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Chapter 3 – Fake Money

Are they fighting? I momentarily blanked, but this is the office of a university, how could something such as fighting occur? Originally, I had no intention of adding to the crowd, but since I couldn’t help but pay here, there was no helping it, I could only look along the crowd’s gaze. Although I couldn’t see clearly what was going on, I still got the gist of it by listening.

“Laoshi, please, this money is really not fake… It was gathered by the folks back home…” A weak female voice said.

“It’s fake if I said it is!” A coarse voice roared.

“Laoshi, the money was extracted from the bank by the folks, it really is real!” The female voice said.

“Hurry up and change one, otherwise, just don’t pay! Other people are waiting! Next!” The coarse voice said impatiently.

“Laoshi, I have no other money, this money were gathered very difficultly, just check it properly please!” The female voice begged.

“There’s no time!” The course voice scolded. “This is the school, not the bank!”

Seeing it develop to this point, I pretty much understood. This girl must have come to pay the school fees, then this coarse voiced laoshi —— I’ll call him laoshi for now, since there are a lot of people like him who are lay around doing easy tasks in universities, refused to accept the girl’s money because it was fake.

“Hubby, go and help her!” Seeing that girl’s anxious looks, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t help but say.

Even if my wifey didn’t say that, I would have gotten involved anyways. The moment I walked up, I got pissed looking at the pig-like appearance of the coarse voice.

“How do you know the money it’s fake!” I walked up and asked with a smile.

“I’ve been an accountant for so many years, could I not tell the difference between real and fake money?” The coarse voice answered casually. However, he noticed something not right after answering, causing him to raise his head. When he noticed that it was a student, he instantly said angrily, “You student, don’t be a busybody!”

I picked up the hundred yuan note that was judged to be fake from the table, the moment I touched it, my heart dropped, this note was truly a fake! It couldn’t even be any more fake!

“This classmate, are you sure you got all the money from the bank?” I asked.

“Yeah, the folks told me to the credits cooperatives in the village to get it!” The girl said with a nod. “Classmate, help me see, is this money actually real or fake?”

The money was fake, there was no doubt about it. Yet, seeing the sincerity in the girl’s eyes, she didn’t seem like she was lying. Ever since my mental abilities were developed, my intuition was unusually sharp, I could precisely tell whether a person was lying or not from his actions and the change in his eyes. Although I could also use my powers to invade directly into their brain, that would have some effects on the invaded brain.

What made me feel strange is that the stack of money in the girl’s hands were very old, only this fake note was brand new, isn’t this too eye-catching? Even if she wanted to muddle it through, there’s no way she would do it like this.

“Is this note yours?” I thought about it slightly, then had my judgment.

“About this… I don’t know… I gave the money to the laoshi, after he checked it, he told me that there was a fake note…” The girl said. “So, it should be mine…”

“What do you mean by that? Do you mean that the money is mine?” Hearing the girl reply like that, the coarse voice immediately said angrily.

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“What are you getting worked up for?” I looked at the coarse voice in a smiling, yet not smiling manner. “Is it because of your guilty conscience?”

“I… What am I guilty about! Don’t cause trouble here, or else I’ll get the school to expel you!” The coarse voice threatened.

I gazed at the coarse voice for around a second, then immediately understood the truth.

“Wow? What is this? It’s a stack of cash!” I pointed to the area by the coarse voice’s feet and exclaimed. “Laoshi, your money dropped!”

Everybody’s gazes turned towards the coarse voice, the coarse voice quickly lowered his head and looked, there really was a stack of hundred yuan notes! The coarse voice was confused, he clearly put it all in his jacket pocket, why did it fall onto the floor? While he was thinking that, he couldn’t help but sweat a little. Despite that, he still told himself in his heart, stay came, don’t get worried, pretend like you don’t care, you have to be slow, and don’t get nervous.

“Laoshi, I’ll help you pick it up!” I bent down and quickly picked up the stack of cash by the coarse voice’s feet. The coarse voice had wanted to act slowly without care, he didn’t think that I would have done it first.

“Give it to me quickly, it’s my money!” The coarse voice hurriedly stood up and wanted to snatch the money from my hands.

“Wow? This note is the same as that classmate’s fake note! It can’t both be fake, right?” I raised up the stack of money and said. “Yi? Classmate, why is your fake note is a series with this stack of money? Did you pick the money up beside this laoshi’s feet?”

You have to know that the students that can get into Huaxia University isn’t just a bit smart! Hearing me say that, most people understood what was going on already, and immediately got unwilling as they protested, “What kind of laoshi is this, actually using fake notes to switch it with the students’ real money, truly shameless!”

“Yeah, look at how there’s only about half a stack left, just how much students have he tricked already!”

“Oh wow? I was wondering why my money turned fake! ****, so you ****** ******* is looking for death!” At this moment, a person quickly dashed over. Other students were just criticizing him, this fellow actually started beating him up right away. He kicked the fat-*** onto the floor, and before the fat-*** reacted, another brat rushed up and said to the brat beforehand, “Boss, you’re so awesome, how can you use such powerful martial arts to hit a pig, allow me!” With that, he started beating him up instead, immediately adding an extra size to the pig.

Within the Huaxia University Application office, Deputy Supervisor Chen was roaring at a man whose face was filled with bruises, “Are you ******* insane, taking fake money to change with the students’ money!”

“Jiujiu, I…” The man whose face was filled with bruises is the coarse voice in charge of taking fees, the same person as the one a student had beaten up.

“You what!” Deputy Supervisor Chen said angrily, “Why do I have such a nephew like you, if jiejie didn’t beg me, could you come work at Huaxia University! Heng!”

“Jiejie, I… Am I not in a bunch of gambling debt, I didn’t think this would be a big issue, the students normally don’t dare to say anything, I didn’t think that there are so many nails within the new students this year!” The coarse voice said. “Jiujiu, you must expel the student that hit me! That was truly too terrible!”

“Expel? Expel your ***! Do you know who the person that hit you was?” Deputy Supervisor Chen pointed at the coarse voice and roared.

“Who? Isn’t he just a student, you are the supervisor of Huaxia University’s Application Department, don’t you have the power?” The coarse voice said.


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