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Chapter 27 – Walking around the car shop

Yet, despite Jiaoyazi teaching me how to develop my special powers, it was just bits on the surface, I don’t know any of the skills that only deities in books can use, such as phasing through walls or invisibility. I think that Jiaoyazi doesn’t know them as well, he’s just Yama’s disciple, even old bro Yama might not fully understand the development of the powers.

I nodded towards Chen Weier and said, “Can’t your hubby have gotten more mature! What, don’t you like me like this?”

“No, of course I like it!” Chen Weier quickly waved her hand and said, “I like hubby however he is!”

“Yeah, us sisters cannot leave you in this life, it’s fine as long as you don’t abandon us!” Zhao Yanyan joked on the side.

I got really happy after that. Originally, I was worried that Zhao Yanyan got together me at too young an age, so she might have thought that the love back then wasn’t too mature, it seems like she has already treated me as the final destination of her life.

After we finished the crayfish, I called Liu Yue, and told her that I’m going to buy a car at her shop. Since Liu Yue at time and was at the car shop during the afternoon, the two girls and I called a taxi and went straight to Liu Yue’s car shop.

“Young man, are you going to buy a car?” The taxi driver asked casually.

“Yeah, to have a look,” I said.

“Liu’s Car Shop is the largest car shop in Yanjing, it is the agent of a lot of high class cars within the country, not only is the service attitude good, most importantly, their after service is great. A rich bro of mine bought an Audi there, but when the warranty was nearly over, a piece of it broke, the car shop didn’t say anything and immediately changed the piece to a new one,” said the taxi driver. “Who in Yanjing that wants to buy cars doesn’t know Liu’s, even the government buys from them!”

Hearing the name Liu’s Car Shop, I couldn’t help but smile wryly. Liu Yue had once said to me that I am the main investor, so the name of the car agency should use my surname!

But the most important thing is that both her and I have the surname Liu!

On this point, I couldn’t help but admit that Liu Yue not only displayed the little smartness that women has, but also acted nice even after she got an advantage!

“Liu’s Car Shop? Hubby, you can’t have opened this car shop, right?” Hearing Liu’s, Zhao Yanyan was also sensitive, since why did I go directly to Liu’s instead of any car shop!

“Probably,” I said. At the start, I didn’t think of it as a big deal, so I didn’t tell Zhao Yanyan and co. Since she asked today, I didn’t plan on hiding it either.

Hearing that, the taxi driver didn’t pay it much heed, and treated it as a joke. He didn’t take me seriously at all, there were far too many people that bragged about stuff nowadays.

Even Zhao Yanyan didn’t quite believe it, since it was far too weird, she could not think of a reason why I would open a car shop in Yanjing, so she didn’t think too much into it.

In 1998, although Yanjing did not have that many bridges, there were rather few private cars, so the traffic wasn’t that jammed. Thus, we arrived at the entrance to Liu’s Car Shop very quickly.

This was my first time here, hehe, I, the major shareholder, seems a bit irresponsible, but there was no helping it, who told me to be a busybody and help beauty Liu.

The outside of the car shop was decorated rather fashionable, and the space the parking lot too in Yanjing city was rather large. After we got off the taxi, I took the two girls and walked directly towards the door.

“Welcome, respectful ladies and gentleman, how may I help you,” Just after we entered the door, a uniform-wearing reception lady came up to us with a smile.

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This made me very satisfied, and caused me couldn’t help but exclaim that the chick Liu Yue really knew how to run a business. Although the clothes on my body was invaluable, normal people couldn’t see its value at all. Furthermore, Chen Weier and Zhao Yanyan weren’t wearing any famous brands, although they were also designed by famous international designers, but they didn’t have any labels on them.

Especially when you factor in our ages, we didn’t look like people that have come to buy a sports car, however the clerks here did not put on any airs, and truly treated us as their potential customer with their hearts.

I casually looked around the car shop, and saw that quite a lot of people have come to buy cars here, most of the clerks were explaining to the clients, it seems like my investment wasn’t wasted, although I won’t earn a lot from it, it was a decent industry.

“Sir, what car would you look at?” The clerk’s enquiry level was very professional. By asking what car we would like to “look at” and not “buy”, this unconsciously avoided a lot of awkwardness. If she directly asked if the customer is going to buy a car or not, the customer might feel awkward if they weren’t going to buy. This naturally decreased a lot of pressure from the customer and gave them good impressions.

“En,” I nodded. “Yanyan, what car should we buy this time, the Mercedes in Songjiang is not convenient.”

“I think so too, the people that drive a Mercedes are all middle-aged, I think you should buy an off road car,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Yeah, hubby, I think so too. Buying a sports car is fine too,” Chen Weier said.

The clerk blanked out after hearing our conversation. She thought to herself, my god, what do these three people do, they say they won’t drive the Mercedes they bought, and wanted to buy a sports car, they can’t be kidding right!

However, out of her professional spirit, she still asked, “The high class ones here include Land Rover and Hummer, the normal ones include the Yanjing Jeep and the Changcheng Jeep produced in the country.”

“Is there Toyota?” I casually asked.

“Sorry sir, Liu’s Car Shop doesn’t sell Japanese cars,” The clerk shook her head and said.

Hehe, not bad! It seems like Liu Yue was rather patriotic, you have to know, the off road cars of Toyota are rather famous, yet she gave up the profits in this area. From the perspectives of a businessman, this wasn’t easy.

“Then let’s have a look at the Land Rovers!” I said.

“Okay, sir, please come this way!” The clerk said.

As we looked at the cars, the clerk patiently explained on the side, however I… am someone that transmigrated from the present, look at these antique cars, I wasn’t quite used to it!

However, Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier were rather excited, pointing at this and that, and also asked tons of questions. The clerk didn’t get annoyed, and looked around with us, but we didn’t set our eyes on anything.

“Yi? Hubby, look at that car, I like it so much!” Suddenly, Chen Weier pointed at the show car in the middle of the hall and exclaimed.

Chen Weier rarely gave me advice, seeing that she really liked it this time, how could I not satisfy her, thus I asked Zhao Yanyan, “Yanyan, what do you think?”

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“I think it looks great as well, let’s listen to Weier-jiejie!” Zhao Yanyan also knew that I spoiled her a lot, so she didn’t fight over it with Chen Weier, since Chen Weier rarely asks me to do anything for her.


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