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Chapter 31 – She’s Zhao Yanyan

“Hong Kong businessman? He came to invest?” I thought about it and asked.

Hong Kong businessmen coming to develop in the mainland was a very normal occurrence, I remember a Hong Kong businessman went to Songjiang back then, and the local officials treated him like a god of fortune.

Superintendent Li nodded, “They seem to be cooperating to fix some bridge, I’m not sure of the details, basically, brat, you are in big trouble!”

Hearing that, I nodded, and relaxed. I had thought that he was some kind of important person, but he’s just a young master that came over to invest, coming to act cocky in Yanjing city just due to them having a bit of money. Aren’t you awesome, just what kind of thing can the young master of Chen’s Corporation do? Then how much consequence will the darling daughter of the world’s largest corporation’s CEO cause?

I called Zhao Junsheng, and after telling him that Zhao Yanyan got hit by a car, Uncle Zhao immediately blanked. Only when I told him that Zhao Yanyan was fine did Uncle Zhao react and tell me that he’ll immediately rush over on a plane.

After approximately a few hours, the doctor with the white gown walked over. Seeing me, he said, “The surgery was very successful, the patient’s condition has already stabilized, but she still didn’t leave the danger period, so she needs to be watched in the hospital for a while.”

I quickly thanked him, if the surgery was successful, it means that there isn’t much of a problem, since I have already used qi to heal the rest of Zhao Yanyan’s wounds.

“We can go now, right?” Superintendent Li asked.

I nodded and said, “However, aren’t you going to bring the culprit along?”

“About this…” Superintendent Li said in a troubled manner. “Technically, we should bring him along, since he doesn’t have a driving license here, thus it counts as illegal driving. That’s why he should take the full responsibility, but… His identity is rather special, and a higher-up spoke out for him…”

I thought about it after hearing that, that’s true, if this Young Master Chen come to invest, if he got sued due to this, then the investment here is definitely school. That’s why, some officials in the local government definitely interfered with this for their achievement.

I picked up my phone and dialed a number, “Lawyer Zhang, I’m Liu Lei, something happened here, come to XX road’s police station!”

Lawyer Zhou was the professional legal advisor for Shuguang Corporation’s office at Yanjing, he knows about the relationship between Uncle Zhao and I, so was extremely courteous towards me. Through the conversation just now, I also knew that Superintendent Li was the police superintendent in this area.

“Ai! Young man, I know you feel like it’s an issue, but there isn’t much use if you find a lawyer, you might want to sue him, yet it’s already good enough that he doesn’t sue you! I think you’re a pretty nice person and is a student at Huaxia, I’ll find a way to talk with the higher-ups, and try to not leave a record for you, since it’ll affect you finding a job in the future!” Superintendent Li sighed.

I couldn’t help but be moved, this Superintendent Li was truly a good person as he continuously thought for my sake!

Actually Superintendent Li did think so as well, after being in politics for so many years, he deeply understood the severity of this issue, once a case was set, I would have a record, so he couldn’t bare for a student of a famous university with a great future ahead of him have his future ruined due to this incident.

“A higher-up will definitely come and talk to you later, just hold it and admit your mistake, don’t pursue after their responsibility! I’ll see if I can let Young Master Chen let it go like this,” Superintendent Li said.

That was true since Superintendent Li did not know my identity then, if he knew that I was the true controller of Shuguang Corporation, then he wouldn’t have said that. Even if he didn’t know, but he knew that the girl hit was Zhao Junsheng’s daughter, he wouldn’t say that either.

Just as I was thinking that, Superintendent Li’s phone rang, he picked up the phone, “Hello, I’m Zhengping… What? There is an emergency mission? Who? Zhao Junsheng’s daughter got hit by a car? The culprit drove without a license? Who’s Zhao Junsheng? … What? Shuguang Corporation’s CEO!!! … At xx hospital? I’m conducting Section Chief Li’s mission, and am at xx Hospital! Okay, I understand, I’ll immediately get people to… Okay, I understand, I’ll do it personally!”

“Superintendent, did anything happen?” Seeing the sweat on Superintendent Li’s forehead, Xiao Zhang asked in confusion.

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“Pause on the city station’s mission, there are missions from even higher-ups, Shuguang Corporation’s Director Zhang’s daughter got hit by a car! She’s at xx Hospital!” said Superintendent Li.

“Ah? That largest corporation in the world? What’s going on, why did all these children of rich people come to our district?” Xiao Zhang exclaimed.

“How would I know! Ai, about this, although it’s not related to us, my job is gone!” Superintendent Li smiled wryly.

“What’s more, isn’t this the job of the traffic police? What does it have to do with the police?” Xiao Zhang said.

“Didn’t it happen in our district, the Chief of the city’s police department called me, and told me to bring people to the hospital to protect Miss Zhao’s safety! People are going to come immediately from the city’s police station! Ai, let’s not talk about it anymore, we need to hurry and ask which room she’s in!” said Superintendent Li.

“Ai? Doctor, I want to ask something from you, which room is Zhao Yanyan in?” Superintendent Li asked.

“What business do you have?” The doctor asked weirdly.

“It’s like this, we are the police, this is my badge…” said Superintendent Li.

“I don’t care whether you are the police or not, the patient haven’t left her danger period, so if you have any business, then wait for the patient’s situation to stabilize first before coming!” Before Superintendent Li could finish, the doctor spurt out.

“No, you misunderstood, we received orders from the higher-ups to protect Miss Zhao!” Superintendent Li quickly explained.

“Protect?” The doctor looked at me strangely. “Since it’s like that, then first get the permission from the patient’s family, if he disagrees, then we can’t do anything, unless you bring an introductory letter.”

“Family? Where is Miss Zhao’s family? Please introduce us to them, okay?” said Superintendent Li.

“Introduce? Introduce what? Aren’t you guys together?” The doctor said in confusion.

“Together? What do you mean together?” Superintendent Li was even more confused.

“Don’t you know each other?” The doctor asked.

“Who do we know? We just spoke with this young man just now, there wasn’t anything on the side?” Superintendent Li also asked.

“I’m talking about him!” The doctor pointed at me and said.

“What?” Superintendent Li pointed at me with his eyes wide open and said, “You are…”

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“I am Zhao Yanyan’s boyfriend,” I smiled. It looks like Uncle Zhao has already called the higherups here.

“Then the young lady that was hit inside is…” Superintendent Li opened his mouth in shock.

“She’s Zhao Yanyan,” I said.

“What! She’s Zhao Yanyan? CEO Zhao’s daughter!” Superintendent Li exclaimed. “Xiao Zhang, hurry to Young Master Chen’s room, watch him closely, don’t let him leave!”


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