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Chapter 30 – Car Accident

Seeing my anger, Chen Weier didn’t dare to say anything, and merely walked over to squat beside Zhao Yanyan.

“What happened!” I asked coldly. I glared at the culprit’s car, it was a brand new Mercedes s600, on it was Liu’s Car Shop’s logo, so it was a person that have come to try out a car that hit Zhao Yanyan.

“I’m… Sorry, Director Liu, it’s my fault…” The accompanying driver said to Liu Yue with a tremble.

At this moment, Liu Yue’s face was already full of tears as she felt extremely guilty. Seeing that the accident was caused by her car shop, she felt even more guilty.

“This is an issue? ****, didn’t I just hit someone, is there a need to act like this!” At this moment, the young man with a cigarette in his started speaking. He cockily threw the rest of the cigarette onto the floor, stamped on it to extinguish it and continued, “I hit the person, say it, how much?”

Hearing that, I even had an intent to kill. Dragons have scales, if you touch those, you die, and Zhao Yanyan is my greatest scale! I thought about it, then calmed myself, this was a busy district, if I kill someone, it will bring about a lot of unnecessary trouble.

However, not killing him doesn’t mean that I will leave it like this! I glared at the young man, then said a phrase coldly, “I won’t let you go!”

“Who are you? Are you the family member of this person on the floor? That’s good, how much do you want, say a number, you pretty much blackmailed laozi, laozi will just give in!” The cocky young man said.

I didn’t say anything, and just reached out to a metal fence on the side of the car park, then pulled, stripping the metal stick from the chains.

“What… What are you doing?” The cocky young man said with a bit of terror.

“You know immediately,” I put the metal bar in my hands.

The cocky young man momentarily blanked, and before he reacted, my metal bar was already smashed on his leg, with a clear crack of the bones, along with a howl, the cocky young man immediately full onto the ground like a pile of mud.

I threw the bar to the side, and said calmly, “Scream for what, didn’t you just have two broken legs, how much do you want, say it.”

“You… You…” The cocky young man was already unable to speak from the pain, as someone who has been spoiled since birth, when has he felt this sort of suffering!

“I what! Okay now, the ambulance is here, are you going to the hospital or not? If you don’t, then I’ll carry my wifey there!” I laughed coldly and said.

“Wait… Wait! I’m going! Bring me there!” No matter how cocky the young man was, he couldn’t help but give in, since his life was the most important, by saving his life, everything was fine!

After Zhao Yanyan was brought to the hospital, they directly pushed her into the operation room.

I felt like I spent days or even years outside the operation room while Chen Weier comforted me on the side. Although I knew that Zhao Yanyan was fine in my heart, without seeing Zhao Yanyan come out, I was unable to relax.

“Who is the patient’s family member?” A doctor is a white gown walked out from the operation room.

I hurriedly stood up and said to the doctor, “I am!”

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“What is your relationship to the patient?” The doctor asked me after looking at me.

“I’m her husband!” I said.

“Oh!” The doctor nodded and said. “The patient has a head injury, there is a blood clot inside, we have to take it out with craniotomy, this is the consent form, look at it, if you agree, then we’ll immediately prepare for the operation!”

“Is there danger… I mean what is the success probability, and is there any side effects?” I asked.

“About this… From past experience, the success rate of this operation is above ninety five percent, since the position of the blood clot is very obvious, it’s rather easy to take out! As for side effects… Since she’s a girl, she might have a scar on her head after operation, but since you are married, it should be fine!” said the doctor.

I let out a long sigh of relief, since the doctor dared to say it’s above ninety five percent, then that basically means there should be no problem with the surgery at all, it’s just that he didn’t dare to say a hundred percent, because nothing is absolute!

As for a scar, I’m not scared, the healing ability out of my powers can heal wounded skin, causing it to turn like it’s new.

After I signed my name on the consent form, the doctor returned to the operation room.

Just when I sat down and prepare to rest for a while, a few policemen barged in. After seeing me, they said, “You are suspected of wounding with intent, please come with us to the police station for the investigation!”

I looked over at them, then immediately understood, it seems like the person I beat up had some background, otherwise, the police wouldn’t have come so quickly.

“The brat with the broken leg called you over, right?” I said calmly. “Yeah, I hit him.”

“Oh? Since you admit it, then come with us! Xiao Zhang, take him away!” The tall police in the lead ordered.

“Wait!” I said. “My girlfriend got hit by a car, she’s having an operation done!”

“You! I’m telling you, you must come with us! I’m on a mission!” The police called Xiao Zhang said.

“Then arrest the culprit that hit her first!” I said coldly.

“You! Do you know who you hit?” Xiao Zhang glared at me and said.

“Alright now, Xiao Zhang, wait till after the operation!” The police in the lead waved his hand and said to Xiao Zhang. “What do you mean who he hit, where did you get so much bullshit from, no matter who, we have to do it by the books!”

“But, Superintendent Li, this was ordered by the city’s police department, this Young Master Chen is a Hong Kong businessman, and came to survey their investments, we should take care…” Xiao Zhang muttered quietly.

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“Shut up! Are you the superintendent or am I the superintendent? City’s police department? Do you want to go over me?” The police superintendent, Superintendent Li, said in displeasure.

Then he turned his head and said to me, “We are just investigating the citation, since there’s a special circumstance, then let’s take your statement here!”

Since I saw that this Superintendent Li was a rather just person and not like some officials that admired foreigners, I got much less angry, thus I said, “Alright, what do you want to ask.”

“It’s like this, according to the victim, you used a metal fence to break the victim’s leg, a lot of witnesses were there, it can be said that there is solid proof, do you have any explanations for this?” Superintendent Li asked.

Thus, I told him about how that cocky Young Master Zhang crashed into Zhao Yanyan and how he spoke without any sort of restraint.

“Anyone would get angry because of this, if you look at the situation, it’s understandable that you did that, but not by law!” Superintendent Li said helplessly after hearing that. “Actually, this isn’t that major of a deal, but it isn’t minor either, if both sides were normal civilians, we would just talk it over and settle it in private. The problem is that the other side is a Hong Kong businessman… Furthermore, this Young Master Chen, is the young master of Hong Kong’s Chen’s Corporation, and has come to survey potential investments, if the cooperation succeeds, it would bring a lot of benefits for the mainland’s economy, thus, the higher-ups are paying very close attention to this. Now that Young Master Chen got hurt, the higher-ups immediately got us, police, strict orders to deal with this heavily…”


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