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Chapter 35 – Counterattacking the Chen Family

I took out my phone, and dialed Guo Qing’s number.

The call went through very quickly with Guo Qing’s voice passing through from the other side, “Boss, why is it you! How is it, does it feel great in Yanjing with the two dasaos?”

“…” I stayed silent for a bit. It’s not a surprise that Guo Qing would think that, originally, Chen Weier had separated for so long, now that we could finally be together, we must be having a good time. However, something like this just had to come up.

“Guo Qing, Zhao Yanyan got hit by a car, she’s at the hospital right now,” I took a deep breath and said.

“What! Dasao got hit by a car, which damn ******* doesn’t want to live anymore, laozi’s going to murder him!” Hearing that, Guo Qing immediately got angry.

“There’s no need to kill him, but teaching him a lesson is unavoidable!” I said.

“Alright, boss, tell me what to do!” Guo Qing said.

“Where are you now?” I asked.

“I’m in Hong Kong, we’re negotiating with the originally largest gang here, the Azure Gang!” Guo Qing said.

“Negotiate? Why did you go to Hong Kong?” I thought to myself, this is coincidental enough, it seems like that brat Chen Zelong is really unfortunate.

“Didn’t I already go and expand my power last year at Hong Kong, we have already controlled a third of the territories in Hong Kong, a while ago, the gang got into a fight with the largest local gang here due to territories, and fought so many times. Boss, you should know this, our subordinates all practiced those secret techniques, we’re capable of handling special forces, so obviously those unorganized bunch! The Azure Gang lost quite a bit, not only did they lose a large part of their territory, they have to ask to negotiate with us now and ask for peace. Of course I will use this chance to rip him off!” Guo Qing said proudly.

Only then did I remember, last year, Guo Qing did find me once, telling me that his subordinates were too weak, they relied completely on fierceness when fighting, so he wanted me to help him think of some way. Since I had nothing to do, I picked a few easy ones from the ancient martial arts that Footy taught me and taught it to Guo Qing so he can train the other brothers. However, even though it was the easiest, in the current society it’s so much stronger than those something Taekwondo. I didn’t think that my unmeaningful action caused Guo Qing’s power to grow immensely, allowing his territory to increase to all over the country.

“Not bad!” I said to Guo Qing. “When these things are all over, I have a thought that I’ll tell you later! Now, go and do something for me, help me investigate Hong Kong’s Chen’s Corporation, and tell me about their background!”

“Sure, boss! There’s nothing in Hong Kong that I can’t do right now, as long as boss says it, I ca even bomb that ****** Chen’s Corporation!” Guo Qing promised.

“Never mind about bombing, I don’t want you to become Laden 2.0!” I said.

“Laden? Who’s that?” Guo Qing asked in confusion, “A lantern dude?”

That made me remember, this was just 1998, bin Laden wasn’t known by the world yet! Thus I quickly said, “Nothing, he’s just a terrorist head in a movie!”

“Oh,” Guo Qing didn’t mind at all.

“Then that’s that, don’t take any actions after getting news, report it to me, then I’ll decide how to deal with the Chen family!” I said.

After I hung up, I couldn’t help but smile. Chen Zelong, I’m going to see when you can act amazing to.

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I got the medical staff to bring me a tub of hot water so I can help Zhao Yanyan wipe her body. Aside from discussing Shuguang Corporation’s business with Uncle Zhao, I just stayed by Zhao Yanyan’s side. Originally, these type of higher class wards would have medical staff specifically in charge of the patient’s needs, but I just feel like they are not as attentive as me/

After I wiped Zhao Yanyan’s body, and helped her put on the blanket, door knocks could be heard.

I walked over and opened the door. Liu Yue had arrived, she held a thermal lunch box in her hands. These few days, Liu Yue pretty much brought me all my meals.

“What? It’s time to eat again?” I muttered to myself.

“Ai!” Liu Yue sighed and said. “Look at you, didn’t the doctor already say that Yanyan is fine! Why are you still barely eating and drinking everyday! You are never hungry when I bring you food! If you continue like this, Yanyan will only feel more heartache when she wakes up and sees you like this! What’s more, Weier-jiejie will also feel pained! Also, I will too…” Saying that, Liu Yue suddenly stopped. Only when she saw that I didn’t notice, did she quickly pretend like nothing happened.

Indeed, I did not notice. I thought to myself, Liu Yue is right! Since Yanyan’s fine now, what am I doing continuing on like this! I am someone that has been through life and death, why am I still so easily impacted! Thus, I smiled, “Yeah, let’s eat, I really am a bit angry.

Liu Yue smiled, took out the lunch box and put it in front of me.

While I was eating the previous days, I just casually ate, and did not pay attention to what was in the lunch box. Now that I had a look, it really was extremely lavish, there was meat and vegetables. To be honest, I haven’t eaten properly these few days, now that I see these dishes, my appetite also arose, so I immediately devoured all the good hastily.

Only when I put my chopsticks down did I notice that Liu Yue didn’t even break open the chopsticks in front of her. I immediately understood, so I ate Liu Yue’s portion as well!

“Sorry, it was too delicious, so I ate everything,” I said awkwardly.

“It’s okay, I bring enough for 2 people every day, you might have been too hungry today! It’s alright, I made some extra at home, I’ll just eat back home!” Liu Yue smiled.

“What! You made it yourself?” I said in surprise. I had thought that she brought me the take outs from a certain hotel, I didn’t think that she made it herself! It seems like I owe her another favor, ai!

“Yeah, I feel the food outside is just not as good as what I make, hehe!” Liu Yue said.

All of a sudden, I really didn’t know what to say. Originally, Liu Yue had a bit of responsibility for what happened to Zhao Yanyan, but I felt like there was more to it. Normally speaking, Zhao Yanyan would treat me finding girls outside with a closed eye, or even support me. However, she acted very unusual this time, there wasn’t anything going with Liu Yue and I, yet Zhao Yanyan already got so angry, that doesn’t make sense.

In this period of time, I’ve been really down, and didn’t have the time to consider these things, now it was a good chance to understand the entire situation properly, I believe Liu Yue definitely knows.

Thus, I said, “Liu Yue, I want to ask you about some things, I hope you can answer me honestly.”

Liu Yue was extremely smart, hearing what I said, she immediately knew what I was going to ask.


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