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Chapter 32 – Who’s more powerful

Although the city government had already told him that he had to treat the case of Young Master Chen hitting someone with a car in a low-profile manner, since no one died, everything should be easily dealt with.

However, when Superintendent found out that the person hit was actually Shuguang Corporation’s CEO’s daughter, it only took a split-second before he knew where he should stand!

For cases like these that involved famous people, if he didn’t pay attention for even a moment and stood on the wrong side, he might very well ruin his political future. What’s more, Young Master Chen driving without a license already broke the law, it was normal for him (Superintendent Li) to send someone to watch him, even if the officials knew that, they wouldn’t say anything.

“Little bro, so your girlfriend’s family has such a powerful background!” Superintendent Li said to me. “I was worried for you for nothing just now! I was afraid that even if I let you off easy, the Chen family wouldn’t, it seems like I worried too much!”

“Superintendent Li, if you don’t mind, then allow me to call you Li-dage. I do than you a lot, because you were truly thinking of me!” I said.

“Sure! Then I’ll call you little bro Liu! Li-dage, I, will tell you the truth, actually I personally don’t like how those rich men from Hong Kong and Taiwan causing trouble in the mainland in the name of investment. We can’t even do anything to them, since their laws are different to ours, sometimes, I really want to arrest them all!” Superintendent Li said.

“Hehe! However, they did come to develop our country!” I nodded and smiled. I deeply understood Li-dage’s viewpoint.

“Bullshit! If he really brought the money here, then so be it! But the young masters of a lot of corporations just used the name of surveying potential investments to come travel! After they got our warm welcome, they just wipe their *** then leave, and use the beautiful name of researching about it back home!” Superintendent Li clenched his teeth and said.

“There’s no helping it! Right now, some people are just using this gap!” I said. “I think this Young Master Chen most likely came to play, otherwise, how could he have not brought the survey team!”

Superintendent Li nodded, “However, these issues are not what I, a police, deals with!”

Just as we were speaking, we heard a commotion nearly, a middle-aged man with sunglasses and a briefcase walked over with a group of bunch of people. When one of the official-like person saw Superintendent Li, he quickly ran over and asked, “Superintendent Li, how is Young Master Chen!”

“Supervisor Wang, Young Master Chen is fine,” Superintendent Li said in displeasure.

“Say, Supervisor Wang, why is the efficiency of you people in mainland so slow, did you arrest the culprit that hit our young master?” said the sunglasses man beside Supervisor Wang.

“Superintendent Li, I already talked with the Section Chief Li, I think he spoke to you already, how is it, did you arrest the person that hit him?” Supervisor Wang asked.

Superintendent Li looked at me and said, “Supervisor Wang, he’s here!”

“Here? What are you waiting for! Hurry up and arrest him! For me!” Supervisor Wang pointed at me and yelled.

“Say, Supervisor Wang, it doesn’t seem like your Investment Attraction Office can decide whether I arrest him or not, right?” Superintendent Li said calmly.

“Superintendent Li, what is the meaning of you saying this? I already told your Section Chief Li that you have to handle this case severely!” Supervisor Wang shouted.

“Handle it severely? Still, you don’t seem to have the right to order us police, right?” Superintendent Li continued.

“You…! What do you mean! A mere police superintendent dares to oppose me? I’m telling you, I’m representing the city committee officers?” Supervisor Wang said angrily. “What? You want to be biased towards this person? Who is here? Or what did he give you?”

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“Supervisor, don’t randomly say things! You have to take legal responsibility for it! I think you have also heard of I, Li Zhengping’s, personality! If you say that I got bribed, the entire police field wouldn’t believe you!’ said Superintendent Li.

“Supervisor Wang, what’s going on? Do your governmental agencies just argue with each other all the time, I’m telling you, if our young master is not satisfied with how you handled this, then this investment project will be cancelled!” The sunglasses man interrupted impatiently on the side.

“Secretary Chen, sorry, you’ve seen something unsightly, I will definitely satisfy you!” Supervisor Wang quickly said with a smile. The when he turned around, his expression completely transformed, even faster than transformers as he roared to Superintendent Li, “What’s with you? Are you not even going to listen to Section Chief Li’s orders?”

“I naturally have to listen to Section Chief Li’s orders, but he only told me to investigate this carefully, before anything is truly known, how can I arrest anyone, from the looks of the case right now, it’s Young Master Chen’s driving without a license then hitting someone that’s more severe!” Superintendent Li said slowly.

“Heng!” Hearing that, the sunglasses man immediately got unwilling. “Supervisor Wang, it seems like you guys lack the sincerity for cooperation, we’ll just leave the investment like this! Your local government can’t even guarantee the personal safety of us investors, who would dare to invest here!” Saying that, he said to a follower on the side, “Go and immediately book the plane tickets back to Hong Kong as quick as possible, at the same time, help Young Master Chen do the procedures to be discharged!”

After the follower left, he immediately said to the doctor on the side. “Our family’s Young Master wants to be discharged.

Before that doctor could reply, Superintendent Li stretched out his arm and said, “Who said Chen Zelong can be discharged? He is suspected of driving without a license and hitting someone, and thus is already detained by us, the police!”

“You! The **** are you? You actually dare to detain our Young Master? Do you know who our Young Master is?” How could the sunglasses man be willing after hearing that Superintendent Li was going to detain his young master, thus he immediately got angry!

“I’m not a ****, I’m a police, detaining Chen Zelong is my duty and responsibility. Furthermore, of course I know who he is, isn’t he Chen Zelong!” said Superintendent Li.

“Heng! He is a Hong Kong citizen, you have no right to detain him!” The sunglasses man, Secretarry Chen, snorted.

“I think you made a mistake, right? Hong Kong has already returned to China! Any crimes that occurred within our nation’s borders shall be judged by our nation’s laws!” said Superintendent Li.

“Heh! Superintendent Li, you have to see the situation clearly, us, the Chen family is a large family, and has business with a lot of corporations in the mainland, if we freeze all of the investments in the mainland, go and predict the losses in the yourself!” Secretary Chen threatened.

“About this…” Supervisor Wang glared at Superintendent Li and said. “Superintendent Li, did you not hear Secretary Chen’s words! Do you want to cause problems for national interests!”

“If I let Chen Zelong go just like this, that’s causing problems for the nation’s law! As for the person that hit Chen Zelong, I will also do it by the books, you have no right to interfere!” said Superintendent Li.

“Fine, fine, fine! Supervisor Wang, why did such a person appear here! Heng, we’ll see!” With that, Secretary Chen stomped out of the hospital without Supervisor Wang.


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