Chapter 36 – The grudge between the two girls

Thus, Liu Yue sighed slightly and said, “Liu Lei, I knew you would ask me, I should have told you ages ago, but you have been really down, and you’d only answer me with a sentence after every three I say to you. What’s worse is that the sentence you answer with would be asking me what I said before, that’s why I didn’t really find it right to say anything. Since you asked me now, then I’ll tell you the truth!”

“Sure, I think that you and Yanyan knew each other before?” I could faintly guess what it was, but I wasn’t very sure.

“That’s right! Zhao Yanyan and I were in the same class during primary school!” Liu Yue said in embarassment. “Now that I mention it, it’s really just business between children!

I was the class rep at the time, and Zhao Yanyan was the study representative, originally we should be very friendly, but you know, a child’s envy is very powerful, especially for excellent children, they all wish to be better than others. When they see girls prettier than them, better at academics than them, they don’t accept it and would want to surpass them.

Zhao Yanyan and I… were exactly this sort of children, since a young age… en, we were both princesses at home, we had excellent family conditions, and our grades were very close, either she would be first or I would be first. Furthermore, you also know that when girls are slightly prettier, they would get a lot of attention, so both her and I became the focus point of the school…

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Perhaps we were too young back then, somehow, we just got so used to fighting, we always wanted to surpass the other one… At the end, we started treating each other as enemies…

I admit, although I was childish back then, but I don’t know why, the moment when I faced Zhao Yanyan once again that day, I couldn’t help but treat her as an opponent… So, I think that Zhao Yanyan must have had the same thoughts…

Yet, now that I think back on it, it was a bit childish. Liu Lei, can you forgive me?”

I let out a long sigh, what is this, I had thought that they had some sort of huge grudge between them, in the end, it’s actually like this! ****, this is too crazy! I waved my hand and said, “You can’t be blamed for this, you don’t need to put it to heart. Zhao Yanyan is also recovering, I hope that when she wakes up, you guys…” I really couldn’t say it, I wanted Liu Yue to apologize to Zhao Yanyan, but Liu Yue can’t be blamed for this completely, both of them had a bit of responsibility!

“I understand, hehe, I naturally should apologize to her!” Liu Yue smiled, guessing my intentions, then continued. “Don’t worry, I won’t trouble you!”

Won’t trouble me? I was a bit confused, what does this mean! However, I didn’t think too much about it, instead I asked in curiosity, “Oh yeah, Liu Yue, according to what you said, you should be in our year, why are you a year higher?”

“Hehe, the middle school I went to was a three-years one, so I naturally graduated earlier than you guys! The principle of the school then was grandpa’s friend, and the school didn’t have a four year program!” Liu Yue explained.

I nodded. IN our time, primary school has already become a five-year program, only very few primary schools had six years, that’s why, most middle schools were four years, only a few middle schools that worked with the six-year based primary schools were three-years based.

“Then aren’t you the same age as us?” I asked.

“Hehe, yeah, I was born in October!” Liu Yue said.

“Oh? Since I’m born in August, this means that you have to call me gege!” I laughed.

“Who would be your meimei, there’s no benefits to it!” Liu Yue snorted.

I smiled, and didn’t continued down on this topic. That was because in my subconscious, I didn’t want to treat Liu Yue as my meimei, I had an unspeakable feeling towards Liu Yue, at the start, the impression Liu Yue gave me was that she was very intelligent and very mature. Yet, after getting into contact with her for a while, I noticed that she was very dumb at times, and would often show the side of a little girl. Unknowingly, I started to have a good feeling about her, but I still had not thought about truly turning her into my girlfriend.

Actually, I didn’t know, but Liu Yue is completely a strong independent woman in front of others, she would only show her side as a little girl when she’s with me. Of course, I knew about it all later on.

“Oh yeah, I already got people to do the procedures for the Land Rover you were interested in, you can drive it away any time. Hehe, but this is Yanjing city, we couldn’t get the type of car plate you got in Songjiang city, it seems to have gotten auctioned ages ago,” said Liu Yue.

