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Chapter 42 – Young Master Zhong

Not long later, Chen Weier ran over carrying a bouquet of flowers in her hands. I shook my head, received the flowers and changed it with the wilted flowers in the vase, “Weier, you’re so frugal normally, yet you’ll actually buy this sort of stuff.”

Chen Weier smiled and said, “I just hope that Yanyan-meimei can wake up as quickly as possible.”

I understood her intentions, so I held her hand lightly.

I felt very fortunate that my women didn’t have any jealous mindset, this made me very satisfied. Otherwise, if it was like those concubines in the palace of the olden days, they would just wish for each other to die off quicker.

Chen Weier also knew that Liu Yue do what she did intentionally that day, adding onto the fact that she has been accompanying Zhao Yanyan at the hospital every day, they didn’t have any more barriers between them, and thus they got more familiar.

When it was four something, Fatty Wu called and said that he organized everything. He already booked a room at a hotel run by the military region, so we just had to go there directly.

I hung up, considered about it a little, then decided to bring Liu Yue along as well. Or else, this girlie wouldn’t have anything to eat at the hospital. Thus, I said to her, “Liu Yue, an old friend called me out to eat, come along!”

Liu Yue hesitated a bit, then said, “That’s not so good, they didn’t invite me.”

Hearing that, Chen Weier said, “Liu Yue-meimei, come together, the person we’re eating with is one of Liu Lei’s little bro before, so we all know each other, it’s alright!”

Upon hearing that, Liu Yue looked at me and then finally agreed after seeing me nod with a smile.

That night, I drove with Chen Weier and Liu Yue to the hotel Fatty Wu talked about. The hotels at the capital was much grander than Guobing hotel in Songjiang, although I also stayed in a hotel at Yanjing city when I came with Zhao Yanyan last time to participate in the National Teenage Computing Competition, the place to stay was organized by the association, so the hotel wasn’t as grand.

The guards at the entrance of the hotel weren’t normal either. They get into contact with my upper-class people normally, so their eyes were sharp, seeing my limited-edition Land Rover, they immediately came over respectfully to direct me to the park. When they saw me, who was in the car, they couldn’t help but blank, he never would have thought that the person within the car was so young. However, they quickly resumed their normal smiles, perhaps in their minds, they thought that I was the young master of a certain corporation!

Fatty Wu had been waiting at the hall already, beside him stood a twenty something years old young man. Seeing me come over, he immediately went up to greet me.

“Fatty, you’re making you use a lot of money today, from the looks of this hotel, you’re going to have to bleed!” I went up, patted Fatty Wu’s shoulder and joked.

“Hehe, you don’t know, do you? This hotel is the business of our company, it’s all under my control!” Fatty Wu said proudly.

I thought about it, that’s true, it’s the business of their company, where’s the logic in making the company commander pay to eat!

“Look, the two of us were too occupied in joking, I forgot to introduce a bro to you!” Fatty Wu said as he pointed to the person behind him. “Boss, let me introduce you, this is Zhong Yang, he’s a comrade of mine back in the days, but now he changed paths and works with the police. He’s an operatives captain now. However, this old man is a truly powerful person in the military region, and he’s my boss, the important chief!”

“So it’s Young Master Zhong, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I believe you already know my name, haha!” I reached out my hand and shook hands with Zhong Yang. Since it’s Fatty Wu’s friend, then he’s definitely someone I could be friends with. What’s more, I don’t feel that sort of young master air from him.

“Aiya, say, Xiao Liu, what Young Master Zhong, my dad’s my dad, I’m me, you make it sound like I only became a captain because of him!’ Zhong Yang smiled wryly.

“Hehe, Boss, Zhong Yang speaks the truth, he did get to his position with his own ability. Everyone in the department knows about him. As for his dad, the guy even tried to pull him back when he was promoted to captain, and specifically called their chief to tell them that he’s too young, and unsuitable to take up too much responsibility!” Fatty Wu laughed. “This kid has been a captain for a year now and he still gotten rid of the word ‘acting’ in front of his title!”

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“Say, Fatty, that’s not right, why do you have to poke my sore spot every time we meet someone. My dad is just against me! The higher-ups has already agreed, yet he found out and actually got someone to tell the chief that I have to be watched over for some time. It’s been a year now, and it’s still not over!” Zhong Yang shook his head and said.

Only then did I start to admire Zhong Yang, it seems like it truly was like Fatty Wu said, this fellow did have some ability. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly have become a captain at the age of twenty. However, I did know about the way some military families acted. They fought for lifetimes, and gave humongous contributions to the country. However, when they get in a position high up, they stand straight and never use the power in their hands to open the backdoor for their children, they might even intentionally make them go through trials and tribulations.

“You’re older than me, so I’ll call you Zhong-dage!” I said.

“Don’t, don’t dage me. Fatty calls me Yang-zi, so call me that as well. Otherwise, I am really not used to it!” Zhong Yang immediately stopped me.

“Alright, then I’ll do that!” I nodded. Since Zhong Yang started off as a soldier, his personality must be rather straight, there was no reason to argue over a manner of address.

Although Fatty Wu already know Chen Weier, it was Zhong Yang’s first time meeting her. Adding onto the new Liu Yue, I reintroduced both of them to Fatty Wu and Zhong Yang.

Zhong Yang’s expression looked like he was going to go dumb when he saw Chen Weier and Liu Yue. He saw quite a lot of beauties normally, but not ones as outstanding as them. However, he was someone that has experienced the world, so his expression returned to normal quickly and said a bit enviously, “Xiao Liu is so fortunate, finding such a pretty wife!” Then he pulled me to the side and whispered, “Is the girl that came with you single? How about introducing me? Look, I’m way past twenty, and still don’t have another half, I…”

Although there wasn’t anything going on between Liu Yue and I, I had some sort of unspeakable feeling for her, so of course I wouldn’t leave her for someone us! Thus, before he finished, I stopped him and said, “Yang-zo, actually, I…”

Zhong Yang has stayed in Yanjing for a while, and is a princeling kind of person as well, so he didn’t lack experience getting into contact with rich second generations. A lot of girls followed these people as well, so Zhong Yang naturally misunderstood that to be the relationship between Liu Yue and I. Therefore, he smiled understandingly and patted my shoulders, “Don’t worry, having a mistress is not illegal!”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing that. This guy has occupational disease! However, I didn’t retort, just let it be a misunderstanding! Isn’t that the kind of effect I want?”

“Oh yeah, boss, let’s go over there and order first!” said Fatty Wu.


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