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Chapter 41 – Joining the Society

Yang Shuzhuang and his older brother are both sons-in-law that have married into the Liu family, so Yang Wei and his senior biaoge couldn’t be closer, but in an event, his senior biaoge pissed off someone, and actually got beaten until he’s disabled. Even his senior uncle got pulled in. That’s why Yang Wei had the rules of “don’t piss off anyone he can’t afford to” for himself within Huaxia University. The successor of the Ding family of the Six Renowned Families, Ding Wenfeng, was naturally one of the people he can’t piss off, but there was nothing to fear from this near student, so he casually brought the topic onto him.

While I looked at the face in for a beating in front of me, I don’t know why, but I felt like it was rather familiar? Did I beat him up before? Originally I wanted to teach him a lesson, since ever since Zhao Yanyan got into an accident, my calm mood started to become violent again, otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone to compete with the instructor in martial arts.

I looked at Yang Wei for a while, but forced myself to hold it in. Yet, Yang Wei didn’t think so, he thought that I was scared, and got even more prideful. Although he didn’t dare to bully the rich second generations from the Six Renowned Families that were amazing people like his old man, he was still very cocky in front of new students like this. Thus, he said, “How is it, brat, scared? I’m telling you, you better not join that something Wushu Society, or else it would be bad if any accidents happened!”

This was essentially threatening me! However, just who was I? Ever since I was reborn, there has been too much people that threatened me, yet I’m still fine. However, those who threatened me did not end up well.

I looked at Yang Wei and said, “I already decided to join Huaxia Wushu Society, if you think you’re capable, then let’s do this. After a while, we’ll have a friendly competition, your karate society should send a few people, and our society will send a few people. We’ll have a fight and see whose stronger.”

The moment I said this, not only Yang Wei blanked, even Ding Wenfeng blanked. Ding Wenfeng was clear about Huaxia Wushu Society’s power, aside from himself who was better at fighting, others were just there for the show, there aren’t many that actually practiced, they all treated it as a play to stay fit. If that wasn’t the case, he really wanted to fight with Yang Wei and them.
Yang Wei was confused. I actually said such provoking words, he thought that as a new student, I would definitely be scared of him, the karate society club president, he didn’t think that not only was I not scared, I actually challenged him. That wasn’t right. He couldn’t help but reconsider properly, did I actually have some sort of backing, otherwise, I shouldn’t have dared to say such words!

However, after thinking about it a lot, he couldn’t think of a reason! Yang Wei was very careful, he already looked over all of the new students in first year and remembered all of the new students with powerful families, the person in front of him was not there!

He instantly understood, this person must be an idiot, he isn’t scared of anything, young people were hot blooded and it was rather easy for them to do something impulsive, so he calmed down and said, “Okay, I had this thought as well! I just don’t know what President Ding thinks?”

Seeing that the situation has evolved to this, if he doesn’t agree, then he is clearly scared of Yang Wei! He could only sigh in his heart and pretend like he didn’t care, “Sparring is natural, I have waited long for this day!” At the same time, he thought to himself, if it really doesn’t work out, then he can only go by himself!

Yang Wei laughed coldly then left. After he walked away, Ding Wenfeng said to me with a troubled expression, “Little bro, you really screwed me over! Our society has to fight them after what you casually said. Although I’m not scared of Yang Wei, the overall strength of our society…”

Seeing him say that, I understood, it seems like pure Huaxia martial arts was not very popular, his Huaxia Wushu Society might just have him!

I patted Ding Wenfeng’s shoulders and said, “It’s alright, isn’t there me? What’s more, I can get a few people in here as well, they’re all great talents!”

Just as I said it, Ouyang Tianqi and co. walked over. When they saw me, they said, “Boss, you didn’t leave yet?”

Ding Wenfeng was speaking to me at the time, when he saw Ouyang Tianqi come over to call me boss, he was shocked. You have to know, the people from the Six Renowned Famileis all know each other, and now a family’s successor actually called someone else boss, that’s too shocking!

Of course I didn’t know that Ding Wenfeng and Ouyang Tianqi knew each other already, seeing them come over, I quickly introduced them, “President Ding, this is my bros from the dorm. I was talking about them, they are all pretty good, I’ll get them to join the society!”

“Ai? Wenfeng, why are you here? Also, why are you with our boss?” Ouyang Tianqi also asked in confusion after seeing Ding Wenfeng.

“What?! He’s… your boss?” Ding Wenfeng asked.

“Hehe, we elected him at the dorm, is there an issue with it?” Ouyang Tianqi smiled.

“No…” Ding Wenfeng shook his head.

“You know each other?” Seeing them chatting, I was confused as well.

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“Yeah, we knew each other since a young age, it could be said that our families are great friends!” Ouyang Tianqi nodded.

“That’s even better, Tianqi, I already joined Ding-dage’s Wushu society, join as well!” I said.

“That’s natural, us four bros from the dorm will not separate!” said Huang Wenjing before Ouyang Tianqi could say anything.

Ouyang Tianqi also smiled and nodded, “Huang Wenjing is right, since boss joined, we should not stay out either. What’s more, it’s your society Brother Ding, I naturally have to go and support it!”

Hearing that, Ding Wenfeng was very happy. With Ouyang Tianqi’s participation, the Wushu society’s power will increase greatly, this way, they didn’t have to be scared of any karate society!

Since I was going to eat with Fatty Wu at night, I said my goodbyes to them after some chitchat.

I called Chen Weier and told her about meeting Fatty Wu. She was also very happy after hearing that, since Fatty Wu was our savior, Chen Weier said she was going to thank him properly.

I drove my newly bought Land Rover to the hospital to see Zhao Yanyan, where Liu Yue was constantly by her side. After chatting a bit with her, Chen Weier called and said that she was worried. I had planned to drive to get her, but she said it was fine for her to take a taxi, since she could come over to see Zhao Yanyan as well.

Since the school wasn’t far from the hospital, I also agreed.


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