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Chapter 46 – Alien Lyles

I gave a call to Uncle Zhao to tell him that I would be delaying the journey to Hong Kong for a few days. He didn’t ask for the reason, since he knew that I had some sort of important business.

After I came out of the washroom, I saw Liu Yue standing at the entrance looking at me.

“Why did you come out?” I laughed dryly, as if my secret was seen through.

“I feel like you’re acting really weird today, so I came out to see if anything happened to you!” said Liu Yue.

“No, it’s just that I’m kinda annoyed with the Daxing Gang’s stuff!” The thing about aliens was a secret, I couldn’t even let the people around me know casually.

Liu Yue looked at me in confusion, as if she didn’t quite believe what I said. However, she didn’t ask anything else. This was how this woman was smart, she knew what should be asked, and what shouldn’t be.

That night, I slept with Chen Weier in my arms. Without dealing with Zhao Yanyan’s issue, I didn’t have the interest to do anything else. Chen Weier also understood me very well, so she just silently lay in my embrace.

This was my first proper sleep in recent days. I didn’t know how long it would take when I planned to go straight to Antarctica the following day, then go directly to Hong Kong after that, so I didn’t want to leave any regrets for Chen Weier. Ever since I arrived at Yanjing city, this was our first intimate contact.

“Hubby, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Yanyan-meimei,” Chen Weier didn’t know that I was going to Antarctica, she just thought that I was going to Hong Kong to deal with the Chen family.

“En,” I nodded. “I’ll trouble you in this period of time!”

“Hubby, what trouble, this is what Weier should do! The relationship between Yanyan-meimei and I are like real sisters, taking care of my own sister is what I should do!” Chen Weier said to me softly. “What’s more, Liu Yue will also help. Ai! I just don’t know if Yanyan-meimei can forgive her, I think that Liu Yue is a very good girl deep inside, she was just impulsive that day…”

The moment she mentioned Liu Yue, my heart sank. I didn’t know how to face this girl. Whatever, I’ll stop thinking about it. I’ll leave it all until after Zhao Yanyan woke up!

Seeing that I didn’t say anything, Chen Weier also guessed what I was thinking and didn’t bring it up anymore.

“Hubby, you must be careful when you get to Hong Kong, don’t be like how you were in Songjiang last time, or else I’ll be worried! Last time, you helped me get even. You almost couldn’t come back from Liu Zhenhai’s place!” Chen Weier said worriedly.

“Hehe! Your hubby, me, isn’t just stronger than then by onefold! What’s more, Guo Qing’s there, nothing will happen!” I patted Chen Weier’s cheek and said.

The next morning, I got Du Xiaowei to help me prepare the necessary equipment I needed when I was adventuring. Although I am confident that I didn’t need these with my powers, it was better to be safe. Oh, on that note, ever since Du Xiaowei returned from City S with me, I sent him to South Africa to start a bodyguard company, which is also a mercenary company. This was because this brat was very familiar with South Africa (No ****, he nearly died there, could he not be familiar with it!). What’s more, with my powerful financial backing, this company called the Iron Blood Mercenary Group quickly became famous in the industry. One of the services of this mercenary company was providing safety and defense consulting for adventuring teams. They had had all of the leading equipment needed to go on an adventure in the South Pole.

From the looks of modern transport, it was impossible to have a plane that went to the South Pole, but this didn’t stop me. I found a place without any people and directly used my powers to enter my super power mode. Then with a teleport, I appeared near the target at the South Pole. Since the surrounding areas were all valleys of ice, it wasn’t easy at all to find an alien spaceship. However, it wasn’t too difficult to me. I used my superpowers and sent out a brain wave encoded with the same space code as the one Fatty Wu showed me, essentially saying that I was an intelligent lifeform from this planet, and had arrived after receiving the request for help.

Not long later, I got a reply. The other side replied back with an encoded message using my brain wave, telling me of their exact location. It turned out that they were actually in a small ice valley less than a kilometer in front of me.

Since there weren’t any bystanders here, I didn’t need to hide anything, so I directly teleported and arrived at the bottom of that ice valley where I saw the spaceship from a foreign galaxy on a hill of ice.

This spaceship was very similar to the legendary UFO, it was in a disk shape. The size of it wasn’t too big, it was slightly larger than a helicopter. When I got closer, a small door opened from the smooth surface of the disc, from which an elder who looked exactly the same as a human walked out. The only different was that he was wearing some sort of radio headset on his head.

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“Hello, are you a lifeform of this planet?” An encrypted electromagnetic wave was sent directly to my brain.

“Yes, I came here after receiving your signal for help!” I replied.

An expression of disbelief immediately appeared on the elder’s face as he said, “I didn’t think that the people from your planet actually have such powerful spiritual energy, you can directly use brain waves to communicate with us without any equipment!”

I smiled without denying or explaining anything. I think that outside of that old Daoist, Jiaoyazi, there probably wasn’t anyone like me! However, I had some reason for doing that. When I saw how powerful the alien technology was, I was kind of scared that they would attack Earth, so I had to show some sort of powerful strength to make them worried.

“But your technology here seems rather behind, why don’t I see any machinery here?” The alien elder asked in confusion.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing that, this was the South Pole! Who would drive their plane or car here if they had nothing to do! However, I think that even if we brought our most advanced spaceship here, it would seem very behind in their eyes!

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to look down on you! Every planet’s lifeforms have their own strengths. For example, your spiritual energy is something we can never achieve!” Seeing my awkward expression, the alien elder quickly explained to me.

“Hehe! No problem! This is an uninhabited zone on our planet, that’s why there is no technology here. However, our technology would definitely be very behind in your eyes,” I answered honestly.

“That’s nothing! Us, Animasians, know how to repay a favor. If you help us, I will give you all of the high-tech things from our planet!” The alien elder said with a smile.


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