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Chapter 26 – Changes in thoughts

“I…! Weier, this is for your good, you haven’t walked out of the school gates, so you don’t understand this. Once you walk out of the school gates, you are foreign here, and don’t have much financial basis, do you want to suffer with this brat!” Zhang Tianyang said.

“So, according to you, as long as your family is not in Yanjing, after graduation, you’ll always suffer?” I sneered after hearing that.

“I didn’t say that, but someone like you who only knows how to trick girls with flowery words might!” Zhang Tianyang was clearly dissatisfied with me interrupting his impassioned words towards Chen Weier.

“I’ll give you ten seconds, **** off, I don’t want to see you ever again!” I had no interest to bullshit with this sort of people anyways, since pursuing girls in university was his right, and I can’t interfere with his freedom. However, I hated this sort of people that raises their status and push down that of others’ just because they have a bit of basis, since he was focusing me all the time, I had no need to act courteous with him.

“Aiyo? You dare to act cocky with me?” Zhang Tianyang didn’t think that the first year student in front of him dared to threaten him. No matter what, he was the President of the StarCraft Society at Huaxia University, someone who was rather famous in the computing faculty, when has he been treated like this. He immediately got pissed and swore while pointing at me, “Brat, don’t not take face when given it, if you want to continue in the computing faculty, then you better shut up, and don’t act like a *****! I’m telling you, the faculty leader of computing has a great relationship, a sentence from me can cause you to be kicked out! I really don’t know how to got into Huaxia, however, from your appearance, you probably won’t starve after graduation. I misjudged just now, you should be pretty popular if you go and be a male prostitute at nightclubs?”

“Three seconds left!” I looked at my watch and said. “Two seconds, one second.” Then I raised my head, looked expressionlessly towards Zhang Tianyang and said, “Times up, you’re still within my sights.”

With that, I lifted my right foot lightly, causing Zhang Tianyang’s body to shoot out like a super ultra cannonball, passing through the entrance of the restaurant, directly crashing onto the other side of the road without stopping.

The strength I used was very small, since this person didn’t have any major grudge with me, there was no need of me to completely **** him over. What’s more, Yanjing wasn’t Songjiang, and it isn’t my territory, I had no power in neither the legal side or illegal side. I wasn’t scared of anything, but if I push him against the corner, causing him to hurt the people around me in secret, then that’s not worth it at all.

The people that came with Zhang Tianyang was originally chuckled, suddenly seeing Zhang Tianyang flew away, they were shocked, and only reacted after a while. Only then, did one of them stand up and shout, “Hey, why did you hit people?”

“I didn’t hit him, I just taught him a lesson,” I said plainly.

“You! Heng, you are also a student in Huaxia University, right, which faculty, which class are you from?” One of the students wearing glasses said.

“I know, I saw him at Feiyu with Zhang Tianyang today, this brat said that he’s in the same class with Chu Gao, he seems to be called something like Liu Lei, President Li, you have to reflect this to the school, you can’t let this brat continue acting lawlessly like this!” The first person that stood up hurriedly answered.

“That’s right! Daring to hit the genius student in our computing faculty, I think he probably doesn’t want to go to school at Huaxia anymore, as the computing faculty’s student council president, I will definitely reflect this to the faculty!” The student with glasses nodded.

“President Li, let’s not waste our breath with this brat, hurry up and see how Zhang Tianyang is, since we know what this brat is called, are we still afraid of him running away, let’s talk care of him slowly when we get back!” Another student said.

“Heng heng! Very well, listen up, the one called Liu Lei, just wait for your punishment!” The glasses wearing student, also known as President Li, said, then walked out of the restaurant.

Seeing that President Li’s prideful look, he clearly wasn’t anything good, he might just be like Zhang Tianyang, who acts cockily just because he has some sort of position at school. Although he hasn’t gotten to the point of beating up students, this gang of people were definitely a cocky bunch. Otherwise, as the student council president of a faculty, how could he be biased towards one side without finding out the situation and tell the other side to wait for his punishment.

I couldn’t be bothered to waste my breath with these people, thus I said, “Do whatever you want, I’ll be free any time!” Then I suddenly thought of something, so I raised my hand and said, “President Li, wait a bit!”

Hearing that I called him, President Li thought I thought it through and wanted to submit, thus he turned around with an air on arrogance and said, “What else is there?”

“Tell that Zhang Tianyang, I keep my promises, if I see him again bullshitting with me, I will kick him again!” I said with a peaceful sounding tone.

“You! You *******…” President Li wanted to swear, but once he thought about he is a student council president, and this might become dirt on him, he quickly stopped himself and said, “I will tell him, I’m just afraid that you won’t have the chance to continue staying at Huaxia University! Our Huaxia University doesn’t welcome mule students like you!”

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I smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. I think that even if I wanted to drop out, the school wouldn’t agree! There has never been a single student that got such a high grade in the national matriculation exam ever since it was put into use in 1978, I think that the moment I step out of Huaxia University, a lot of other universities would immediately fight over my entry, this would most likely deal a huge blow to Huaxia University’s reputation as well.

After those people left, Chen Weier asked strangely, “Hubby, why did your temper improve so much?” In recent years, Chen Weier has been going to school in Yanjing, although she would return to Songjiang every holiday, she wasn’t with me every day, and nothing special happened, and that’s why she felt really strange about my current change in temper.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t think it was anything special and just looked at me with a smile.

“En,” I nodded without denying anything. When I was just reborn at the age of high school, I always wanted to get a chance to let out all the stress built up in my previous life, so I often did things that I didn’t dare to do before. As time moved on, this desire gradually dampened.

Back then, I came back from the dead and returned to my high school days, so I always had an indescribable desire to let everything out. That’s why I always got into fights with these worthless people. Now, especially after gaining these powers, I no longer wanted to care about these worthless people. When your enemies are beyond weak in front of you, you would no longer care about them.


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