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Chapter 48 – Lose Everything

Hearing him say that, I couldn’t help but look towards Lyles. Could this old man be someone important on their planet? He doesn’t look like it!

However, that wasn’t any of my business.

“Anyways, little fellow, if, I’m saying if you get the chance to visit our Planet Animas, I will welcome you with our greatest honor to thank you for your help towards me!” Lyles nodded solemnly and said. “Okay, we have left our planet for twenty-six days. We have to hurry back, otherwise some trouble might arise!”

I faint… It seems like this fellow really is someone important! However, this basically had nothing to do with me. No matter how amazing this support is, he’s someone who lives several billion light years away.

As I waved my hand, the spaceship let out a dazzling light and slowly rose up from the ground. There was no air flow at all, it spun around once in the air to signal their farewell to me, then disappeared into the horizon.

I shook my head, this was essentially like a dream! I had to look at the disk on my hand to make sure that it was real.

I placed it somewhere safe on me, then with a teleportation, I was in Hong Kong, which was known as Asia’s greatest port.

Although I didn’t have any registration for entering the borders, Guo Qing had already helped me prepare the necessary identification. However, it should be noted that even without it, no one would disturb us with Guo Qing’s current position in Hong Kong.

“Boss, I missed you so much!” Seeing me, Guo Qing gave me an intimate hug.

“Hello, Chief!” There was a group of black suited subordinates behind Guo Qing who immediately went up and greeted me.

“Chief?” I asked in confusion.

“Boss, you’re Chief! I feel like titles like Old Ancestor is a bit too… Since all the international mobs like to call their leaders chief, I just decided for them to call you that!” Guo Qing smiled.

“Hai hai!” I nearly choked to death. However, I should just let it be, it’s so much better than Old Ancestor and the likes.

“Chief, please get on the car,” At this moment, an extra-long Hongqi limousine stopped beside me. Behind this car were ten odd cars of the same model.

“Not bad, you’ve got good taste here!” I looked at the luxurious car filled with our characteristics happily.

The by-standers all looked over, and upon seeing the reception, those who didn’t know were wondering which international company’s director came to Hong Kong.

However, it seems like I was one of those people!

Guo Qing and I got on the first car that had the car plate “Three Rock Corporation 00”. This car plate was like the car plates of many famous people, they were specifically applied for and also demonstrated the position of the car owner within the society.

The car squad slowly moved along the road at a constant pace. Even when they encountered red lights, they would directly go past them.

“****, Old Zhang, look, that car squad ran a red light, let’s hurry up and stop them!” On the side of the road, a police on a motorbike got pissed off immediately after seeing more than one car run a red light.

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“Old Wu, leave it. I think you should go and get a pair of glasses tomorrow! Just what kind of eyes do you have! Haven’t you seen what their car plate is, how do you dare to stop them!” Old Zhang, who was standing on the side, mocked him.

“****, what car plate! I don’t believe that there’s any car in Hong Kong that you and I don’t dare to stop! Both your old man and my old man are police chiefs, are we scared of anyone?” said Old Wu.

“Heng, that car belongs to the Three Rock Corporation, even their 00 car is there. Just think about who’s on it!” Old Zhang shook his head and said.

“What! Three Rock Corporation!” Old Wu immediately shut up. They, as motorcycle police, knew clearly what the Three Rock Corporation did. Even the largest gang in Hong Kong, the Azure Gang, had to submit, what could they say!

“Boss, there is an auction for two pieces of land tomorrow. According to reliable news, Chen’s Corporation borrowed two billion from the bank, it could be said that they were determined to get it!” said Guo Qing when we arrived at the hotel.

“Oh? Then let’s participate in the auction tomorrow and get these two pieces of land,” I immediately said after hearing it.

“En, the position of these two pieces of land are pretty good, we’ll definitely make a profit after getting them!” Guo Qing said. “However, one of the pieces of land has a bit of an issue…”

“What’s the issue?” I suddenly realized that this might be a great chance to mess with the Chen family.

“Due to historical reasons, one of the pieces that’s in Kowloon does not allow buildings that are more than three floors!” Guo Qing explained.

“Since it’s like this, then why is the Chen family buying this piece of land? Does he not know? That’s not quite possible, right!” I asked.

“That’s is true, the Chen family knew about it ages ago. However, the position of that piece of land is great, they will earn a lot if they build a business tower or a residential area there!” said Guo Qing.

“However, since there’s an issue with the land itself, no matter how good it is, it’s not much use!” I exclaimed.

“Here is a bit different from the mainland, whether they can build a tall tower is just decided by the planning department. I think that the Chen family has already used their inside contacts. Once they get the land, the department will change the regulations!” Guo Qing said.

“Does the ICAC not care?” I remember seeing on the television that Hong Kong’s ICAC is amazing.

“Hehe, they usually hide it rather well, leaving no evidence behind. What’s more, with the Chen family’s current influence in Hong Kong, not many people will offend them!” Guo Qing said. “Since they just returned to the country, they still have the capitalist market.”

I nodded, thought about it and asked, “Is the news of the Chen family borrowing two billion accurate?”

“It is, the bank he borrowed it from is coincidentally within our Three Rock Gang’s region. Although the people in the bank are all with the Chen family, he doesn’t dare to hide what the Three Rock Gang wants to know! What’s more, they don’t know that Chen Zelong pissed us off in the mainland,” said Guo Qing.

“That’s good, then we’ll participate in this auction tomorrow! We’ll make him lose everything,” I said.

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“Alright, Boss, I’ll transfer five billion over so we can toy them to death,” said Guo Qing.

I waved my hand, “Guozi, the development of the Three Rock Gang needs money as well. Don’t worry about the money, I have enough.”

“Boss, that’s where you’re wrong, isn’t my money yours?” said Guo Qing.

I felt really moved, this person was my only bro since I was reborn. Our relationship was beyond what words could describe.

“Hehe, what I mean is that we’re going to make the Chen family bankrupt, how is five billion enough!” I smiled.

“Ah! Boss… The Three Rock Gang can only take out so much from its liquid funds, it’s at most 5.5 billion!” Guo Qing said in a troubled manner.

“That’s why I said that your money should be left for developing the gang. I, your boss, have the money!” I patted Guo Qing’s shoulder and said.


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