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Chapter 4 – Good, I wanted to change schools

“Ignoring the fact that I’m just a deputy supervisor, even if I was the actual supervisor, or even the dean, I can’t expel him! You know how powerful his background is? The Situ family! One of the Six Renowned Families, our Huaxia University’s library was built using the money their family donated! Try and offend a god of fortune like this?” Deputy Supervisor Cheng said to his disappointing nephew. “Ignoring that fact that he only beat you up, even if he turned you disabled, you deserved it!”

“Ah?” The coarse voice opened his mouth wide, he actually offended such an amazing person!

“Alright, ai! How much do gambling debt do you owe?” Deputy Supervisor Chen asked.

“Six… six hundred thousand!” The coarse voice said with a tremble.

“What? Six hundred thousand! You are good, brat! It was only a hundred thousand last time, and this time it increased to six hundred thousand! You really are amazing! Your mom is such and you still lose so much money, ai!” Deputy Supervisor Chen scolded. However, it was just scolding, he did have to care for his own nephew. Thus he said, “Who do you owe?”

“It’s… It’s Daxing Gang’s casino…” The coarse voice said.

“Daxing Gang? Isn’t that the mobs! You actually dare to owe those kinds of people money! You really are pissing me off!” Deputy Supervisor Chen said in anger.

“Yeah… Jiujiu… I only thought of this greedy method since I had no other ways! Otherwise, those people said that if I don’t return the money in a month, they’ll chop me to death!” The coarse voice said.

“Chop you to death! It’ll be fine if they chop you to death! Then I don’t need to worry, and your mother will be free!” Deputy Supervisor Chen said. “Never mind! Go and return the money first, don’t gamble again!” With that, he took out his chquebook from his pocket, and signed a six hundred thousand cheque to the coarse voice.

“Thank you jiujiu! Thank you jiujiu!” The coarse voice quickly thanked.

“Ah! Hurry up and repay the debt! My money has all been spent to return the debt for you, in the future, my daughter, which is also your meimei, won’t have any dowry anymore!” Deputy Supervisor Chen shook his head. Although he is an important person in Huaxia University, and had a really high salary, and would even have some research funds normally, adding the grey income to helping one or two students get into the university, that’s only around a million per year, how could it be enough for this nephew to splurge!

The coarse voice mumbled in his heart, ****, I can’t offend this Situ Liang, but can I not screw over that student that exposed me? If he didn’t at as a busybody, how could I have been discovered! Oh yeah, I remember his name, he’s called Liu Lei! Heng heng, see how I play you to death!

This coarse voice didn’t know that the enemy he was about to face was so much more powerful than that something something Situ Liang. At list Situ Liang was human, and the fellow, Liu Lei, is not human! He’s superhuman!

“Classmate, are you alright?” Only now could I check out the girl in front of me, the girl’s skin was rather white, and on her attractive oval face were large eyes, although her hair didn’t have a trendy bang, it was really tidy. Her clothes were plain, and a lot of spots have been washed white. Despite this, it didn’t cover her prettiness, since she was still a clear beauty. I shook my head, that coarse voice was too inhumane, he actually tried to trick such a cute girl, he really isn’t ******* human.

“I’m fine,” The girl shook her head and said. “Classmate, thank you just now… Otherwise… Otherwise I might not be able to go to school!”

“Hehe, it’s nothing, I just do what I can! I believe no other students would stand idle!” I said.

“No… Before you came, I already argued with that laoshi for a long time!” The girl said.

“What?” I nearly choked after hearing that, ****, why did I save another damsel in distress! Then seeing Zhao Yanyan’s giggly and ambiguous gaze, I started getting nervous.

“Oh yeah, I saw the teacher just now specifically noting your names down, he won’t get revenge later right…” The girl suddenly remembered that the coarse voice had intentionally looked at these people’s payment slips and said worriedly.

“Hmm… He actually might!” I answered casually.

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“Ah? What to do? It’s all my fault, and I got you involved as well, if he finds a chance to make the school punish you, then what are you going to do?” The girl immediately said anxiously after hearing that.

“Is that so? Then that’s great, I wanted to change school anyways,” I said. Getting into Huaxia University was just to extend the dream from my previous life, yet now that Zhao Yanyan has already become my wifey, why am I still here?! What’s more, I can see that Huaxia University actually have employees with such terrible personality, it really caused my impression of this university to get lowered a lot. Although this was just the minority, it still stood out, and showed that a bad egg was terrible. After the national matriculation exam, a lot of the universities within the country reached out to Zhao Yanyan and I, for example University B and University Z. After all, the first and second place of the national matriculation exam has always been the focus of these famous universities every single year.

“Ah!” The girl momentarily blanked, she clearly didn’t think that someone would want to transfer from Huaxia University, you have to know, the transferal process was really difficult in university, not only did you have to report it to the Ministry of Education, you had to get accepted by other universities first, normally speaking those who transferred would often transfer from a good one to a worse one, so very few people would transfer from universities.

“Hehe, he’s just kidding! Even if he wants to transfer, the dean probably won’t let him!” Seeing the girl was getting really worried, Zhao Yanyan quickly said.

“Not let him? Why?” The girl asked curiously.

“The first place of the national matriculation exam for sciences, which school wouldn’t want him!” Zhao Yanyan revealed everything with a single sentence.

“Ah! You’re Liu Lei!” The girl pointed at me and said in surprise.

“What? You know me?” I asked. I shouldn’t be that famous, right? Although I got first place in the national matriculation examination for the sciences, I had continuously rejected all interview requests from the press, including one o Shuguang Corporation’s subsidiary press.

In the end, a national media company did all they could to finally find a one-inch photograph from my high school file, then released it. However, that one-inch photo graph was taken before I was reborn, I had a head full of hair like a chicken’s nest, while my face was thin and pain, anyone would think that the person must be a nerd after seeing it! Even Zhao Yanyan compared me with the photograph for a long time, then finally asked, “Is this really you, hubby? If you were always like this, then I definitely wouldn’t have fallen for you!”

“Yeah! Several classmates that got into universities in Yanjing city and I have all heard of you, you got seven hundred and forty-five marks in the national matriculation examinations, you are essentially a monster!” The girl said.

“Monster?” It can’t be, I rubbed my nose and smiled wryly, what sort of nickname is that.

“Hehe, sorry, your grades were truly a bit too unbelievable…” The girl said awkwardly.


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