Chapter 47 – Advanced Alien Technology

Hearing that, I nearly leaped up in excitement! Although I was someone who had travelled back from the future, the technology I possessed was only from several tens of years in the future. However, the Animasian technology was more advanced than mine by who knows how many times!

“What can I do to help you?” I calmed myself down and asked.

“Let me introduce myself first, I’m called Lyles, the engineer on the spaceship is called Kirk, please forgive him for not coming out to welcome you. His personality is really weird, hehe! Although our spaceship is very advanced, the unknown shock in space used up all of our energy, and the energy on the spaceship now is only enough to maintain some signal sending,” said the alien elder.

“I’m called Liu Lei. What is the energy source of your spaceship, it can’t be oil, right?” I asked.

“Oil? Of course not! We have already eliminated this sort of rare thing that produces a lot of pollution several thousand years ago!” Lyles replied. “Our fuel is freshwater. However, it is all ice around here, and our current remaining energy is unable to melt them!”

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My god! I was wondering how hard it would be to get fuel for them. So it’s that easy! The ice in the Antarctic was all freshwater, I just needed to think of a way to melt it!

“Since all of our equipment uses freshwater as the fuel, none of the heating equipment is functioning. As long as you help me get 5 kilograms of water, that’s enough to get my equipment functioning again!” Lyles continued.

“So it’s like this! Then what about your food?” I asked.

“Hehe! You don’t have to worry about that, our technology is very advanced, it can produce a lot of food using atom conversion through absorbing all sorts of elements! Although it isn’t as delicious as natural food, it is very useful for us space voyagers! Furthermore, it can prevent our body from taking in some unhealthy elements!” Lyles explained. “As long as we have fuel, we can do anything!”

****! This technology was truly advanced. I started to plan in my heart, if I get it and opened a food company… These were completely healthy products with zero pollution! This was too profitable!

I nodded, isn’t it simple to get water! 5 kilograms of water would be able to get me a bunch of alien technology and the thanks of the Animasians, this was super worth it! My luck is truly amazing! It really can’t be helped!

I walked to a wall of ice not far away and started using my superpowers. Entering my super-powered mode, the temperature of my hands instantly rose to five hundred degrees Celsius, causing large amounts to melt off the wall of ice.

Lyles’s face once again showed a shocked expression. He thought to himself, the people on this planet are too powerful, right? If this hand struck someone, wouldn’t they immediately turn into gas!?

When a large pool of water appeared in the valley of ice, Lyles shouted, “Alright, alright! Enough, any more and we will sink to the bottom of the ocean!”

Since I was too occupied with getting excited as I thought about what I could get, I didn’t pay attention at all. When I looked down, I couldn’t help but become shocked, and quickly retracted my hands.

Lyles joyously ran back to the spaceship. When he came back down again, it was with a young man. I think he’s the Kirk that Lyles spoke about! Kirk looked at the melted ice excitedly and ran over, then started using something like a pump to suck it all up, which instantly sucked up all the water.

This time, it was my turn to be dumbfounded! I pointed at the small water pump, which was the size of a fast food lunch box, and said in surprise, “Such a small thing can actually hold so much water!!”

Kirk gave a rare smile, “What’s there to be surprised about! There is another dimension in here, technically, it is infinitely large.”

Another dimension! Why does it feel like the storage ring or treasure bag in novels!

“Little fellow, you gave us a lot of help, I won’t go back on my promise. I will teach you the technology from our Planet Animas, the creation of this subdimension is actually the easiest technology!” said Lyles.

It was truly too profitable this time, this was a super treasure. In the future, when I go and travel with my beauty wifeys, even if I brought my entire home with me, it would be just the size of a little box.

“Alright, little fellow. Please forgive me for calling you little fellow, your name is truly too weird. Hehe! Please come with us onto the spaceship!” said Lyles.

I nodded, the names of the people from Huaxia were rather special, they were very weird in the eyes of westerners as well.

The interior of the spaceship wasn’t very big, but it was very organized. There were rows of electronic screens that were made from material that even I, someone who had returned from the future, couldn’t tell. When the screens were booted up, the scenery outside could still be seen clearly, as if it was seen with the naked eye. There wasn’t any different at all.

The other screens showed the picture of a position and some text. Lyles walked in front of a machine like a computer, and reached out his hand to type a row of commands on the input device. After around five minutes, he took out a small disk similar to a CD, then said to Kirk, “Kirk, you’re in charge of translating this information into the language of this planet.”

Kirk immediately nodded, received the disk, then started busying himself.

“You can translate it into the text from our country?” I asked in surprise.

“Of course, I already sent out a harvesting satellite that can instantly gather this planet’s cultural history, technological level, etc. Furthermore, our satellite can directly read information from your computers, without needing any medium or admin authorization!” said Lyles.

“Then how do you feel about our current technological level?” I asked in curiosity. A person’s curiosity was intense, even if I knew that we weren’t as great as them, I still needed to ask.

“Hehe, sorry, I feel like… it’s nothing. It’s like our planet… three hundred years ago!” Lyles smiled apologetically.

I shrugged, signally my understanding. Kirk came out from the workshop very quickly and handed me the disk, “Alright, I processed this disk. It can be directly plugged into the USB drive of your planet’s computers. The information inside has already been translated into the language of Huaxia!”

I received the disk and immediately thanked them. This was a treasure!

Kirk waved his hand and said, “This is what you deserve. Actually, we feel like it’s not enough to express our sincere thanks to you! You don’t know, Pre.. Lyles… His identity is very important on our planet!”


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  1. A gallon of water….. they couldn’t melt a gallon of ice into liquid….. for **** sake and these aliens are advanced? Here help me melt this ice about a gallons worth and I’ll give you all the secrets to our tech…. can’t the author at least make the mc work for his bullshit gifts? All he had to do to get super powers was **** his girlfriend… and now this…… also if there is a underworld then why the **** would thier be aliens? Do we share an underworld or do they get thier own? Wtf I’m starting to hate this novel.

    1. Did you read this line? “Since all of our equipment uses freshwater as the fuel, none of the heating equipment is functioning.”
      Also, seeing Lyles as a very important person in their planet, maybe their or president or the like, an exchange of technological data over his own life is a fair trade for Liu Lei. In the aliens point of view, and even our own, what they give in exchange can be considered still not enough, after all, no matter what world you’re in, life is priceless.

    1. He didn’t want to tell the actual truth in fear it would sadden our MC probably. Also it’s possible that they got rid of fossil fuel first. In our case, due to various issues such as geographical whatever, it’s not feasible to completely replace all power plants in the whole planet with solar panel yet. It’s possible that the author wants to go with their planet being completely compatible with solar panel setup, this they got rid of fossil fuel first.

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