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Chapter 44 – Daxing Gang’s Background

However, there was nothing he could do. Zhong Yang had already discussed the matter concerning the Daxing Gang with the police chief. The chief was troubled as well, Daxing Gang was backed by the Situ family, which was very powerful and deep. They were not something that a police department, like them, could pull up. If they were to make a move on the Daxing Gang, it would definitely get the Situ family involved.

In these few years, ever since Zhong Yang joined the police, he paid attention to the Daxing Gang, this underworld organization. Although Yangjing city’s underground did not just have the Daxing Gang, it was the gang that infuriated the people the most.

As a policeman, Zhong Yang also knew that the underworld was unkillable. Wanting to get rid of the entire underworld was an impossible mission. As a policeman, what he needed to get rid of were those underworld organizations that hurt people and went against the people.

That’s why, as long as the other gangs didn’t act too over the line, Zhong Yang would act with one eye closed. Since the people didn’t complain, the officials would not target them. Yet, ones like Daxing Gang had to be eliminated.

Hearing Zhong Yang say that, Li Dalong also felt that it was kind of troublesome. Although Daxing Gang had the Situ family as their back shield, he couldn’t truly go against the police outright. He might even lose himself by doing so.

However, just leaving like this made him lose a lot of face. Thus, he found a way, “Since Captain Zhong said it, then how could I, Li Dalong, not respect that? Brat, you got lucky today, next time… Heng heng! Let’s go!”

Just as Li Dalong was about to leave, Fatty Wu spoke up, “Where do you think this is? Do you think you can leave whenever you want?” With that, he muttered a few words quickly to the security beside him.

Hearing Fatty Wu say that, Zhong Yang’s expression changed a bit, but didn’t say anything.

Seeing the fatty beside Zhong Yang speak up, Li Dalong was a bit confused, yet he couldn’t be sure of the background of this fatty. However, he searched through his memories of the people from the police station, and the fatty doesn’t seem to be there? So, he didn’t treat him as anything. He just treated him as Zhong Yang’s friend, thus he said without any care, “Hehe, if you want to be a busybody, you have to look at your own strength. Captain Zhong didn’t say anything, so who do you count as…” However, before he finished, he found himself unable to. That was because a group of soldiers poured in through the hotel entrance and encircled Li Dalong and co., and the people encircling them were holding real guns!

“Take them back, we’ll deal with them later!” Fatty Wu said to the soldiers.

“You… You are someone from the army?” Li Dalong pointed at Fatty Wu a bit frantically.

“Now you know who I am! Hehe, but it’s too late!” Fatty Wu said.

“Even… Even if you are a person from the army, you don’t have the right to capture me, right?” Li Dalong was truly scared now. These soldiers didn’t care if you were the mob or not, if you pissed them off, they’d just outright erase you! Furthermore, you couldn’t do anything about it, since going against the People’s Liberation Army was just courting death.

“This Mr. Liu is an important guest of our army. I suspect that you threatened his personal safety, so I suspect you of military espionage. Therefore, I have the right to detain you and hand you over to the court martial. Of course, if you want to, you can sue me in the court martial!” Fatty Wu was just scaring Li Dalong. The situation wasn’t that serious at all, there was no need to go to the court martial.

However, how could Li Dalong know that much, he did see some sort of special agent movies on the television and knew about the military espionage crime, but he didn’t know what counted as that. Hearing Fatty Wu say that now, his face immediately went pale, since he knew that if he was charged with that, he wouldn’t even have to think about getting out of jail in his entire life!

Seeing Li Dalong’s frantic expression, those subordinates didn’t know what to do. They were mobs, so they really couldn’t explain themselves in the court martial! That’s why they just stood there with uncertainty.

Seeing Li Dalong’s terrified expression, Zhong Yang found it rather funny, thus he said quietly to Fatty Wu, “Fatty, it’s about enough, are you really going to capture them? If you let my old man know how much trouble you caused, wouldn’t he call your old man and complain?”

Fatty Wu didn’t actually want to do anything to Li Dalong, he just wanted to scare them since the army couldn’t randomly arrest people either. Thus, he waved his hand and said, “How about this, due to giving Zhong Yang face, I’ll leave it this time, since arresting someone in front of the police captain isn’t that right. However, you won’t be so lucky the next time I see you!”

Hearing that Fatty Wu was going to let him go, Li Dalong immediately expressed his thanks! That was truly the feeling of rising to heaven from hell. Li Dalong felt like he just walked past the door of death! He immediately thanked Fatty Wu, then dragged his lackeys and ran away.

Watching their fleeting images, I said to Fatty Wu, “Fatty, you are amazing, you’re not even scared of the underworld!”

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“Hai! When have I been afraid? These people are just capable of bullying the civilians normally!” said Fatty Wu.

Zhong Yang also smiled, “Say, Old Wu, you scared that brat, Li Dalong, I originally wanted to stop you. However, once I saw his expression, I stopped myself.”

The three of us chatted happily, ordered a few dishes, then went upstairs to the room. A lot of people merely treated the scene just now as military exercise and didn’t care. In places like the capital, anti-terrorism training was very frequent, so people got used to it.

“Xiao Liu, how did you piss off Li Dalong, from the looks of it, he seems to have a grudge with you!” asked Zhong Yang.

Thus, I told him about how Chu Gao accidentally pissed off Shen-ge.

“So it’s like this!” Zhong Yang nodded. “This Daxing Gang is terrible, if it wasn’t the chief reminding me to be careful, I would have arrested them all already!”

“Zhong-ge, I heard that the Situ family is the behind-the-scenes supporter of the Daxing Gang?” I asked.


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