“It’s fine, I don’t want too great of a car plate, what if I get robbed!” I joked.

Liu Yue clearly didn’t believe what I said, she clearly knew about my influence, and she also knew that I was very close with the Three Rock Gang, which was the largest gang in Asia.

“En, then take it away when you have time,” Liu Yue said.

“Hehe, so sorry, I took the car you put there for show!” I said.

“It’s alright, why’s there a need to separate things so clearly between us…” Saying that, Liu Yue blushed, as if noticing she shouldn’t have phrased it like that, thus she quickly corrected herself. “You also have a share of this car shop, so there’s no need to mind!”

I nodded without paying attention to Liu Yue’s expression. At this moment, my phone rang.

I took out my phone, and saw that it was Guo Qing. This brat’s efficiency is truly great, he must have gotten the results already.

“What, do you have the results?” I picked up the phone and asked.

“Yeah, boss! I already investigated them thoroughly, Chen’s Corporation is a listed company that focuses on real estate development, their total assets are worth 6.3 billion HKD, and the majority of it is fixed assets. Their liquid assets are only about a bit more than a billion!” Guo Qing said without care. You have to know, if a normal person heard this number, they would be freaked out, but Guo Qing is no normal person, his business is getting larger and larger, although the gangs couldn’t develop within the country, but he went to places like Japan and Korea to develop. The gang at least had assets worth several tens of billions of USD, this amount that Chen’s Corporation had really isn’t something.

“Oh, this Chen’s Corporation is rather rich!” When you compared it to other companies, this Chen’s Corporation can be counted as rather rich.

“Ah?” Guo Qing momentarily blanked and said. “Boss, you can’t not even have this much right? It was you who gave me my startup funds!”

I laughed wryly, “Guo Qing. You misunderstood me, what I meant was that in comparison to other companies, this Chen’s Corporation is rather rich. However, in comparison to us, this is nothing!”

“You scared me to death, boss! I thought you got bankrupted!” Guo Qing said. Although Guo Qing didn’t know exactly what sort of business I did, he did know that I was very rich.


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  1. Furthermore, you also know that when girls a slightly prettier


    Furthermore, you also know that when girls are slightly prettier

    she was clearly about my influence


    she clearly knew about my influence

  2. I dont knw about Liu Yue but i dont think Yanyan is a girl like that. We all knew who she is, its Yanyan that liked Lie Lei for almost a lifetime in the previous time line. Anywaywhat im expecting is family dispute guess im wrong

  3. Dafuq? This is just too stupid, and here I thought thought it would be something explosive, like, liking and winning the same guy over, leading to them to be wary of each other, tsk tsk. 😥

      1. [teaser] Well, Yanyan seem like she had never been in a relationship before meeting Liu Lei (remember how she was mentioned to be ‘cold’ toward boys?). Liu Yue seem like someone with pretty high standard as well (although I can only tell of her recent action than the past for now). I was actually thinking that Yanyan had more conflict with Liu Yue in her previous life, hence Yanyan’s extreme reaction. Maybe… Liu Yue was supposed to fail in the previous life with this whole bet thingy with the family, so… she wasn’t pure anymore or something, and she became some kind of demoness or something… Then she met with Yanyan again and figured out Yanyan’s hidden crush toward Liu Lei, so she advised her to setup the whole fake marriage thingy. Afterwards Yanyan broke down after meeting her again because the fake marriage was the cause of Liu Lei’s death. Hmm… I think that’s kinda too extreme. I mean, come on, mere rival in childhood and Yanyan reacted that way? There has to be something grander than the teaser!

        1. my mind was drifting towards that sort of situation as well, what first tipped me off was the sudden way Yanyan mentioned being reborn or born again to Liu Lei. How they were both pretty much from the future. So my thoughts sort of went and came very close to what you are thinking of as well. Though i have to be honest, there are only two reasons that i can think of for her to react like that: The first reason is what you spoke of, that in the future they have a lot of enmity, that the girl pushed her to marry that one guy.

