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Chapter 33 – The hell are you

“Li Zhengping! Do you ******* not want to stay anymore!” Seeing that Secretary Chen left in anger, Supervisor Wang no longer kept up his image and pointed at Li Zhengping, then said angrily.

Before Li Zhengping said anything, a few more people arrived at the hospital. Even the doctors and nurses at hospital were confused, what’s so special about today, why did the important officials in the city all come to the hospital! They all started guess if some important chief got hospitalized, but after thinking for a while, aside from a person that got hit by a car, and a person with a broken leg, there wasn’t anyone else? Was one of the two the son or daughter of a powerful person?

Supervisor Wang also saw the people that came in, he first blanked, the quickly went up and said, “Secretary Zhang, why did you come? Is it for the issue with Chen’s Corporation?”

The person that come was the deputy secretary of municipal party committee, hearing Supervisor Wang’s random question, he said in confusion, “What Chen’s Corporation?”

“It’s the Chen’s Corporation that is going to cooperate with our Yanjing city’s government to fix the bridge, their company’s second young master got his leg broken by someone!” said Supervisor Wang.

“Fix the bridge? Oh, I know, just leave this for now, I have urgent business to take care of!” said Secretary Zhang.

“Deputy Secretary Zhang, you can’t just leave this! Just now, Li Zheng Ping, this bas… Superintendent Li pissed off Secretary Chen from Chen’s Corporation, and they will withdraw the investments here!” Supervisor Wang quickly explained.

“Oh?” Deputy Secretary Zhang frowned, then looked at Li Zhengping and asked, “What happened.”

Thus, Li Zhengping told Deputy Secretary Zhang about how Chen Zelong drove without a license. Hearing that, Deputy Secretary Zhang actually said, “Superintendent Li, you were correct in doing so! We’re a socialist country, and a law-based society, even if a rich person broke the law, we have to punish him as well! Capitalism doesn’t work there!” After that, he glared at Supervisor Wang and said, ‘Supervisor Wang, your actions were wrong in order to attract investments and increase your achievements, you’re just going to put the law to the side? If the person that Chen Zelong hit was also the son or daughter of a rich man, will you do it like this as well? Your manner of thinking is what’s problematic! About this, you don’t need to be responsible for the investment anymore, leave it to your assistant, go and write a report for me when you get back and self-reflect!”

“I understand, Deputy Secretary Zhang,” Supervisor Zhang said with his head hung.

“Look… Having heard the stuff form you, I forgot about the proper business!” Deputy Secretary Zhang stomped his foot and said. “Ah, Supervisor Wang, you were at the hospital for so long, did you see a girl hit by a car sent here?”

“A girl hit by a car? There doesn’t seem to be any… Oh yeah, Deputy Secretary Zhang, Chen Zelong hit a girl!” Supervisor Wang suddenly said.

“Ah? Are you certain? What’s her name?” Deputy Secretary Zhang asked anxiously.

“I think she’s called something like Zhao thingy, I didn’t pay attention!” Supervisor Wang said as if he didn’t care at all.

“What thingy! You’re a thingy!” Deputy Secretary Zhang was so angry that his face was going pale as he asked, “Was she called Zhao Yanyan?”

“She seems… to be…” Seeing Deputy Secretary Zhang suddenly get angry, Supervisor Wang didn’t quite know what to do.

“Yes, Deputy Secretary Zhang, the injured is indeed called Zhao Yanyan,” Li Zhengping nodded.

“Oh wow! Supervisor Wang, you really are amazing, in your eyes, you just know that the Chen Zelong is rich, and can’t be offended. Do you know who this Zhao Yanyan is?” Deputy Secretary Zhang was really pissed in his heart, he just hoped that this Supervisor Wang didn’t do anything arrogant or mock others.

“Who is she… Could she even be more amazing than Chen Zelong’s family’s Chen’s Corporation…” Supervisor Wang muttered quietly.

Even if he was quiet, Deputy Secretary Zhang still heard it clearly. Deputy Secretary Zhang said, “This Zhao Yanyan is the granddaughter of the old chief when I was in the army, the current Songjiang’s Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhao Limin! Her father is even more amazing, he’s Zhao Junsheng, the CEO of the world’s largest corporation – Shuguang Corporation!”

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“Wa?” Supervisor Wang didn’t react after hearing it for a while, then he said with a shudder, “Deputy Secretary Zhang, is what you said real?”

“Why would I trick you! I’m telling you, Supervisor Wang, if you pissed off Zhao Junsheng because of this, then it’s not as simple as fixing the bridge or not! You didn’t offend her, right?” Deputy Secretary Zhang asked.

“No… She has been unconscious ever she was hit, and was always in the operation room!” Supervisor Wang said.

“Supervisor Wang, what am I supposed to say to you, always on the side of the powerful!” Deputy Secretary Zhang said hatefully.

“Deputy Secretary Zhang, I… I didn’t know that, if I know this beforehand, then I definitely wouldn’t help that that Chen Zelong,” said Supervisor Wang.

“What! You are still not changing, are you? What do you mean by knew this beforehand? Yes, we have the responsibility of protecting the safety of the family of these entrepreneurs with contributions towards the society, but it doesn’t mean that we have to shield them and protect them! I think that your attitude is still not right!” Deputy Secretary Zhang said.

“I…” Until now, Supervisor Wang had been continuously cursing at that Chen Zelong, swearing that he didn’t have eyes and actually hit Shuguang Corporation’s CEO’s daughter, causing him to lose his career.

“I what! About this, go and hand your work to your assistant when you get back, then take a while off, I don’t think you are suitable on this position,” Seeing that Supervisor Wang still had not realize the issue with his manner of thinking, Deputy Secretary Zhang decided to remove him from the job.

“Superintendent Li, where is Zhao Yanyan right now, has her operation been completed?” Deputy Secretary Zhang ignored Supervisor Wang, and turned to ask Li Zhengping.

“The operation is very successful, but she’s still in the danger period, so the hospital has to watch over her for some time!” said Li Zhengping.

“Oh! It’s good that the operation is successful!” Deputy Secretary Zhang let out a sigh of relief. “Otherwise, if anything happened, it would be hard for me to face the old chief, what’s more, her father is someone that have done such amazing contributions for our country’s economy, if we cannot protect their children, how can they focus on contributing to the nation! How about this, let’s see how she is?”

“About this… Sorry, Deputy Secretary Zhang, although you are my superior, before this, I already received orders from the police department for me to protect Miss Zhao’s safety, and not allow anyone to disturb her… Look…” Li Zhengping said in a troubled manner.

“Oh, so it’s like this! That’s normal! I was rash, look, I completely forgot that the injured has not left the danger period…” Deputy Secretary Zhang said awkwardly.

Seeing Deputy Secretary Zhang say that, he also smiled, and said, “Oh yeah, Deputy Secretary Zhang, let me introduce you, this is Miss Zhao Yanyan’s boyfriend, Liu Lei, he’s also a student at Huaxia University!”


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