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Chapter 40 – Huaxia Wushu Society

“Sure, I’ll call Weier and get her to go too. To be honest, I haven’t thanked you the last time you saved us!” I said. “Don’t drink too much again and make me pay tonight, though!”

“Haha, it won’t happen, with my alcohol tolerance, how could I fall down so easily!’ Fatty Wu laughed.

Before I managed to leave the school gates, someone found me. It really was like in a song, the news in school passed around the quickest.

“That student, wait a moment!” The student ran over and said to me. From the looks of it, he wasn’t a new student in first year, because new students were all wearing camouflage clothing for military training, yet he wore casual clothes.

“Is there any issues?” I asked in confusion.

“It’s like this, I am the president of the Huaxia Wushu Society in Huaxia University, let me introduce myself, I am called Ding Wenfeng, I’m a second year law student. I passed by here just now and managed to see the contest between you and that instructor. Since I felt that you are talented in martial arts, I sincerely invite you to join our society!” The student in casual wear introduced himself.

About this… It seems like this guy is alright, I don’t think I’ll have any losses if I join, what’s more is that I wanted to experience the feeling of being university like back then, thus I answered swiftly, “of course, but since I have my stuff to do, I might not be able to go to club activities often!”

“That’s alright, our Wushu Society is a place where power matters, if you have enough power, then you naturally don’t need to participate in the training normally, it’s enough to represent the school to participate in competitions, there isn’t that many times in a year!” Ding Wenfeng said.

“Enter competitions…” To be honest, I didn’t really want to show myself in front of people. However, remembering that I also entered a lot of competitions in my past life, but there were not many that actually knew me, meaning that not a lot of people paid attention to students, I agreed. “Sure!”

Seeing that I agreed to enter the society, Ding Wenfeng was also very happy. He joyously reached out his right now, “Welcome, please introduce yourself!”

I shook hands with him, and just as I was about to speak, I heard a mocking voice rang out from behind us, “Haha, say, President Ding, your society is amazing, already putting your hands on the new students when you can’t find anyone. They haven’t even finished military training yet, and you’re already asking him to join. You really accept anyone, this sort of thingy can also practice martial arts?”

Hearing that, Ding Wenfeng couldn’t help but frown, even I couldn’t help but get a bit angry! What do you mean by saying that thingy like me can also practice martial arts? Although I didn’t know any specific martial art moves, my mental power, which is the internal energy that is spoken of in the past, is very powerful, furthermore, I am confident that no organism can surpass my speed on this planet!

I turned my head back and saw a face that looked like it definitely needed a beating. There was even a bandage on the age—— No, it should be a bandage that represented something, normally Japanese and Koreans liked to tie these stuff of their head, I don’t know which country’s martial arts this bro, that needs a beating, practices.

“Yang Wei, when did your karate society start getting involved with the business of our Huaxia Wushu Society?” Ding Wenfeng was rather civilized and didn’t immediately explode, if it was someone with a bad temper, they would have started beating him already.

“I’m getting depressed, in the martial arts societies within our Huaxia University, your Huaxia Wushu Society is the weakest, you might as well disband it, you are taking funding every year, you might as well give it to our Karate Society, this way we can get a few more sports on the national competition!” said Yang Wei.

“Our Huaxia Wushu Society will also get prizes!” Ding Wenfeng thought about it and said. Actually, with his current ability, getting a prize in the national sanda competitions was very easy, the main problem is that he trained in ancient Huaxia martial arts since a young age, all of his moves are old ones, he doesn’t have any knowledge for real sanda. Even if he wanted to learn, he could accidentally use those moves that he practiced since youth, if he went to participate in competitions like this, it would definitely cause shock in the society, this was something he didn’t want to see.

However, most of the students now worshipped foreigners, and ignored real Huaxia Wushu, instead, they go and study some stuff like juda, karate, or taekwondo that developed from ancient huaxia martial arts.

Although Huaxia’s ancient martial arts have fallen, the new type has also risen. That was sanda. Sanda is also called free-hand, there were a lot of names for it in Huaxia history, such as “xiangpu”, “shoubo”, “baida” (hakuda), “duichai” and “jiji” etc. Since a lot of contests used a ring, it was also called “ring combat” between the civilians. Yet, there is a fundamental difference between the current sanda and traditional sanda.

The current sanda is a sports competition that has two people use the kicks, hits, throws, defence etc. from martial arts compete within a certain set of rules, it is an important portion of Huaxia’s martial arts.

The current sanda is rather similar to USA’s mixed martial arts, it can even go into competition together. Of course, since Huaxia’s sanda had evolved from ancient martial arts, so its practitioners were among the top of the world for similar combat events!

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“Ha! With this new brat?” Although Yang Wei mocked Huaxia Wushu Society openly, he didn’t dare to do that directly to Ding Wenfeng, because he has heard people say that Ding Wenfeng is not weak, he just doesn’t make a move easily. Although this is just a rumor, but Yang Wei has always been cowardly, he never offend anyone he can’t afford to. This is related to the education he received since he was young, as a branch family of the Liu family of the Six Renowned Families, his father taught him from a young age that he is a son that was married into the Liu family, Yang Wei is only a branch of the Liu family, born from a Liu woman, so the family head has never put any importance onto him. However, the chance has come, in Yang Wei’s generation, the Liu family doesn’t have a single male, perhaps this is Yang Wei’s chance to become the next family head. Yet, this is only their thought, the family head of the Liu family has never thought of handing the family properties to someone with a foreign surname. Or else, wouldn’t they be mocked to death by the other renowned families? Was the huge Liu family supposed to be changed to the Yang family?

It was because of this that Yang Wei’s father had taught Yang Wei since a young age that he had to be clear about his position first! Although the Yang family is beyond amazing compared to normal civilians, Yang Wei’s father Yang Shuzhuang was the director of a medium size company. This company is actually the property of the Liu family, he was just in charge of managing it. Despite that, it gave Yang Wei a lot of face in front of his friends.

At the start, when Yang Wei did not take his father’s advice to heart, but even since something happened to his biaoge, he toned down his actions a lot.


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