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Chapter 34 – Plotting Revenge

“Hello, Deputy Secretary Zhang!” I stood up and smiled towards Deputy Secretary Zhang. Through the conversation just now, I understood that Deputy Secretary Zhang was a subordinate in Grandpa Zhao’s old troops, he must have rushed to the hospital due to Grandpa Zhao.

“Oh? So it’s Yanyan’s boyfriend, hehe, Yanyan called me Uncle Zhang when she was younger, so call me Uncle Zhang as well! I am of the same generation as Yanyan’s dad,” Deputy Secretary Zhang said to me.

“Okay, then I’ll call you Uncle Zhang!” I said.

“Oh yeah, Deputy Secretary Zhang, there’s something else, you see… Liu Lei broke that Chen Zelong’s legs…” Li Zhengping said.

“So it’s like this…” Deputy Secretary Zhang hesitated for a moment. From the conversation just now, I had already noticed that Deputy Secretary Zhang is a very just person, so he was very troubled.

Thus, I said, “I’ll deal with this myself. I don’t think that the Chen family will sue me because of this, I think they will pay me back in other ways.”

“En, that’s right!” Li Zhengping also said. “However, this means that comrade Xiao Liu, you have to be careful, I don’t think this Chen family is anything good! Even if your father-in-law is Shuguang Corporation’s CEO, the corporation isn’t yours, I’m afraid that the Chen family will do something terrible to you!”

“Superintendent Li is right, I think that you have to be careful!” Deputy Secretary Zhang also reminded.

I nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I can handle it!” Then I thought to myself, if this Chen’s Corporation is going to come, then so be it, I’ll play around with them.

After a few days of having the doctors in the hospital watching over her and ensuring that Zhao Yanyann had already left her danger period, and into the unconscious period, we could only wait patiently for her to wake up.

I caressed Zhao Yanyan’s pale face as pain and suffering swelled up in my heart.

When I look back on it, I had already been with Zhao Yanyan for more than three years. Originally, getting her was my greatest happiness, yet I didn’t think that it was enough, I always attracted girls outside, although Zhao Yanyan didn’t say anything, and even supported me a lot. I couldn’t protect her, and let her get hurt so much.

“Hubby, don’t be sad, I think that Yanyan-meimei will definitely be fine!” Chen WEier comforted me.

Yeah! Since she has already left the danger period, what am I depressed for! Most importantly, Zhao Yanyan actually kept her memories of the past life as well, and she’s also a person that was reborn.

I had always treated not getting Zhao Yanyan of my previous life as some sort of regret, from the looks of it, my life doesn’t have any more regrets.

I sighed, then turned around, “Weier, go back first, I want to be alone with Yanyan for a while.”

Chen Weier obediently nodded, and walked out of the room.

Chen Zelong was put on trial, but the current law wasn’t able to do anything to him, since he merely drove without a license, and thus was sentenced to being detained for fifteen days. However, because Chen Zelong was a Hong Kong citizen, he was very quickly bailed out.

Chen’s Corporation had truly cancelled all cooperation projects with Yanjing city, but after Zhao Junsheng arrived in Yanjing city, I got him to go directly to find the Municipal Party Committee here, and let Shuguang Corporation take over all those projects. The municipal committee officials were all very happy, since they got fortune from trouble, and actually got connected with Shuguang Corporation, which meant that the investments in the future will definitely not be a small sum!

After Zhao Junsheng found out that Zhao Yanyan was fine, he finally managed to relax and hurriedly organized Yanjing city’s branch office to discuss about the bridge construction.

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Originally, Chen’s Corporation had assumed that their withdrawal will definitely get Yanjing city’s government’s compromise, they didn’t think that someone would pop out in the middle and actually took over the entire project. Shuguang Corporation’s subsidiary construction company was called Xinguang Constructions, and was not related to Shuguang Corporation on the surface at all, but in reality it was fully controlled by Shuguang Corporation.

This was also done by my decision. That is because, at the start, Shuguang Corporation was a computer and high tech company, developing other industries was a disadvantage for the brand management, that’s why the subsidiary companies of Shuguang Corporation in other industries were all registered with different names.

At Chen’s Corporation’s headquarters in Hong Kong, Chen’s Corporation’s chairman, Chen Tianlei, was raging in the conference room, “Secretary Chen, just how did you guys do things, didn’t you say that the moment we withdraw, the government there will definitely compromise? Why was my son still convicted? Although he didn’t get sent to jail, this situation is already known by the Hong Kong’s entire business industry! I can’t afford to lose face like this! What will the people say? They will say that I, Chen Tianlei is incapable!”

“Mr. Chen… I don’t know why another company would take over this project so fast, also, they say that the price was also better than ours, of course the government signed the contract very quickly!” Secretary Chen said quietly.

“Heng! I definitely will not let it go! Not only did we earn loss money, my son’s leg was broken! Secretary Chen, go and investigate the background of the person that hit my son, and that something something Xinguang Construction, ****, they dare to compete with me for business, I’ll destroy you!” Chen Tianlei slammed down on the table and said.

“Yes! Mr. Chen,” Secretary Chen quickly answered.

Actually, the important officials in Yanjing city already knew about Zhao Yanyan and my background, but nobody told the Chen family, since they were no longer cooperating, why tell them so much! And this, is what caused Secretary Chen’s negligence during the investigation, resulting in the utter destruction of Chen’s Corporation.

Currently, there aren’t even many Shuguang Corporation employees that knew that Xinguang Construction is one of Shuguang’s subsidiary companies, and all treated them as unrelated. Only Uncle Zhao and a few higher-ups at Shuguang Corporation knew about this, and the outside world only thought this corporation that was rather close with Shuguang Corporation.

Uncle Zhao directly got the government to hand the construction to Xinguang Construction, and the government side only announced that they handed it to a company of a friend of Zhao Junsheng. Although Xinguang Construction has not even been established for two years, the projects it has done could be seen, and it has already become a star construction company within the country.

Since there is a business that was willing to take these low-earning, slow return projects, of course the city governments were willing. What’s more, the name of Xinguang was the guarantee of quality, adding onto the fact that Zhao Junsheng’s Shuguang Corporation was willing to vouch for it, they had no need to fear of any sort of tofu-dreg project.

What Chen Tianlei never would have imagined was that before he started doing anything to Xinguang Corporation, he was going to face immense danger.

Although Zhao Yanyan had already left the danger period and was in the process of recovery, the punishment that Chen Zelong received was far too small! The law can’t do anything to him, but I was able to teach him an unforgettable lesson!

If he could apologize and cooperate with the traffic police to solve the issue after hitting Zhao Yanyan, then I would have forgiven him, since he didn’t do it on purpose, it was a complete accident! However, I was unable to tolerate this kind of attitude of making a mistake then being completely unreasonable about it!


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