          Yet that is something i think is a bit unlikely. Why? Because it was said, if i recall, that she accepted the marriage proposal thoughtlessly, and was being pressured by i think her own parents asking her why she wasn’t married yet(you know how parents are, always asking stuff like that) and her own thoughts of growing older and still not being in a relationship with anyone. Even if she liked Liu Lei, he was being a real ***** and so was she, her age and pressure from others, if i do indeed remember it right, is was made her say yes. It was a reactionary thing, though, automatic and stuff, she didnt really think of it. I believe that this was what was said to explain it, though i could be wrong.

          The second reason, or theory for why she reacted like this when seeing Liu Yue, was this: Because they were rivals before. And before then, Yanyan never saw any of the women who surrounded Liu Lei as rival. Not at all. Not even Wei’er. Not one woman he’s been with has she thought of as a threat. Because she is a bit arrogant. She’s prettier than them, richer than them, all-round better. She was the alpha. The main wife.

          But seeing Liu Yue with him, her old rival, the only one she ever really had, she actually did feel threatened. This isnt something she felt from the other girls. And if they hadn’t been rivals before then, she probably wouldnt be feeling it now. The fact they were, though, changes things. So she freaked out. Her sudden revelation to Liu Lei about her own rebirth could have been explained as her trying to get a better hold on him by letting him know that she has those old memories, that she was the one she always loved in the past. And through that revelation, that secret between them, it would form another bond.

          Though that is stretching things a bit. I think both theories has flaws. The former seemed to contradict what was stated earlier about the whole marriage affair, which wasn’t fake at all, and the latter just seems a tad petty.

        2. @cupcakeninja18 I can’t reply to your comment for some reason but I wanted to reply. Whether you’ll read this someday in the future (since I have no idea whether you’ll be notified or not), I can only hand that up to fate (lol). Anyway, about my original theory, I honestly didn’t remember the details of her marriage with the other dude. I could only remember that she said in her mind once, that it would be her last bet (probably to see whether Liu Lei would man up and confess to her), which eventually failed apparently because he was too darn of a *****, lol. I think she mentioned that she was going to do something if it failed, but I can’t remember what it was. Maybe it was something along what you said, that she’d eventually went along with the whole marriage thing due to the social pressure. Anyway, because of that line (the last bet thing), I ended up thinking that it was her plan since the beginning to make Liu Lei move his ***, and ended up connecting that with Liu Yue. After all, I honestly can’t remember the details of how the marriage thing started (I can’t seem to recall the thing about her being confessed and said yes absentmindedly or something).

          I kinda like your second theory though. She’s indeed kinda proud of herself, although she mentioned once that she was slightly pressured by the superstar girl (Su something, can’t remember her name), because, well, she’s a superstar. But from that it can be seen that she does care about her position in his harem. From the way Liu Yue described how she was always closely tied with Yanyan, I can now see why she’d freak out.

          I think your theory may be a bit more likely to be the case than mine. If Liu Yue indeed failed in her previous life, then I believe her image would be kinda tainted (she ended up marrying other dude, being a trigger for Liu Lei’s death and all that stuff) even though the current her is pretty much a different entity from the past her. That won’t sit well with the readers anyway, as this novel being ‘pure’ and shits, lol.

          Besides, I think it’s kinda unlikely that she was going to fail in the previous life. The mystery of the sudden existence of the superstar girl is still not resolved. It could be that Liu Lei was ignorant with the entertainment industry when he was young, but even Yanyan (well, the current her) knew who she was and was a fan of her, so she had to be famous as hell before the **** plan (which should have succeeded in the previous life if she was even a superstar in the previous life – wait, scratch that, the fact that Liu Lei’s company handled the concert plan was already enough to mess up fate in my opinion). So maybe the whole family deal of Liu Yue was merely another Butterfly Effect or whatever, and that only some things stayed aligned with the previous life (which he had already confirmed by now). In fact, the appearance of the superstar girl could be another Butterfly Effect. If she being a superstar wasn’t that long, then it might have something to do with the the first girl Liu Lei slept with (but didn’t pomf pomf).

    1. I guess is something that happened in the past life, after all it was Zhao Yanyan who reacted bad, Liu Yue was only “fighting back”

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