece of land was larger than the first and was in a better position, due to it being a problematic piece of land, the price was even lower than the first. However, everyone on the scene knew that it was a business district, and the business value it could bring about was endless.

After the auctioneer announced the second piece of land, the real estate developers all silently and sneakily looked towards Guo Qing. No one dared to call out a price first. However, Guo Qing acted like nothing was going on, as if this piece of land had nothing to do with him, and instead started chatting with the subordinate next to him.

On the other hand, I, who sat not too far away from Guo Qing broke the silence, raised up my sign and shouted out, “Five hundred million!”

The minimum price was a hundred and forty million, yet I directly raised the price to five hundred million. At this time, I represented a different company to Guo Qing, so, on the surface, we were two groups of people who didn’t know each other. The company I represented was a newly established construction company from the mainland.

Everyone looked at me weirdly, but when they saw the name of my company, they understood and thought to themselves. So it’s a new company from the mainland, no wonder he dared to be the first to call out a price!

They had thought that Guo Qing would continue to bid or trouble them, but they never would have dreamt that even after a long while, Guo Qing still wouldn’t take any actions. At this moment, the auctioneer was about to drop the hammer on the price. The auctioneer was very confused as well, he knew what Guo Qing does, so it was normal for no one to compete with him for the first piece of land, yet he had never seen the person who called out the price for the second piece of land.

Only then did the real estate developers finally realize that Guo Qing had no interest in the second piece of land. Thus, they quickly started competing.

“A billion!” Chen Zelong immediately joined the fray after seeing the Three Rock Gang not join in for the second piece of land.

However, the other developers weren’t just for show, everyone knew about the potential value of that piece of land. Although Chen Zelong called out one billion, the fatty who had tried to call out a price for the first piece of land immediately raised his sign and shouted, “1.1 billion!”

“1.2 billion!” Chen Zelong called out without any hesitation as he swore in his heart, ‘Damn fatty, normally you call us bros, and now you’re fighting over land with me!’

“1.3 billion!’ The fatty wiped away his sweat and said while clenching his teeth.

“1.5 billion!” Chen Zelong had already lost one piece of land, he was fully determined to get the second piece.

The fatty thought about it, then finally put down his sign. Although there was still profit to be made at a higher price, the fatty couldn’t pay that much money for the land.

“1.6 billion!” I raised up my sign and said.

Only then, did Chen Zelong finally notice me. He clenched his teeth and said to Secretary Chen, “So it’s that brat! I was wondering why he looked so familiar just now!”

“Young Master, this person seems very influential in the mainland, we got silently screwed over by him,” Secretary Chen reminded.


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