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Chapter 43 – Daxing Gang’s Li Dalong

I nodded, and thus the three of us went two separate ways to the sample area at the hall to order. I went with Chen Weier and Liu Yue, Fatty Wu went with Zhong Yang.

“Weier, what do you want to eat?” I looked at the huge number of items on the menu and asked.

Chen Weier looked at the prices on the menu, then frowned slightly. I knew that this girlie is frugal, thus I smiled, “Weier, your husband, I, is already very rich. You don’t need to save so much. Although being frugal is a good thing, but people should enjoy when it’s time to do so, or else, what’s the point of earning so much money!”

“However… Hubby, you have to feed a large family later, how can I be wasteful! We should think about the future!” Chen Weier said seriously.

I felt slightly moved, Weier was truly thinking of me, as for myself, I had enough money to become the richest in the world, yet I was still hiding it from them, I really shouldn’t be! I think I have to find a chance to let them in on it!

“Weier, don’t worry, ignoring that it’s just Yanyan and you just now, even if there’s another eight or ten, I can still feed you all!” I said.
“You just know how to argue, if you find so many, see if Yanyan-meimei let you off!” Chen Weier pouted.

Liu Yue was shocked to the side, she never would have thought that I would say these sorts of things in front of Chen Weier. What’s more, Chen Weier didn’t seem angry at all. To be fair, she didn’t know the process of us getting to know each other, strictly speaking, Chen Weier is the third in the relationship, she naturally wouldn’t object to me finding other girls, otherwise, she wouldn’t be with me in the first place.

“What’s more, Fatty Wu is treating, this hotel belongs to their army, we don’t have to mind about anything!” I grasped Chen Weier’s hand and said.

Even so, Chen Weier still couldn’t quite let it go. She only ordered a few common dishes, and nothing like seafood or any other expensive dishes. Despite that, she was still shocked by its prices as she whispered to me, “Hubby, the dishes here are too expensive, such a normal dish is enough to afford a meal in my mom’s restaurant!”

Hearing Chen Weier say that, my eyes flashed. Oh yeah, Yanjing’s living costs is among the highest in the country, why not get Chen Weier’s family to open a large restaurant in Yanjing city, that would be so much better than Songjiang. However, this was only a thought, I have to discuss it with Mother Chen about the details.

“****, one really can’t avoid their enemies!” A rough voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts. I raised my head and looked over following the sound, it was actually the “Shen-ge” us four bros form the dorm that had been beaten half to death!

“Boss, it’s him. It’s this brat that beat our bros up last time!” Shen-ge pointed at me and said to a middle-aged man beside him.

“A Shen!” The boss beside Shen-ge signaled him to not act so anxious.

At this moment, Chen Weier hid behind me in fear, while Liu Yue didn’t move at all and stood by my side, watching that boss and Shen-ge.

“This one is Li Dalong, the hall master of Daxing Gang’s White Dragon Hall, which path is little bro from?” Li Dalong walked over respectfully and said to me.

“Me? Hehe, I’m just a student in Huaxia, my family is not local,” I answered honestly.

“Oh?” Li Dalong momentarily blanked. He had assumed that I was the young master of some powerful person, he didn’t think that I would answer like this. Thus, he continued to ask, “Then your respectful parents?”

“Hehe, my parents run a factory back home,” I knew what Li Dalong was thinking, he clearly just wanted to know my background to see if he can offend me.

Hearing me say that, Li Dalong instantly knew that my family didn’t have any amazing people in business or politics. He thought to himself, what’s amazing about a factory owner, the most they can be is an upstart. Therefore, he already made the decision to teach the person in front of him a fierce lesson to get even!

This time, Li Dalong had come out with a large group of subordinates, he had a huge advantage in numbers. What’s more, seeing that I was alone, he felt the chance was even harder to come by! That’s why, he immediately said to me with a cold expression, “Brat, I heard you were amazing, last time the four of you beat up my people, there are still two in the hospital now, what are we going to do about this?”

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I couldn’t help but laugh after hearing that, “Haha, what a joke, your people got beaten up since they were weak, and you’re asking me what to do? Your lackeys have some brain issues, why do you have brain issues as well?”

Li Dalong’s face went pale, as if he was going to explode. However, he still held himself back and said to me solemnly, “Brat, don’t you know what we do? Do you know what us, Daxing Gang, does in Yanjing?”

“You guys? Aren’t you just mobs?” I asked. “There’s really something wrong with your brain. You don’t even know what you do, and you’re asking me?”

My words clearly infuriated Li Dalong as he said in rage, “You still dare to speak to me like that despite knowing that I’m the mob?”

“Yeah, since you are part of the underworld, you should know the rules, your lackey that was called something Shen, he caused trouble for us and got beaten up by us. That’s his uselessness. Since he lost face for you, you should be teaching him a lesson!” I said.

“Heng! Our internal issues are none of your business! Come, bring this little ******* back, and bring his two birds back with him!” Li Dalong waved his hand as a large group of subordinates rushed over.

“Stop!” Zhang Yang and Fatty Wu were ordering over there, when they suddenly saw a large group of people gathering around us, it seems like some sort of argument seemed to have happened. Due to a police’s instincts, he quickly ran over with Fatty Wu, after seeing that it was Daxing Gang’s Li Dalong, he quickly spoke up. “Li Dalong, what are you doing!”

Li Dalong turned his head back, it was actually the police chief, he frowned, but did not show any hint of fear. He chuckled, “So Captain Zhong glorified arrived. However, our Daxing Gang’s internal issues is something you shouldn’t get involved in!”

Seeing that Dalong did not give him face at all, Zhong Yang couldn’t help but get angry. However, there was no helping it, Daxing Gang had a huge backing supporting it behind them, he had wanted to gather people in the police force to attack them, but before any movements, a lot of people came over to advise against it. Even if they took action, someone would have tipped them off ages ago. It was very difficult to gather any valuable evidence of them performing crimes, and this was the reason why the Daxing Gang acted so cockily in public.

“Li Dalong, don’t not take face when given it. I don’t believe that you dare to do anything too much in front of me, a police captain!’ Zhong Yang said solemnly.


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