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Chapter 36 – The grudge between the two girls

Thus, Liu Yue sighed slightly and said, “Liu Lei, I knew you would ask me, I should have told you ages ago, but you have been really down, and you’d only answer me with a sentence after every three I say to you. What’s worse is that the sentence you answer with would be asking me what I said before, that’s why I didn’t really find it right to say anything. Since you asked me now, then I’ll tell you the truth!”

“Sure, I think that you and Yanyan knew each other before?” I could faintly guess what it was, but I wasn’t very sure.

“That’s right! Zhao Yanyan and I were in the same class during primary school!” Liu Yue said in embarassment. “Now that I mention it, it’s really just business between children!

I was the class rep at the time, and Zhao Yanyan was the study representative, originally we should be very friendly, but you know, a child’s envy is very powerful, especially for excellent children, they all wish to be better than others. When they see girls prettier than them, better at academics than them, they don’t accept it and would want to surpass them.

Zhao Yanyan and I… were exactly this sort of children, since a young age… en, we were both princesses at home, we had excellent family conditions, and our grades were very close, either she would be first or I would be first. Furthermore, you also know that when girls are slightly prettier, they would get a lot of attention, so both her and I became the focus point of the school…

Perhaps we were too young back then, somehow, we just got so used to fighting, we always wanted to surpass the other one… At the end, we started treating each other as enemies…

I admit, although I was childish back then, but I don’t know why, the moment when I faced Zhao Yanyan once again that day, I couldn’t help but treat her as an opponent… So, I think that Zhao Yanyan must have had the same thoughts…

Yet, now that I think back on it, it was a bit childish. Liu Lei, can you forgive me?”

I let out a long sigh, what is this, I had thought that they had some sort of huge grudge between them, in the end, it’s actually like this! ****, this is too crazy! I waved my hand and said, “You can’t be blamed for this, you don’t need to put it to heart. Zhao Yanyan is also recovering, I hope that when she wakes up, you guys…” I really couldn’t say it, I wanted Liu Yue to apologize to Zhao Yanyan, but Liu Yue can’t be blamed for this completely, both of them had a bit of responsibility!

“I understand, hehe, I naturally should apologize to her!” Liu Yue smiled, guessing my intentions, then continued. “Don’t worry, I won’t trouble you!”

Won’t trouble me? I was a bit confused, what does this mean! However, I didn’t think too much about it, instead I asked in curiosity, “Oh yeah, Liu Yue, according to what you said, you should be in our year, why are you a year higher?”

“Hehe, the middle school I went to was a three-years one, so I naturally graduated earlier than you guys! The principle of the school then was grandpa’s friend, and the school didn’t have a four year program!” Liu Yue explained.

I nodded. IN our time, primary school has already become a five-year program, only very few primary schools had six years, that’s why, most middle schools were four years, only a few middle schools that worked with the six-year based primary schools were three-years based.

“Then aren’t you the same age as us?” I asked.

“Hehe, yeah, I was born in October!” Liu Yue said.

“Oh? Since I’m born in August, this means that you have to call me gege!” I laughed.

“Who would be your meimei, there’s no benefits to it!” Liu Yue snorted.

I smiled, and didn’t continued down on this topic. That was because in my subconscious, I didn’t want to treat Liu Yue as my meimei, I had an unspeakable feeling towards Liu Yue, at the start, the impression Liu Yue gave me was that she was very intelligent and very mature. Yet, after getting into contact with her for a while, I noticed that she was very dumb at times, and would often show the side of a little girl. Unknowingly, I started to have a good feeling about her, but I still had not thought about truly turning her into my girlfriend.

Actually, I didn’t know, but Liu Yue is completely a strong independent woman in front of others, she would only show her side as a little girl when she’s with me. Of course, I knew about it all later on.

“Oh yeah, I already got people to do the procedures for the Land Rover you were interested in, you can drive it away any time. Hehe, but this is Yanjing city, we couldn’t get the type of car plate you got in Songjiang city, it seems to have gotten auctioned ages ago,” said Liu Yue.

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“It’s fine, I don’t want too great of a car plate, what if I get robbed!” I joked.

Liu Yue clearly didn’t believe what I said, she clearly knew about my influence, and she also knew that I was very close with the Three Rock Gang, which was the largest gang in Asia.

“En, then take it away when you have time,” Liu Yue said.

“Hehe, so sorry, I took the car you put there for show!” I said.

“It’s alright, why’s there a need to separate things so clearly between us…” Saying that, Liu Yue blushed, as if noticing she shouldn’t have phrased it like that, thus she quickly corrected herself. “You also have a share of this car shop, so there’s no need to mind!”

I nodded without paying attention to Liu Yue’s expression. At this moment, my phone rang.

I took out my phone, and saw that it was Guo Qing. This brat’s efficiency is truly great, he must have gotten the results already.

“What, do you have the results?” I picked up the phone and asked.

“Yeah, boss! I already investigated them thoroughly, Chen’s Corporation is a listed company that focuses on real estate development, their total assets are worth 6.3 billion HKD, and the majority of it is fixed assets. Their liquid assets are only about a bit more than a billion!” Guo Qing said without care. You have to know, if a normal person heard this number, they would be freaked out, but Guo Qing is no normal person, his business is getting larger and larger, although the gangs couldn’t develop within the country, but he went to places like Japan and Korea to develop. The gang at least had assets worth several tens of billions of USD, this amount that Chen’s Corporation had really isn’t something.

“Oh, this Chen’s Corporation is rather rich!” When you compared it to other companies, this Chen’s Corporation can be counted as rather rich.

“Ah?” Guo Qing momentarily blanked and said. “Boss, you can’t not even have this much right? It was you who gave me my startup funds!”

I laughed wryly, “Guo Qing. You misunderstood me, what I meant was that in comparison to other companies, this Chen’s Corporation is rather rich. However, in comparison to us, this is nothing!”

“You scared me to death, boss! I thought you got bankrupted!” Guo Qing said. Although Guo Qing didn’t know exactly what sort of business I did, he did know that I was very rich.


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