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Chapter 29 – Zhao Yanyan’s Danger

Zhao Yanyan continued, “So it’s like this… Liu’s Car Shop, I was wondering why it was so familiar, haha, Liu Lei, Liu Yue, this Liu’s is great!” With that, tears flowed down like flowing water.

This was the first time Zhao Yanyan had made such a scene ever she was with me. Although I didn’t understand the reason, I knew that this must be related to Liu Yue. Thus, I quickly gave Liu Yue a cue for her to speak a bit less. Liu Yue glared at me and mouthed, “You owe me a favor!”

I faint! This was clearly all caused by her, yet she’s making me owe her, does she think that I’m an easily deceived generous person! However, I had no other choice at the moment, I’ll leave everything till after I comforted Zhao Yanyan!

Thus, I hurried over to hold Zhao Yanyan, and said softly, “Yanyan, this car shop does have my investment, but it’s not what you think! We’re only cooperating!”

“You’re lying!” Zhao Yanyan choked. “I don’t object you finding other women, but just not her!”

“I… Yanyan, there really isn’t anything going on between her and I!” I said anxiously.

“I don’t believe you!” Zhao Yanyan said as she pushed away my hands and ran off while crying. Zhao Yanyan’s heart did actually accept Liu Lei’s explanation, even though he was a bit fickle in love, he never lied to her, and just say whatever was true! However, Zhao Yanyan still felt terrible in her heart!

As Liu Yue looked at the sad Zhao Yanyan, she didn’t know why, but she lost her animosity that she had before. Instead, it was replaced by a feeling of her unable to beat it all! Thus, she said, “Liu Lei, did you go dumb, what are you blanking out for, hurry up and chase her!”

I momentarily blanked, then immediately chased.

However, when I ran to the entrance of the car shop, I heard the sharp sound of a car breaking, followed by the sound of a crash…

My heart suddenly tightened as a terrible feeling surged up into my heart!

I swiftly ran out of the car shop and saw Zhao Yanyan lying in the car park not far away. Her face was stark red, the corners of her mouth was full of blood. Not far from her was a Mercedes, beside the car was a young man with a cigarette in his mouth that was frowning as she watched Zhao Yanyan on the floor.

“Yanyan!” I yelled and ran over, then immediately kneeled onto the floor! My mind was completely blanked! Just how did I die for in my previous life, and why did I get reborn! This was all because of Zhao Yanyan, it could be said that she was my everything, if anything happened to her, what meaning is there to my life!

“Yanyan, what happened, don’t scare me!” I grabbed hold of Zhao Yanyan and said with a tremble in my voice.

History changed, it changed completely! It will never develop according to the original track! I was no longer the transmigrated person that can predict the future!

At this moment, Chen Weier and Liu Yue also rushed over. Seeing Zhao Yanyan’s appearance, they freaked. Liu Yue’s tears immediately dropped, she kneeled beside Zhao Yanyan and chocked, “Zhao Yanyan, sorry! It’s all my fault… Don’t be angry, actually, there’s nothing between Liu Lei and I… I… I just wanted to compete with you… I’m wrong… I’m begging you, don’t scare us!”

Chen Weier was a bit calmer, she quickly took out her mobile to call the police and then the ambulance.

“I… I don’t blame you!’ Zhao Yanyan struggled to open her eyes and said forcefully to Liu Yue, “Go… Go away for a moment, I… I have a few words I want to say alone with Liu Lei…”

Liu Yue and Chen Weier looked at each other after hearing it, then silently walked to the side to find the driver responsible.

After seeing the two people walk away, she turned around, and said to me with a soft and reluctant gaze. She reached out her hand and tried her best to touch my face, but she was unable to msuter the strength. I quickly grabbed hold of Zhao Yanyan’s hands and put it on my face, “Yanyan, don’t say anything, the ambulance is coming very quickly, hold on for a while, you can go to the hospital very quickly!”

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“No… I have to say it! I’m scared that if I don’t say it… I… won’t have the chance to!” Zhao Yanyan said softly. “There’s something, I always wanted to tell you, but you were no longer there… Director Liu, that day at the hospital, I said to you, I will marry you at all cost…”

Hearing the words that Zhao Yanyan said, I was completely shocked! I was no longer there? Director Liu? Hospital?

This was something I couldn’t be even more familiar with, it was what happened before I was reborn! How did Zhao Yanyan know?

“Yanyan, what are you saying? How do you know all this?” I said in surprise.

“Liu Lei… You are someone that has been reborn, right?” Zhao Yanyan said.

“What!” I couldn’t be more shocked… My greatest secret, that I have never mentioned to anyone. Zhao Yanyan actually knew about it!

“You… don’t need to be surprise, I know about you, actually, I won’t hide it from you either, I’m also that has been reborn…” With that, Zhao Yanyan’s eyes closed.

I could feel the hand that Zhao Yanyan held me with tightly suddenly let go as her body fell to the side.

“Yanyan!” I screamed!

My mind was in a state of utter chaos, why was it like this? Yanyan was reborn as well? Then what about that Zhao Yanyan in my previous life?

Yet now, I couldn’t think about that at all! What I was most worried about was Zhao Yanyan’s safety! Whether or not Zhao Yanyan was reborn was no longer of importance to me, regardless of which Zhao Yanyan, she is the love of my life! I will not permit anything to happen to her!

All of a sudden, I remember that my subordinate, Du Xiaowei had once gotten heavily wounded when he was on a bodyguard mission, and was near death, my martial nephew Jiaoyazi had used his powers to save him! The powers I had were of the same kind as Jiaoyazi, furthermore, the powers I had were above his, then doesn’t that mean I can use the same method to save Zhao Yanyan!

Although I couldn’t be sure that my method would definitely work, there was no harm in trying. Even if my powers don’t work, it won’t have any side effects after entering someone else’s body, at least before the ambulance arrives, I have to try!

I held Zhao Yanyan’s hand and slowly sent my qi into Zhao Yanyan’s body. The qi fused with Zhao Yanyan’s body without any accidents, thus I used the methods that Jiaoyazi taught me to heal Zhao Yanyan’s wounded nerves and organs.

Very slowly, under the influence of my qi, Zhao Yanyan’s body begun to heal, her breathing also calmed down. However, my ability was unable to deal with everything perfectly, even Jiaoyazi couldn’t.

Even so, it was enough for Zhao Yanyan to hold on until the ambulance came. I put Zhao Yanyan down lightly and said to Chen Weier, “Weier, take care of Yanyan for a bit.” Then I stood up, and walked to the culprit of this accident with blood shot eyes.


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