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Chapter 2 – Awesome Person

They all thought to themselves, this person is way too awesome, right? He actually dared to chat up other girls in front of his girlfriend? Then they looked at the person’s girlfriend, she was actually smiling, and didn’t find an issue with it at all.

That wasn’t even the most surprising thing, the weirdest part was right afterwards. They saw the number one school beauty, Chen Weier – the ice cold beauty, who barely smiled normally and never had any rumors about her, actually leap up into that person’s embrace!

Chen Weier had originally wanted to get mad just now, thinking that the person was too thick skinned, calling someone else his wifey immediately, then she listened carefully and got filled up with emotions. It really was him! Chen Weier couldn’t help but stand up in joy and leap into his arms, while shouting coquettishly, “Hubby~!”

The person said softly, “Little wifey, didn’t hubby come to accompany you!”

A commotion immediately spread through the crowd. The number one school beauty in Huaxia University is actually his little wife? You have to know that this Huaxia University was already a place where dragons and tigers were hidden, there were far too many awesome people, but although they saw awesome people normally, they never saw anyone as awesome as this!

Hehe, readers, you guessed it right, the person so awesome is obviously me! If another awesome dude pops out, this novel doesn’t have to continue anymore! Of course, if I give birth to a son in the future, I don’t mind him inheriting his daddy’s spirit and continue to be awesome.

It was fine when I didn’t speak, the moment I spoke, this girlie’s tears started flowing non-stop.

I held Chen Weier and said, “Here now, alright, didn’t I come… Why are you crying… Ai! Alright, if you cry anymore, you won’t be pretty anymore… If you cry anymore… Then I’ll **** you!”

As I expected, after hearing this, Chen Weier stopped crying and giggled, “What, having dirty thoughts the moment we meet! I’m not going to care about you anymore!” Despite saying that, her little hands still held me tightly without letting go.

“Alright, let go now! Didn’t you see the gazes of the boys and girls in entire school, do you want your hubby to become the public enemy?” I pinched Chen Weier’s cheeks and said.

“Girls? What does this have to do with girls?” Chen Weier said in confusion.

“Who said it has nothing to do with them? Seeing that your hubby, I, such a handsome man already belongs to someone, and can’t get me, they naturally would get angry, and the love will turn to hate!” I chuckled.

“What the hell is this!” Chen Weier pouted and said.

“Hehe, Liu Lei didn’t improve much these years, but his mouth is much smoother, and is always !” Zhao Yanyan told Chen Weier in a giggle.

“Oily tongued? I didn’t eat any oily thing just now? Ooh, I know, Yanyan, you must have ate something oily!” I pretended like I suddenly understood everything.

“Me? What does this have to do with me!” Zhao Yanyan said in confusion.

“Of course, it has everything to do with you, think about it, I didn’t eat anything after waking up in the morning before kissing you, if this oil didn’t come from you, then who did it come from?” I said seriously.

“You are… terrible!” Zhao Yanyan said with a blush.

Chen Weier covered her mouth with her hands and giggled, “You really are more cheerful than before… But… This isn’t good either!”

“Why is it not good?” I asked.

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“You were eye-catching enough, wouldn’t think mean that you’re going to gain the hearts of even more girls?” Chen Weier said.

I could only smile wryly… I really couldn’t retort about that!

At this moment, at a place not far away from us, that lecherous Situ Liang was fantasizing about my two wifeys, and hearing me say this, he said, “Where did this brat come from? Getting so cocky from the start!”

“Heng, he probably isn’t anyone special, he should have much background, or else we would have gotten news ages ago! Currently, in this Huaxia University, the only one that can oppose you is the brat from the Ding family, but after you deal with the chick from the Liu family, and the two family add their powers together, Young Master will be invincible!” The birdman flattered.

“Wahahahaha! Well said! I am invincible!” Situ Liang laughed maniacally, “Find a chance to put shame on that brat, and let him know that chatting up girls in Hua-U is not that easy!”

“Boss, don’t worry, just look at his looks, he’s obviously a poor person, I think that as long as we give him some money, he would leave those two women!” The birdman suggested.

“Good idea! Let’s do this! ****, he looks even more handsome than this young master, but is he as rich as this young master? Is he as good in martial arts as this young master!” Situ Liang said.

“Of course not, boss, you’re martial arts is invincible in the entire world, even Dongfang Bubai is not your opponent!” The birdman praised.

“En!” Situ Liang nodded, thought about it a little then said, “Isn’t Dongfang Bubai that young master from the Dongfang family! The ****** was rather awesome, I had to use fifty percent of my strength to destroy him!”

Birdman wanted to faint about hearing that, causing him to swear his heart, why did I follow such a dumb boss, Dongfang Bubai has been dead for so many hundred years, and that’s ignoring the fact that he might have not existed, even if he did, did you drag his corpse out to mutilate it? Despite that, he still said, “yeah, boss. Who can be your opponent in the entire world, in the next Huaxia Wulin Competition, the Wulin leader will definitely be you, and when you order all the renowned families, don’t forget to give this one a promotion!”

“Don’t worry, Zhang Niao, when I’m the alliance leader, you’ll be the deputy leader. The two of us will order the entire world together!” Situ Liang promised.

So, this birdman was actually called Zhang Niao! No wonder some scientist had said that some people’s appearance linked with their names, this person was such an example, he looked like his name.

“Wahahahahaha!” Situ Liang and Zhang Niao laughed maniacally. Yet, the difference was that Situ Liang was laughing like an idiot, while Zhang Niao was laughing to accompany him.

“Ai! The academic culture is dropping daily, look, even madmen could get into a holy institution like Huaxia University!” A certain student A said on the side.

“Don’t say that, look at what those two are wearing, they are obviously the young masters of some rich family, how are we, students that have come out of the mountains, offend them?” A certain student B said.

“Ai! If they spend enough money, cats and dogs can probably come and study here!” Student A complained. Although that was a bit exaggerated, in the current society, it was very normal to be able to study as long as you have money! Since the schools need facilities as well!

Since Chen Weier still had a job to do, Zhao Yanyan and I said our goodbyes to Chen Weier after getting the payment number and the new student notices.

Then I arrived with Zhao Yanyan to the place where new students were supposed to pay the fees, the moment we entered into the office, we saw that it was completely crowded! There isn’t just a little bit of people coming to pay! However, after standing there for a while, we noticed that these people weren’t paying, but watching a show! Since at the center of the crowd, we could faintly hear the sound of an argument and weeping.

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