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Chapter 28 – Big Boss Liu

I nodded, then looked carefully at the Land Rover, if I didn’t remember it wrong, this was a limited edition off-road car. I wonder how Liu Yue was so capable that she managed to get those here.

“How much is this car?” I pointed to the limited-edition Land Rover and said.

“Ah!” The clerk momentarily blanked, then said, “Sorry sir, this Land Rover is a limited edition one, there’s just one here for show, it isn’t for say!”

“Ah… So it’s like this!” Chen Weier said a bit disappointedly.

I felt bad after seeing Chen Weier disappointed expression. Weier finally had a request, how could I not fulfill it! How could I like the beauty get disappointed!

I smiled at the clerk and said, “Please get your manager here, I want to talk with her in person!”

The clerk looked at me without understanding, I didn’t look very rich, so she didn’t think I could afford the Land Rover, even if I could, the manager wouldn’t agree. Two days ago, a rich businessman from Hong Kong gave an astronomical price and the manager refused. However, due to the service motto of Liu’s Car Shop being to try their best to satisfy the customer’s needs and make them satisfied, the clerk didn’t say anything and directly went to contact the manager.

“Hubby, how about we leave it, let’s buy another one!” Seeing that it was troublesome, Chen Weier immediately said to me.

I waved my hand and said, “Hehe, how could I not buy what Weier likes! However, Weier, let’s make a bet, do you think the owner of this car shop will sell it to me?”

“En… I guess not! It’s a car they brought here for display, there’s only one and use it to attract more business!” Chen Weier said.

“No! They’ll definitely sell it to me, you’ll see if you don’t believe it!” I said with a smile.

“Che! You’re making it sound so real, do you really think that you’re the owner of this car shop!” Zhao Yanyan rolled her eyes at me and said. “If you disappoint Weier-jiejie, then I’ll stop caring about you!”

Just as we were speaking, the clerk from earlier came over. Behind her was a young beauty, seeing me here, she exclaimed lightly, then hurried ran over. She said in a displeased tone, “I was wondering who wanted to buy this limited edition Land Rover, so it’s big boss Liu, can’t you just drive it away directly, do you still need to ask for this lowly lady’s permission!”

Hearing Liu Yue’s tone, she was clearly angry at me. Originally I had said that I would meet her in the car shop, yet I didn’t contact her before coming, causing her to be a bit annoyed. However, she didn’t need to speak like that! I remember this woman, Liu Yue, is very crafty and acts very steadily, how could she make this kind of low level mistake!

Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier were even more confused, who just saw a beauty that was no less beautiful than them, and she even knew me!

Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said quietly, “Who is this person? Why have I not seen her before, did you attract someone out there again?”

“Ah! How could I, what’s more, even if I have to find a little wifey, I have to tell you first, right!” I hurriedly said.

“Hmmph! However, you have to explain properly back home, otherwise I won’t let you get on the bed!” Saying that, Zhao Yanyan turned around and said to Chen Weier, “Isn’t that right, Weier-jiejie!”

Chen Weier was just blanking out for the beauty that suddenly appeared, adding onto the fact that we were very quiet, she didn’t hear what Zhao Yanyan and I were saying, that’s why she just went along and nodded.

I complained in my heart, I waited so many days to XXOO with my Weier, I was finally going to succeed, yet they aren’t letting me on the bed!

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“Then explain on the bed?” I chuckled.

Zhao Yanyan carefully examined Liu Yue for quite a while, then suddenly reacted unnaturally without smiling, “Dream on!”

I was really speechless, Zhao Yanyan who has always been loose with me actually had such a big reaction today!

“Zhao Yanyan, long time no see!” Liu Yue said with smile that was unlike a smile, and reached her hand out in an unfriendly manner.

Zhao Yanyan frowned, pouted, hesitated a bit, then reached her hand out as well, “Yeah, long time no see!”

The two of them symbolically shook hands, then immediately let go again.

I looked strangely at the two of them, what was going on? Did they know each other before? From the looks of it, they seem to have a history with each other!

Liu Yue knew that Zhao Yanyan was Liu Lei’s girlfriend ages ago, and she didn’t think much of it, since she thought that she was childish back then, and now that she grew up, she should have seen through some things more clearly. However, at this point, she didn’t know why, but she felt an intense sense of jealousy, as if something nice of hers was taken away!

Zhao Yanyan was confused as well, technically speaking, she was already really happy, why was there a need to quibble! However, the moment she saw Liu Lei and her ambiguous relationship, she wasn’t happy in her heart, she (Zhao Yanyan) could tolerate other women with him, but this Liu Yue was someone she would not be able to accept no matter what!

Zhao Yanyan glared at Liu Yue without moving her eyes, while Liu Yue did the same. The two girl’s gazes met each other like fire, as it was full of a provocative feeling.

Zhao Yanyan subconsciously moved towards me, her hand clinging to the corner of my jacket, at this moment, she was like a child that held what she loved tight, unwilling to let go even for a slight moment.

“What are you holding on so tightly for, I won’t fight over it with you!” Liu Yue said. The moment these words left her mouth, Liu Yue felt that something was wrong, what’s with her, what business is it for hers for someone else holding her boyfriend, why was she being such a busybody.

However, Liu Yue’s words raised Zhao Yanyan’s vigilance even more, with a woman’s intuition, Zhao Yanyan felt that Liu Yue might become her strongest opponent! Although Zhao Yanyan didn’t know whether this feeling was right or not, she was still really nervous! This was the first and only time that she felt a hint of danger during the three years she has been with Liu Lei.

“Hubby, let’s go, don’t buy a car at this woman’s shop!” Zhao Yanyan said nervously, then pulled my hand as her eyes were full of anticipation.

“Oh… Okay…” Although I didn’t quite get what was going on, I still agreed.

“My shop? Hehe, Zhao Yanyan-tongxue, don’t you know it? Your hubby invested in this car shop for me to open, what, he didn’t tell you? Liu Yue said with a smile. Immediately afterwards, Liu Yue cursed herself in her heart. Liu Yue, Liu Yue! What’s with you today, where is your normal steadiness, you even managed to say such ambiguous words! This tone, this posture, it’s like you’re a mistress that he has outside who was showing off to the legal wife…

“What! Liu Lei! You… You opened this car shop for her!” Zhao Yanyan trembled, her hands slid off from my body, as she nearly fell onto the ground. It was fortunate that Chen Weier quickly got a hold of her.


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